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Copperbelt Activist Highlights Governance Dysfunction and Political Sabotage as Obstacles to Zambia’s New Dawn Government


Copperbelt-based Good Governance Activist Peter Mulenga has said political sabotage and governance dysfunctional in public institutions are the major impediments to the New Dawn Government’s resolve to improve service delivery.

Mr. Mulenga said deliberate political sabotage in the public sector coupled with governance dysfunctional in public institutions is haunting the UPND Government at the moment.

He said most public institutions are not efficiently executing their stipulated noble tasks due to corruption, political sabotage, institutional petty fights and incompetence among other factors.

Mr. Mulenga said President Hakainde Hichilema must be bold enough to root out bad eggs in the system.

He noted that it was every citizen’s wish and Government’s dream to make Zambia a best partner for both business and investment.

“There is too much tension on the political scene in Zambia. Also political sabotage and governance dysfunctional in public institutions are some key obstacles Zambia and the new dawn is facing in the provision of public services delivery. Some Obstacles that continue to haunt this Government are governance dysfunctional in public institutions and external shocks.For decades, most public institutions have not efficiently executed their stipulated noble tasks due to corruption, political sabotage, institutional petty fights, and incompetence, among others.But Zambia has seen green shots to suggest that this government will tirelessly move towards enhancing public sector performance as well as building a robust and effective public system. It is during this period many persons will feel targeted or persecuted. The president needs to be bold and root out bad eggs in the system,” Mr. Mulenga said.

President Hichilema himself has in the past highlighted the news to clean up the public service sector.

There is wide spread belief that some elements in the public sector are frustrating the efforts of the New Dawn Government.

“It’s everyone’s and above all the Government’s dream to make Zambia a best partner for both business and investment.Zambia, just like other global economies desperately needs increased foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows which is a key macroenocomic variable for creating jobs, boosting domestic revenue through tax generation as well as boosting the growth of the an economy through increased Domestic Product (GDP).

No opposition is offering proper checks and balance, no opposition has really given alternatives because there is NO. Therefore the primary obligation for the New dawn Government is to restore livelihoods of the people of Zambia and also boost private sector productivity in order for Zambia to attain sustained and inclusive.”

Mr. Mulenga said the people of Zambia need to work with President Hichilema and the current Government in making Zambia a better place to live in economically and socially.

“Supplier and contractors cries need to be addressed with an iron fist. Too many foreign suppliers in Zambia, and these are the ones getting lions shares on the expense of Zambian suppliers. Therefore government need to initiate reforms which will aim at curbing the unfair practice at mine houses. Government should prioritized this issue because provinces like the Copperbelt, supplying and contracting is the back bone of livelihood.

The only way out of the country’s persisting economic challenges is to increase private sector productivity “ because it is a primary domain where a strong and health nation creates Jobs and wealth. Treading is the KCM and Mopani issues, already the President has given direction on the matter as well the Mines Minister. Let the Zambian people be patient on this Issue. I think we will have the last laugh.Look we have a President who has actualised most of the electoral promises, why sabotage him. The best is to work with him and make Zambia a better place to live in,” Mr. Mulenga said.


  1. HH can’t be bold on such matters because he’s the chief architect. How many people is he going to fire in the name of cleansing of the civil service? What can you expect from a person that approves id10tic stunts as put up by Matambo in Kitwe? He’s the person that has refused to pay Zambian contractors and has instituted audits whose outcomes aren’t known. Masebo took US$60M to Egypt to procure drugs that are yet to be delivered when we’ve them in stock in Zambia. He’s increased the maize price when he knows that majority of Zambian farmers didn’t cultivate it but soya. In whose interest has he done that? No wonder he’s celebrated by imperialists and not Zambians

  2. What a bootlicker.
    Political tension? It’s coming from Hakainde himself
    Opposition sabotaging the government? It’s Hakainde himself who’s sabotaging government by keeping incompetent ministers in cabinet.
    KCM and Mopani? What direction has Hakainde given?
    All in all this Mulenga is a Chainama candidate.

  3. The word activist has been reduced to f00Iishness. How can an ignorant upnd cadre like this one call himself activist. His head is so far up HHs backside that he can barely breathe

  4. HH wants to replace professionals with cadres from Namwala. Directors in ministries can not report to Pilato and expect thing to function.

  5. Running Government is not as easy as some people think. They were in Government and what did they do apart from gassing their own people, shooting in Hotels, causing accidents and above all NOT taking their ailing Leaders to hospital in time and they called that as Governance? After being faired, they entered State House illegally.
    It is very important to remember that all Governments have long memories. It is only a while the system will catch-up with the money lords.

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