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Zambia Flying Doctor Service observes increase in Hypertension cases in Senanga’s Litambya area


The Zambia Flying Doctors Service team conducting health outreach programmes in Senanga district in Western province has noticed an increase in hypertension cases and other communicable diseases.

ZANIS reports that the team has since observed that these are the major cases affecting people in Litambya area.

Zambia Flying Doctor Service Team leader, Richard Khaki, has attributed the increase in hypertension cases to people’s change in lifestyle of abandoning their traditional food.

Dr Khaki noted that the high intake of salt and lack of exercise among the people is contributing to an increase of hypertension cases.

“The people around Litambya rural health center are closer to Senanga town and most of them have adopted the town eating habits hence contributing to increase in heart diseases,” he said.

Dr Khaki said arthritis was also noticed in most people who were above 50 years, noting that aging comes with a lot of complications.

Litambya has a population of 7,432 people but the team did the general screening of the 424 patients.

The Zambia Flying Doctors Service Team leader stated that for laboratory service, nine people were seen against the target of 50 as there were not many infectious diseases such as malaria cases.

Dr Khaki said the medical team, which is in Senanga district for five days, operated on one patient at Senanga district hospital on the first day and 30 other people were  screened.

He said 443 patients were attended to on the first day against the target of 245 as set by the Zambia Flying Doctors Service.

Meanwhile, Senanga residents have thanked the Zambia Flying Doctors Service for offering medical services to people in the hard to reach areas.

Constance Mufaya said people in the Litambya area have a lot of ailments affecting them but have no access to specialised service closer to their homes.

Ms Mufaya said the Zambia Flying Doctor Services’ visit to the area is a blessing to many people in Senanga.

“I am happy that they are attending to different kinds of ailments and I am a beneficiary of the reading glasses because I have a problem with my eyes. I thank them for coming to the aid of rural people,” she said.

Another resident, Annie Mabuku, said accessing medical services in the remote areas is a hassle as one has to walk a long distance to access medication.

She said the initiative to take the medical services closer to the people is welcome.

Senanga District Administrative Officer, Munalula Mufaya, said the district has a difficult terrain where  in most places  the mode of transport for people is a vehicle that has a four wheel.

Mr Mufaya said the scenario makes people keep their ailment for a long time because they have difficulties in accessing specialised medication.

“It is good that the Zambia Flying Doctors Service is here because a doctor’s hand of a doctor will touch most of them,” Mr Mufaya said.




  1. I don’t agree with the conclusion that hypertension is being caused by lifestyle habits. Senanga is a small rural town with a sandy terrain. Most people here don’t have urban pressures like rent and school fees. So hypertension maybe as a result of increased poverty and a lack of medicine. MoH hasn’t bought any medicine for 2yrs now. People are given prescriptions and have to choose to either travel 135km to Mongu to buy medicine or die in their homes. Poverty levels are high. This is the place where they mourned Sata because they thought HH was going to withdraw the social cash transfer.

    • hypertension maybe as a result of increased poverty and a lack of medicine??? Its mostly Western medicines that cause hypertension. Our herbs do not. Poor people usually dont get HBP. A research done among the Bushmen found that these guys never experienced HBP until they got introduced to Western lifestyles. The HBP in Senanga may be overhyped and I doubt whether the reporter got the right infor from the doctors because Zambian professionalism has gone to the dogs. However, Is Senanga having a Hungry Lion or two? Then that may be one cause

  2. Majority of people are stressed about where their next meal is going to come from.
    Low income levels and limited access to food are major contributing factors.

  3. This needs investigation. It just can’t be left like it is a normal occurrence. HBP is a killer. UTH must come in and probe

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