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President Hichilema Meets Farmers and calls for Water Harvesting


President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has called for water harvesting in order to maximize crop production. President Hichilema says water harvesting can play a critical role in enhancing crop production throughout the year.

Speaking this afternoon at State House when he held discussions with the Grain Producers and Traders of Zambia, comprising the Zambia National Farmers’ Union, Grain Farmers, Grain Traders, and Water Harvester Associations,

President Hichilema emphasized the importance of water harvesting as a means of enhancing year-round crop production, particularly for crops such as wheat and maize.

The meeting also focused on issues relating to food sufficiency, availability, and affordability.

President Hichilema stressed that food sufficiency and affordability are matters of national security hence urged all stakeholders to view the problem of grain or mealie meal shortages as an opportunity to work together towards finding a lasting solution, rather than blaming each other.

The Head of State said that Zambia’s favorable geographical position as a land-linked country surrounded by 8 neighbours and its hydrological conditions make it well-suited to becoming a breadbasket for the region and the continent.

As such, President Hichilema encouraged farmers to explore the option of growing early maize to increase crop production.

The UPND Party Manifesto seeks to strengthen climate resilience through improved farming methods, climate -resilient seed varieties and irrigation.


  1. ZNFU made up of muzungus and rich Zambian commercial farmers who don’t have the national interests at heart, all they care about is fattening their already thick pockets. This is the paradigm which throughout history leads to problems, let us have a more equitable approach to development. Otherwise these muzungus and rich commercial farmers have never worked to benefit the nation, they export their produce and bank the proceeds abroad, they pay workers just the very bare minimum and don’t develop the areas they farm at beyond their razor wired boundaries.

    • Reminds me of the KCM saga. The Indian didn’t pay upfront for the mine. He only paid after making money from the mine. So if he didn’t inject in any cash how can we fail to do what he did. But looking at the picture above, we seem not only to have no money but more qualities.

  2. This call mustn’t be taken lightly, especially in Southern Zambia where rivers and streams only flow in the rainy season. But then, the call requires technical back up. Most of the water and topsoil end up in the Zambezi river and to Mozambique. Some people live below hills and will definitely get affected if water passages are blocked to create dams. I’ve in mind areas light Gwembe, Munyumbwe, parts of Chirundu and Siavonga, Monze East, etc.

  3. After exporting grain to Tanzania,DRC and Kenya leaving your own people suffering! What kind are you! We have a shortage because you choose to export. Pf left 1.5 million metric tonnes of grain. If you loved this country you would have worked on the difference 900 thousand metric tonnes. As easy as that Zambia consumption is 2.4 million metric tonnes per year. From the look of things no vision but madilu system.

  4. April 16, 2023: New Generation Party president Humphrey Siulapwa said ” “The answer to Zambia is for many to take advantage of the arable land and become farmers. Let us practice agriculture at a large scale, as the market is readily available,”

    YET he received negative comments. That tells you something about Zambians. Just watched the Video, and 90% of those farmers were WHITE ZAMBIANS. Where are the indigenous Zambian Farmers?

  5. Our President has a problem. His love for the other races is concerning. The last time he had a meeting with business people and 80 percent were Zambians of white descent. We asked where the Mikaliles of this country were. Farmers and he gets 80 percent white farmers?
    Also, he never wears the white gloves when he is meeting white people. Remember just a week ago when he appointed police IG and Permanent Secretaries, he had his gloves on.

    • Gents,
      There is nothing strange here if anything this is highlighting the fact that the indigenous Zambians are not in the category of major “Grain Producers and Traders “. Zambians talk about going into farming, but they are not into it. If you say 80% (or I say 90% ) were White farmers who showed up, it’s NOT HH`s problem, the problem is the Zambians who do not qualify for that major “Grain Producers and Traders ” category. Why do Zambians always try to find reasons, for their inabilities? Diversification started in the KK era, with no significant progress, but check out how many reasons have been given to justify the inabilities. You will be surprised.

    • Iw ka General that is not true, I disagree with your sentiment. I put the blame on ZNFU black Zambian leadership for not giving poor farmers a wider voice and opportunity to participate equally to blame are the media who never allow the Small Scale Farmers Union a voice to raise their concerns. As a result peasant farmers are completely left out of key decision making. Let us not forget small scale farmers are still the main producers of maize in Zambia. ZNFU, is not representative of Zambian Farmers as a whole and should actually change their name to Zambia Commercial Farmers Union.

  6. What load of rubbish! And this is the guy that was touted as being knowledgeable about farming…!!!
    No direction, no decernable outcome. Nothing! Absolute twaddle!!!

  7. A good planner wouldn’t have exported our reserve maize stocks without critical analysis.
    But he did and now he’s asking as to start farming water. Let’s hope that water won’t be for export.

  8. Most of the comments are rubbish. Especially @2020vision.
    I can why African countries are so backward when filled with such ignorant people

    • It’s you who is vague.
      I ask you if went to Lusaka, answer is Yes or No. But you start telling me why you went to Lusaka.
      If I were interested in why you went I would have asked you.
      Yes you people are vague.

  9. It’s you who is vague.
    I ask you if went to Lusaka, answer is Yes or No. But you start telling me why you went to Lusaka.
    If I were interested in why you went I would have asked you.
    Yes you people are vague.

    • #Ben contrary to your opinion, I have a dam at my small holding which traps water for me to use during the dry season.
      Pity you don’t have any sense humor, always plank faced like your hero

  10. @Deja Vuis once more displaying his ignorance.
    He clearly does not know what rain water harvesting or probably the headline should have been more precise

    • Iwe chi Ben mwaamba manje ukotumpa ati Africa is going backwards because of people like myself who want Africans to benefit more and not be subject to a paradigm that has played out even since the days of is actually people such as yourself Ben who making Africa go backwards as you are not being genuine and you want a continuation of the status quo which many of us are tired and disgusted with.

  11. Hahaha our father Robert mugabe is turning in his grave. How can farmers in an African nation all be whltes? You are being led by a western stooge. Don’t we have our own indigenous farmers? This is madness

    • TELL us what you or us in africa has achieved since WW11
      many european countries totally destroyed and have now become world leaders in trade
      Let africa still sucking the hind T1*ttY

  12. This is the problem with day dreamers. They do not know anything at all.
    Zambia belongs to everyone in Zambia.
    The only indigenous farmer is at shambalakale farm growing Zambia East, West, North and South invisble crops.

  13. How many fathers and Mothers do some one have ??
    Some whites have 1st world knowledge and interest in the future
    Us Africans or the majorioty live for today and no thought of tomorrow

    • You Tikki the way we solve problems is to identify them, yes we have a problem as Africans, are we honest with it? Have we identified it? What are we doing about it? What are the obstacles to solving the problems? These are key questions we need to ask our selves. But generally speaking it is a mindset change or paradigm shift which is needed.

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