SADC gives Zambia US$ 1 million for malaria


The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) has released over US$ 1 million to the Ministry of Health to support implementation of enhanced equal access to malaria services.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Collins Simoonga said government has received US$ 1,158,000 through the regional grant to support implementation of malaria activities in 14 border districts of Western and Southern Provinces.

 Prof. Simoonga said the SADC Secretariat wants Zambia to use the money to fight malaria in the two neighboring provinces along border areas.

The permanent secretary said that the National Malaria Elimination Programme will use the money to support implementation of the Malaria matchbox in border towns of Zambia and Namibia as part of an approach to improve access to malaria services by underserved populations.

Prof.  Simoonga said according to SADC findings, migrant and mobile populations are usually disconnected from health services, malaria surveillance and prevention services.

The Permanent Secretary is optimistic that the funds will be put to good use and help increase access to prompt malaria diagnosis and treatment among the mobile and migrant populations.

Prof. Simoonga was speaking in Livingstone when he officially opened a workshop for Malaria focal point persons drawn from Siavonga, Chirundu, Sesheke and Livingstone Districts.

The workshop aims at drawing action plans on how the Districts will be able to use the funding in coming up with malaria prevention plans such as community engagement and use of community radio stations among other activities.


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