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Does Homosexuality Exist in Zambia?


Problems of Gender and Sexuality

By Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D.

Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Sexuality and gender have been understood to have a binary or two category definition during the last fifty thousand years. The binary definition of sexuality is deeply imbedded in the 72 indigenous Zambian languages by the existence of such binary terms as in Tumbuka; mwanakazi (woman) and mwanalume (man); in Chewa; mkazi or mai (woman) and mwamuna or bambo; in Bemba; umwanakashi (woman) and mwaume (man). Human beings evolved to survive from small bands of hunters and gatherers of as few as 30 people to tribes, kingdoms, and societies with thousands and millions of people.

During this period, gender and sexuality have been understood in strict binary terms; females, girls, and women contrasted to males, boys, and men. Females and males were the biological sex definitions with obvious universal corresponding external and internal anatomical parts. Girls, women, boys and men were the cultural and social constructions or definitions of what we call gender. This discussion should emphasize that Christianity and other major world religions may have dramatically different explanations of how this binary gender and sexuality happened among all human beings.

Sexual attraction or orientation is the type of gender any person may be sexually attracted to. As human beings migrated, randomly biologically reproducing all over the earth over the last fifty thousand years, they produced over 8 types of varieties of sexual attractions or orientations among themselves.

A heterosexual male is a boy or man who is sexually attracted to someone of the opposite or female sex. A heterosexual female is a girl or woman who is sexually attracted to someone of the opposite or male sex. A homosexual is someone who is attracted sexually to someone of the same sex. Intersexual are people whose bodies (including genitals) have both female and male characteristics. Hermaphrodite is an original Greek term which refers to intersexual people who have both female ovary and male testis. Transsexuals are people who strongly feel they are one sex (male or female) even though biologically they are the other sex (male or female). Transsexuals experience the serious tension of gender dysphoria which describes a sense of unease and misery that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. Bisexuals are people who have sexual attraction to people of both sexes. Asexuality are people who lack sexual attraction to people of either sex.

How did only heterosexuality or the sexual attraction between men and women become extremely dominant and common in virtually all societies? There are two major factors; first fifty thousand years ago the only way humans could reproduce and survive was sex between males and females. Second, it made very crucial survival sense for human groups to create a very strong culture, including marriage and religion, that encouraged and reinforced heterosexuality. Some of those small groups of humans fifty thousand years ago may have gone into extinction if they did not reproduce in large enough numbers. This is not the case in 2023. All of these over 8 different sexual orientations may have existed over thousands of years among humans even before there was a Zambia. It is just that many were oppressed and marginalized.

Fifty thousand years later in 2023, humans have improved their lives through advances in science, education, technology, medicine, agriculture and improved nutrition, understanding human anatomy and physiology, and the biology of reproduction and human sexuality. The LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Asexual) groups and individuals always existed in human societies over thousands of years. The reason these people were not known or heard about as we lived in tribes and villages is they were suppressed, oppressed and repressed and could not express and understand themselves and celebrate and express their sexuality openly and publicly as full and feeling human beings. They were regarded wrongly as freaks.

Why are we singling out and having so much conflict, hate, discrimination, resentment, legislative persecution against LGBTQA today? We humans always are very afraid of what we don’t know or understand or what appears new and poses a threat to the status quo or what we have believed for so many hundreds of years. Some of the ideas I have described are from Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory. When Darwin proposed the theory in 1859 there was an uproar of opposition in Europe especially from those who held strong Christian religious beliefs which were virtually all Kingdoms and highly respected people. Scientific Creationism and Intelligent Design (ID) are competing theories that may explain gender and sexuality differently.

If you are someone who is deeply religious, do you believe that God would have biologically created LGBTQA people only to condemn them to a life of pain, suffering, suicide and even death since they were not heterosexual and therefore, they cannot express and enjoy their sexuality? Do you know if LGBTQA people exist in Zambia?

We humans have a terrible and tragic history of how badly we illtreat, torment, torture and even kill groups and individuals that we single out for discrimination, hatred and resentment. Think of the historic ill-treatment of women. Think of the Europeans enslaving of over 12 million Africans from Africa to Caribbean Islands and the United States and the lynchings because of the worthless European or white anti-black racism. Do you and I want to wrongly do the same vile things against LGBTQA because they threaten us heterosexuals who are in power? We need to treat them with kindness, respect, and dignity as our fellow human beings. If there is anything that makes us afraid, let’s work through the problems and disagreements.


  1. Homosexuality exits, we need to accept it is not going anywhere. As long as it involves to consenting adults then it is non of our business.

    • I have yet to see one Zambian who’s a homosexual but I have read about people being arrested for engaging in it. On this basis I want to accept that homosexuality exists in Zambia. As to whether it’s natural, I do not accept that it is but that does not mean that some people cannot indulge in it. Smoking is not natural but some people indulge in it. Homosexuality is an addiction.

  2. A very lazy article from a professor. He fails to answer his own question in the title. He doesn’t give a grain of evidence as to whether these social and biological misfits exist in Zambia–how many, where, their scientific variation from other humans in terms of genes, hormones and morphology (body build). Instead the article is just bunches of perceived sweeping statements to make us love and accept people he has failed to show really exist. He calls his article a ‘discussion’ when it is anything but. It’s actually an advocacy article on their perhaf. This is a lazy professor

    • Very tame arguments from the professor. Even his facts are not watertight. What is this 50,000 years he keeps quoting. Homo Sapiens has been on this planet for 300,000 years.
      What is the meaning of:
      ” fifty thousand years ago the only way humans could reproduce and survive was sex between males and females.”
      Well even now thats the only way we reproduce. There’s no male to male or female to female production. Cloning has not been passed for production on earth.
      Darwinian theory is not a given. Scientists are still trying to find a missing link that would confirm the theory. As it is now its just a theory. Humans could have been dropped on this planet from UFOs or they could have come from the soil or they could be mutations of other beings none of these speculations are confirmed

    • Over two thousand years now we are yet to see a fish turn into a human. Cockroaches are still cockroaches. Flies who live only seven days havent become birds they just reproduce in variation. Darwinians please show us a new species that has emerged from evolution just the past 2000 years

  3. It is a sickness. How can you look at another man and get sexually aroused or get your manhood up. Then deep your marcopolo into another man’s hole where there is faeces. Sorry! To all gay men, you are sick in your mind……….

    • @ TIKKI

      You come up with these rubbish talking points. There is no science which proves that homosexuality can be found in the human DNA. You gay people just make up these facts that don’t exist. The truth is that deeping your manhood into someone’s hole full of faeces is dirty and sickening. SHAME ON YOU DIRTY HOMOS.

      Since you call me ignorant, mention one proved research in science and educate me.

    • They should also read up on homosexuals who returned to heteroseuality. Why do they want to ignore these. There’s an American woman who was Lesbian but has become normal. It shows you this is a lifestyle thing not biological.

  4. Lusaka times that is like asking if humans exist. You recently entertained a gay troll on this site. Why ask such a childish question?

  5. There is a lot of fear in insecure heterosexuals. Why fear something that doesn’t affect you. If I sleep with my boyfriend who lives in Lusaka, how does that affect your sad marriage? Leave us alone. We are humans and have rights. We trust upnd government to be civilised and do the right thing. Hh is exposed and should act civilised and legalise gay marriages in zambia.

    I am gay and proud.

    Remember there is a 60 percent chance that your children are gay. Do it for them and their happiness

  6. I was criticised for preaching the exact thing the professor has professed in the article. Lusaka times you have done well to allow freedom of speech for us gays. Thank you

  7. There are a lot of homosexuality. You find it in the Church ,. At UNZA,CBU and Evelyn Hone College it is getting common. Lesbianism is also getting in Zambia. There are NGOs that are enticing our girls into Lesbianism. Some of our so called celebrities are recruiting innocent young girls into lesbianism in the name of offering business opportunities.

    • Yes it is part of life. No difference with heterosexuals. Life your life and stop worrying about what others are doing. I met my boyfriend in church and we still attend the same church.

  8. This is sheer nonsense and a clear attempt at promoting the decadent LGBTQ lifestyle in Zambia. You’ll never see heterosexuals parading in the street, half naked, “celebrating” their straight sexuality. It’s always the morally bankrupt LGBTQ doing that. LGBTQ lifestyle is not only being rejected in Africa, but in the Western world too. Even in America, there’s stiff resistance from some States and even parents who are trying to protect their children from Alphabet indoctrination. Stop promoting this decadent lifestyle in Zambia.

    • Move to those American states then you goat! Leave us alone here in our country which has human rights. It is not long before the mighty civilised upnd legalise gay rights. You move to American states that are against gays and remain there

    • Of course HH, the American puppet, is promoting this decadent alphabet lifestyle by his silence. He’s intentionally casting a blind eye. The police hands are tied. They can’t arrest the homosexual promoters because they’re scared of HH. While other African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, etc, are drafting stringent laws to combat LGBTQ invasion, Zambia is letting morally bankrupt professors to be openly promoting it. The only hope to save Zambia from this invasion of the Alphabet agenda is to vote HH out come 2026. He’s morally not good for Zambia.

  9. Very disappointing Prof Mwizenge Tembo. The article provides no evidence whatsoever for your arguments. It is so very condescending. In this article your conclusion is that you are wiser than all who lived in the “50,000” years. In your “wisdom” you justify the abominable practice. By your reasoning 50,000 years from now people will be “wise” enough to embrace bestiality and pedophilia. Very disappointing prof, this does not sound like you, the person known for upholding our African heritage

  10. Basically:
    1. GSA(genetic sexual attraction) a.k.a Incest(e.g.father and daughter sexual attraction) should be respected too.
    2. Males(some females too) born highly aggressive and prone to rape, among other aggression motivated actions, should be respected.
    3. Since gender is about how we feel, age can also be about how old we feel(why not?). A step further, a minor(let’s say 10 or 9 years) and an adult can both claim their desired age. Thus, pedophilia.
    4. Zoophila (sexual attraction to animals) should also be respected.
    5. Someone can say, “I was born well abled but l feel disabled. I am Trans-disabled”.That should be respected too!

    • Basically:
      1. GSA(genetic sexual attraction) a.k.a Incest(e.g.father and daughter sexual attraction) should be respected too.
      2. Males(some females too) born highly aggressive and prone to rape, among other aggression motivated actions, should be respected.
      3. Since gender is about how we feel, age can also be about how old we feel(why not?). A step further, a minor(let’s say 10 or 9 years) and an adult can both claim their desired age. Thus, pedophilia.
      4. Zoophila (sexual attraction to animals) should also be respected.
      5. Someone can say, “I was born well abled but l feel disabled. I am Trans-disabled”.That should be respected too!

    • NB: all the above sexual orientations and/or despositions mentioned have the same biological and/or foundational stand point as same sex attraction(a.k.a. homosexuality). And if you don’t know that yet, that’s dangerous.

      The problem with absorbing almost everything that comes from the West is that some of it will only bring unnecessary confusion to our society.

      Sometimes, it’s just inferiority complex that makes us feel as though some of this is progressive/cool/trendy/modern.

    • I agree-Except for 4 your argument is quite sound. Why do we bar a brother from marrying a sister or a daughter from marrying a father? Because we intrinsically know that the offspring will not resist disease effectively even if this may happen in much later generations. Moving to Homosexuals, they could potentially convert all of us and once we start marrying same sex humanity wont be there.

  11. African backward mentality shows its ugly head again
    Ignorance as to what makes one so …
    they just dont wake up in the morning and say Ohhh i’ll be Gay
    Signs are show in infancy

    • No! They are mentored into the practice. Drugs and alcohol play a big part. When stuff that is normal stops exciting you, you challenge yourself with the abnormal. Some arise from same sex isolation such as prisons, army barracks and school dormitories

  12. Transgression against Gods law exists every where in this world but you don’t regulate it as a form of life, the bible says the soul that sins will die .
    There is no future to anything that doesn’t reproduce it’s kind .

    • It is men like you who are secretly gay. You contact us in middle of night complaining that your wives are not satisfying you. Stop suppressing your sexuality you coward. I can tell you want to feel it inside your backside. Come here I show you

    • This sick Wagner character is still spreading his filthy slime, undermining our African values. I don’t believe he is even Zambian. But that’s what you get when you have a puppet President who is owned by the West. I never supported lazy Lungu. But at least he was not entertaining homosexuality in Zambia, unlike American puppet, HH. HH has to go come 2026. This is not what we voted for, to lose our morality, our decency, our African values to Western decadence. Vote HH out.

    • Patriot when you have stopped crying like a sissy boy come to me I make you feel happy. Come naked and sit on my laps and jump up and down whilst am also naked. Chuuusha baby

    • Wagner I am here in Lusaka. I live in emmasdale with my boyfriend who I met at church. He was just like you and now has accepted who he really is.

  13. Why is it that studies point to the increased use of hard drugs among homosexuals in black communities in the US? Is it not because anal sex among males is so painful that it cannot be done without being on drugs? Does the Professor want to promote the increase in the use of drugs in Zambia with the increase in homosexual practices? What about the risk of hepatitis A, faecal incontinence and Ecoli infections that may lead to kidney failure and death that runs high among gays indulging in anal sex? Is this what the Professor wants to promote in Zambia? Let him remain in the US and continue promoting homosexuality there. He is of no use to Zambia.

  14. In Lusaka, there is a growing number of bisexuals who are entering into marriages with unsuspecting heterosexual women. There is the case of one bisexual man with two children. After having these children, he then started demanding for anal sex from the wife. The wife has already filed for divorce. Then there is the other case of a married young man who did not show it during courtship that he was bisexual. After getting married, he started demanding for anal sex from the wife. The wife refused and has informed the relatives that he wants divorce. A meeting of the families of the wife and husband has been arranged. You can imagine how embarrassed the family of the husband will be when informed about the wife’s grounds for divorce.

  15. From the above cases of bisexuals entering into marriages with unsuspecting heterosexual women, we see how homosexual practices are beginning to undermine heterosexual marriages and family life. One wonders how Prof. Emeritus Mwizenge Tembo’s knowledge of sociology will help in addressing this growing problem. Let the man not pretend this does not present a serious problem to our society.

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