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Defense Minister Lufuma visits AFRICOM Headquarters


Defense Minister Ambrose Lufuma met with U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Michael Langley, commander of U.S. Africa Command, at the command’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany on June 12.

Zambia’s delegation accompanying the Honorable Lufuma included National Security Advisor Dr. Lawrence Mwananyanda; Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Colin Barry; Army Deputy Commander Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Zyeele; National Service Deputy Commander Maj. Gen. Reuben Mwewa; and Secretary for Defense / Chief of Defense Intelligence Brig. Gen. Oscar Chapula.

The command welcomed the delegation as Zambia continues to focus on regional peace and security. Zambia is a security leader in the region, participating in both the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Mission in Mozambique and the U.N. mission in Central African Republic known as MINUSCA.

During the visit, AFRICOM leaders took the opportunity to commend the delegation for its nation’s commitment to U.N. peacekeeping missions and other regional security missions, noting that Zambia is setting the example for others to follow with military professionalism and discipline. Zambia is also a proven role model for the integration of women into almost every branch of Zambia’s Armed Forces.

The United States partners with Zambia through several initiatives aimed at strengthening security cooperation. Through the Global Peace Operations Initiative, the United States has invested over $9 million in assistance for pre-deployment training for Zambian battalions supporting MINUSCA. The U.S. also helped support and modernize the Kenneth Kaunda Peace Training Center.


  1. I personally feel shame at this bending backwards. We can’t have a military office of the US in Zambia. We can’t have any military office of any other country.

    • A defence alliance with the US? What shared defense interests does Zambia have with the US?
      Most importantly, we have to always remember our history as Zambia and the Southern and Central African region. Who we fault against and who supported them. There is a reason why all other countries around us shunned the AFRiCOMM, but we did bend over.

  2. What defence and security risks does Zambia face in the 21st century? If you know the answer to this question, you want to remain open-minded.

  3. HH has currently sold Zambia to the Americans. We need to vote this American puppet out of office, come 2026. Let him go run for mayor in Philadelphia or Baltimore, if they want him.

    • You do not know the current security threats in Zambia. What has hit Mozambique in the northern part of the country? Who has provided a response to neutralise those terrorists? You’re deluded if you think Zambia is not in the sights of terrorists. You’re only good at insulting and not analysing things.

    • Who is sponsoring those terrorists in Mozambique? Answer that and you will understand why no one wants the American war machine in their backyard.

    • @ FutureZed, Excellent response!! Some of these Zambians DON”T understand global issues!! They DON”T even know why Saudi Arabia is turning a back on US and embracing China and Russia while making peace with Iran and why West and Central African former French colonies are chasing away the French! Here, someone is committing an abomination by inviting the US when others are asking them to leave and we are swelling recruitment of military personnel when our economy is in debt but someone is busy clapping!!

  4. This AFRICOM is nothing but the US posturing on Zambian soil to intimidate the Chinks…the problem we have is we have a subservant man in State House who only looks up to muzungus. We will be involved in a proxy and they will use you as canon fodder like those Ukrainians. Our President has no respect for our liberation history.

  5. Suddenly we all knowledgeable in defense matters
    no wonder 60 years down the line we are where we are

  6. After they tried to give us all sorts of stories about the africom office in Zambia, now the puppets have come out in the open and gone to take more selfies. Look at Jumbo Lufuma an embarrassment spending tax payers money sucking d!ck.

  7. Does Zambia even have enemies?
    After independence, Zambia’s GDP started falling because most of our wealth was used to liberate Africa. The West sunctioned and bombed Zambia for helping RSA Zimbabwe.
    Why do we need a military base? We are F00LED. It’s all about geopolitical positioning against the Far East.

  8. The AFRICOM office being visited by the Minister and his entourage is in Stuttgart, Germany according to this report.

    • I assume you are not ignorant of the Africom Office housed in Ibex Hill inside the USA embassy in Zambia. What you just mentioned is the HQ. You also seem not to know how the name AFRICOM was born. An office for a base is a base. Thanks for showing us your little knowledge about Zambia.

    • Who founded AFRICOM?

      “U.S. President George W. Bush
      On February 6, 2007, U.S. President George W. Bush directed the creation of United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). The decision was the culmination of several years of deliberation within the Department of Defense acknowledging the growing strategic importance of Africa”.

    • @Mutonga, if you do not understand certain topics it is better you just keep quiet. The AFRICOM topic in Zambia did not start today. Now we have stooges and puppets visiting its HQ.

  9. History does not favour anyone who does close business with the US when it comes to military. Just look at the relationships with it’s neighbours even allies. The US foreign policy is to create distractions and markets to sell their weapons. Our government is really playing with fire flirting with Americans.

    • They monitor and patronise all, including close allies. The April 2023 leaked classified Pentagon intelligence documents attests to that. Most individuals and countries are on surveillance monitors. But that mustn’t bother you or me. It happens all the time, FutureZed.

  10. What is the aim of AFRICOM campaign?

    “First, maintain America’s strategic access and influence on the continent. Failure to achieve this objective means failure everywhere else. Second, counter threats to U.S. persons, facilities, and interests, whether they be from violent extremists or other malign actors”.

  11. Africom is a United States Department of Defense overseas outlet. It’s a National Security strategic organ . It is NOT a United Nations agency. At inception, most African leaders shuned the whole idea and did not cherish the initiative. The reason Germany was chosen as Africom nerve centre. Last April, Africa Command clocked one year in Zambia.

    • All countries that Zambia has resident diplomatic relations with have defence attaches in Lusaka. So what are you talking about? In international relations there are only permanent interests not permanent enemies. Two Japanese cities were nuclear bombed by the USA. Today the two countries are best of friends. Do you get it now?

    • …and what are you talking about, GUNNERINZAMBIA? What is your interest in this?

      Even before Africom was introduced in Zambia, the United States still had a “military” attaché since our political independence in this country. And am not objecting to such a provision.
      USA opened the Zambian embassy in 1964. Africom was formed in 2007. The Zambia office was opened in April 25, 2022. Those are facts. So what is your bone of contention with my submission, bwana GUNNER?

  12. Russia (USSR), USA fought alongside each other to outweigh Germany in WWII, where Japan was atom-bombed.
    Can you imagine what would have happened if Russia dropped those two bombs on Japan? Do you also know what may have transpired if USA was not allied to Russia in that war? Do you have a good reason why today Japan and the US are best of friends apart from democracy?

  13. Ctnd.
    — Do you know why Russia and America are at odds today as they were in the 1940’s? Ideology, maybe. Although they have collaborated in many areas: space exploration, UN Security Council, nuclear energy, etc., friendship has never been core. Why are Japs and Yankees allies today? It might not be because of what you think. The American support for Taiwan is to provide proximity “lauchpads” against China. What you, Gunner_In_Zambia, are saying is certainly neither here nor there.

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