SADC Electoral Observation Mission Ready for Zimbabwe’s Election

Dr.Nevers Mumba

As Zimbabwe prepares for its upcoming election scheduled for August 23, 2023, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Electoral Observation Mission has deployed its teams across all provinces of the country to monitor the electoral process.

Headed by Dr. Nevers Mumba, the SADC Election Observer Mission has already reported a sense of general calm and peace as they commence their observation mission. Dr. Mumba took the opportunity to commend both the Zimbabwean Government and its citizens for maintaining a peaceful environment in the lead-up to the election.

In a launch statement for the elections in Zimbabwe, Dr. Mumba emphasized that the mission’s primary goal is to assess the conduct of the elections according to a set of principles outlined in the revised SADC Principles and Guidelines governing Democratic Elections. These assessments will be in line with national legal instruments.

One of the key objectives of the SADC Electoral Observation Mission is to ensure that Zimbabwe’s citizens are able to fully participate in the democratic and developmental processes of their nation. The presence of international observers helps promote transparency, credibility, and fairness in the electoral process.

The mission will continue to closely monitor the situation in Zimbabwe in the run-up to the election and during the voting process itself. Their findings will be instrumental in providing an impartial assessment of the election’s conduct, which is vital for the democratic progress of Zimbabwe and the broader region.


  1. Lusaka Times don’t bring irrelevant topics….the issue at hand is GOLD THEFT BY THE SUPREME LEADER AYATOLLAH HAKAINDE HICHILEMA…but know for sure this story will be dead by next week…and the “clique reloaded” will continue looting

  2. Zimbabweans want and deserve a new government, Zanu PF has led that beautiful nation into ruin. Observers must be strict and impartial, they must report any sign of electoral malpractice.

    Chamisa for the win!!!

    • What kind of observers arrive three days before an election? Superficial observers. Real observers know that Election malpractices start long before the elections. That is why Jimmy Carter’s team was in Zambia long before the Third Republic elections. Mumba has just gone to endorse the ruling party

    • You are right lumpenela. He is also endorsing the homophobiic tendencies of those governments there. We need open minded Ieaders in africa who are open to lgbt rights

  3. @wagner, whether it’s Chamisa or Mnagagwa no one wants gay rights in any African nation, you guys need to be examined in your brains because you are mentally sick.

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