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Kapasa Makasa students riot


Students at Kapasa Makasa University in Chinsali district have staged a riot following the death of their fellow student who died in unclear circumstances yesterday.

Kapasa Makasa University Assistant Registrar in charge of Public Relations and Administration Tabitha Nkomeshya said the death of 20-year-old David Mbale, a first-year Animal Science student from Ndola who died yesterday after being found unconscious in his room, has fueled the riots at the University.

Ms Nkomeshya, who confirmed the incident  in Chinsali today, said Mbale died on Sunday,  August 13,  after he came back from attending a church service.

She said his roommate later found David unresponsive on his bed after which they rushed him to the campus clinic where efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

“Our health practitioners tried their best, but it was unfortunate that it was too late,” she said.

Ms Nkomeshya further stated that the body of the deceased has been taken to the mortuary awaiting for post-mortem to be conducted on him.

She has since appealed to the students to remain calm and desist from the riotous behaviour, stressing that the University administration is equally saddened over the death of the student.

 Kapasa Makasa University Students Union (KAMUSU) president, Brian Bwalya has bemoaned the lack of quality healthcare services at the University.

Mr Bwalya said the death of their colleague could have been avoided if there was a prompt response towards health care emergencies.

He stated that there is a need for the University to immediately procure an ambulance in order to urgently address emergency health matters to avoid such deaths.

“In January, we lost a student owing to lack of an ambulance, we cannot continue to live like animals and we will not open that road until we see an ambulance here,” he stated.

The students blocked the Great North Road near the entrance of the University by burning tyres, causing a jam in the flow of traffic.


  1. Zambian University students seem to think that a riot is part of their modules. In a free state, aren’t there numerous other solutions that are progressive to resort to? Why don’t Universities introduce anti riots courses or peaceful solutions modules in their curriculum? After all riots don’t solve anything

    • MHSRIP: But very disappointing to see University students behave in such a manner. Don’t they know a lot can cause death? Maybe the Youngman had a cardiac arrest? The problem with Zambians is that we are unnecessarily so emotional than getting Facts. Despite being a Christian Country, we are very superstitious.

    • This is one of the under utilized university infrastructures that must be converted into advanced law enforcement training schools”The crime rate and sophistication in Zambia is rapidly surpassing our current capabilities

  2. Look at the University motto: Learn to innovate! Do these students even know they have such a motto? What innovation is in rioting? UNZA students have been rioting, CB Students have been doing it Plenty other rogue students have been doing it without getting results. Where is the innovation when you are faced with a problem?

  3. Let them riot like this for gay rights. Get your priorities right you ignorant students. This country will develop once gays are free. More money will flow into the economy

    • How is my sexuality a sin? The religion you use to support your anti gay ignorance, was brought to you by the same Europeans who respect human rights for gays. They even have gay priests in some churches abroad. Let me burn in your imaginary hell if I have to

  4. Iwe @ Wagner,repent from your sins and abandone your gay Nonsense,Hell is your destination if you don`t change your evil ways

  5. The riotous behaviour should really come to an end, we cannot have students behaving like that every time they feel or are aggrieved. Disturbing traffickers who have nothing to do with their plight is uncalled for. Let them continue and extending their stay at the University. In this era, we expect students to behave and advance their grievances in a proper manner. KAMUSU president thinks an ambulance will fall from heaven like manna? The University budgets and does not buy on impulse. The student should instead start the fundraising for the purchase of an ambulance instead.

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