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President Hakainde Hichilema Promotes Brigadier General Humprey Nyone


President Hakainde Hichilema has elevated Brigadier General Humprey Nyone in the Zambia Army to Lieutenant General.

Lieutenant General Nyone was recently appointed as Force Commander to the United Nations Mission to the Central African Republic (CAR).
President Hichilema called on Lieutenant General Nyone to go and exercise professionalism by abiding by the rules and regulations of the UN.

The Head of State, who is also Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces said this during a ceremony at State House in Lusaka where he conferred the promotion on Lt. General Nyone.

President Hichilema urged Lt General Nyone to go and execute his duties diligently by embracing every UN mission member in the Central African Republic.

“I urge you not to segregate anyone but to treat everyone equally for the good of the Zambian people, I wish you all the best as you lead the UN mission in the Central African Republic,” said Mr Hichilema .

The Head of State said it is gratifying for the UN to recognise the Zambian soldiers saying the country of 20 million Zambians will be praying for Lt General Nyone to serve the mission diligently.

President Hichilema also advised General Nyone’s family to support him as he leads the UN mission to the Central African Republic.
And General Nyone expressed gratitude for the appointment and promised to do the best in his new role.

General Nyone said though the task is huge, he will perform accordingly with the support of everyone back home.

“This job is huge but surmountable and I am ready to work according to the rules and statutes of the UN requirements for the good of the country and entire Africa.

And UN Permanent Representative Chola Milambo said the appointment has come due to discipline among Zambian soldiers.

Mr Milambo said it is important that the UN is acknowledging the professionalism the Zambian soldiers are exhibiting in the region.

He commended the UN for being magnanimous to appoint the Zambian soldier to go and lead the mission in the Central African Republic.
Mr Milambo further urged the Zambian soldiers to continue displaying discipline in order for more appointments to come.


  1. Congratulations to him and thanks to Fred Mmembe for bringing out this issue. Good boy Bally for listening

    • The president has advisors. He was aware of the need to promote Brigadier Nyoni. There is no need of praising Fred Mmembe. Are you saying that the president has no Military advisors and he acts only through pressure? You want to make Bally look like he is dumb like you.

    • Katana sit down. This is the same President who allowed his police IG to wear military stars on his uniform. He (IG) only removed them after a retired army official wrote about how it was wrong.
      The same police IG was always at the airport accompanying the President with his stars. Either his military advisors were useless or he refused to listen. Mmembe’s advice was timely.

    • Lemmy Kajoba overstepped his limits by affixing a 3-star general’s decorations on his official motor vehicle. It was wrong. The stars are actually available in car parts shops in Lusaka. HH didn’t want to treat any service chief like a school child.

    • What Fred Mmembe talked about isnt related to this. He was protesting about the heads of the three military wings being on the same rank and the need for one of them to be promoted above the others. This promotion just adds to the confusion because it now looks like there are four generals on the same rank. Obfuscated armed forces.

  2. He was a major-general I believe. There’s normally only one lieutenant-general in the Zambia Army and it’s the army commander. This is a rare exception being made and I do not expext it to be repeated any time soon.

  3. It is not appropriate for HH to promote this man. Even if he is deserving of promotion. Hh has never served this country in any public office. The presidency he got through lies and promises he is failing to keep. The same army he is promoting will get rid of him


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