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Police arrest Meanwood resident for obstructing VIP motorcade


Police in Lusaka today charged and arrested a 55-year-old man of Meanwood Ndeke in Lusaka for the offence of Failure to obey traffic signal conveyed by a Police officer on duty.

Zambia Police Service Deputy Public Relations Officer Danny Mwale has told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today that Adamson Neil disregarded Police directives to give way to the motorcade, which was carrying His Majesty, King Mswati III of the Kingdom of Eswatini to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport along Airport Road around 10:00 hours.

Mr. Mwale said that the incident occurred between Zambia Air Force Base turn off and Meanwood Ndeke junction.

He said that Mr. Neil who was driving a Mitsubishi Pajero registration number ABX 9562, while driving towards ZAF Base turn off, disobeyed Police directives for him to pave way for the motorcade.

Mr. Mwale said Police officers intercepted the suspect at Airport Police checkpoint where he was detained.

Mr. Mwale said Mr. Neil was released after paying K300.00 admission of guilt fine.

“We call on the public especially motorists to be law abiding at all times and avoid being in conflict with the law, ” said Mr. Mwale.


  1. Fark you hh. You disrespected our president ECL by blocking his motorcade. You should be last person to direct the persecution of someone who did exactly as you did. We mbuwaaa we!!!

    • Look at this Humpty Dumpty Troll based in the UK it forgets that HH spent months in a maximum prison for that incident…the problem with being a troll and impostor is one is quick to post rubbish without thought.

    • Kaizar Silu. A.k.a. Broken Hill Man a.k.a Mfumu ya Mpuno, it’s clear your mind is deteriorating at a past pace. It’s great to watch the ugliest man in Zambia deface himself to infinity. Those you call ugly and those you insult and pour scorn on are watching the ranting of a rabbied Chimpazee. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  2. Over Jealous police
    They need to be riegned in
    Nothing to do with the president instructing them
    Its inbreed now blue lights on a lot of GRZ vehicles
    Even the army out of line and ambulances sirens full blast taking mothers to antenatal or children for vaccinations

  3. Great East road and Airport road have become nightmare to use lately. If the president is not moving towards the Airport he is moving towards whatever his house is one a daily basing. The Police also block the road close the road long before the motorcades arrive. If we remove Nalumango going to church, this is disrupting business. Neil was probably frustrated and might have been running late for a flight or some important business to fed for the high cost of living.

  4. Is this a traffic offence a treasonous, or is it terrorism act? Only the good Lord knows what it is.

    • It is a mere traffic offence hence he only paid admission and release. It is not so a big issue to pave way for the fast moving cars, sometimes we do not even need to make a big fuss about such. Surely, Neil could have simply moved aside and continue his trip without this inconvenience, totally unnecessary.

    • Its treason! The Meanwood man should immediately swap residences with Mukobeko prison cell. I suspect he is Lungu’s cousin! Sent to do a revenge overtake by Chagwa. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it is tempting to do everything, even the stupid things that your predecessor did eh?

  5. Is it a crime now? These humans called presidents or kings should just use helicopters instead of grabbing the whole road to themselves.

    • Deja Foool.The article says he was just fined K300.oo admission of guilty, then you ask whether it is a crime.Start thinking

    • #MuZamfaeces… you are too shallow for a decent debate. Someone has termed it treason you ignore it. You pick on what is supposed to be a humorous post for your cattle engineered insults son of a chitindi eater.

    • Deja Fool,with his short sentences and quips,he posits himself as this clever intellectual. But quiz him much deeply and he breaks down into a complete vulgar dunderhead

  6. Never apply the law which you do accept to be imposed on you. The difference is that HH is a clever lawbreaker and thief. He can afford to corrrupt the whole system.

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