700 bags of mealie meal destined for DRC intercepted


The Anti-Smuggling Taskforce from Ndola District has intercepted a Scania truck carrying 700 × 25 kilograms of mealie meal enroute to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

 Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba said  in a statement that the Scania truck registration number BAL 2687 was found loaded with  700 different brands of 25 Kg bags of mealie meal along Kambowa road in Masaiti District.

Mr. Mweemba stated that brief facts before the Police are that on Sunday August 6, 2023, the Anti-Smuggling Team whilst conducting their patrols received a tip off that there were people intending to smuggle mealie to the neighboring DRC using Kambowa road in Masaiti District.

Around 21: 30 hours, the Officers intensified on their patrols and whilst in the Tug-Argan area along Kambowa Road, noticed a Scania Truck carrying mealie meal.

Mr. Mweemba disclosed that when the smugglers noticed the presence of police, they ran away abandoning the said truck and the contraband.

The Anti-smuggling team managed to intercept the abandoned truck and drove it to Ndola Central Police station where it has since been parked.

The Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer said formalities will be done to have the mealie meal disposed of through the courts of law.

Mr. Mweemba disclosed that the team will establish the owner of the truck through the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA).


  1. These were no news in the previous regime no one talked about bags of mealie meal now is the top news , people voted for failure and now it has become their night mare .
    And debt restructuring is the song repeated in the mouth of the problem solver as he called himself we shall wait and see what will happen if it will not end in tears .

  2. When the government becomes the biggest mafia. They export for some select companies linked to the president using ZNS and FRA but they block everyone else and seize their assets.
    Remember the leaked recording of the phone call for the President and some minister and Permanent secretary? HH was directing that the PS goes to a certain company to ensure supply of mealie meal. Said company is exporting using the protection of ZNS. Everyone else is prevented from ‘this business opportunity’, it’s not smuggling but business opportunity in the words of HH.

  3. Maize production will go down. There’s no incentive to grow maizes using your own money as FISP is non existent & to add insults to the injury they restrict you from selling your own produce. This will just hurt the govt in the long run as production will reduce & poverty increase. I have never seen a govt lasting longer when poverty increases Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe are examples

  4. The worst culprits were PF cadres and these are sadly the remnants of those activities, in time this will cease. Next year we expect a bumper harvest and the cross border trading in maize etc will be normalized.

    • What bumper harvest visionless man. Fertilizer packs have been reduced and is far from ready. Nangu nibu diehard Upnd one can at least try to analyze the situation.

  5. Kikikikiki @Spaka and TIKKI….when i say never trust a Politician…this is exactly what I mean….so is this the change Zambians voted for…?????…HH used is definitely a failed Project…no doubt about that

  6. Ask yourself why do farmers look so miserable….???….the answer is “because they’re robbed by the government”….just using them as a tool to grow maize and then after grab everything from them

  7. A hungry citizen is a angry voter HH govt doesn’t realize that. I will come & haunt them like Lungu & his govt.

  8. I have never any Zambian politician who has ever lied like this one , never in the history of Zambia now I don’t know what people are thinking.

  9. People can you see the true story here to me no,this is a made up story they want to hear what you will say today or tomorrow.
    No culprits was court they all run away leaving officers beyond because officers had no gud speed you see,there is something we don’t know yet you & me here.But the question is this type/kind of news to me i don’t believe it there is no location of a boarder post.

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