Monday, June 24, 2024

Government Dismisses Accusations Made by Opposition Leader Harry Kalaba


The Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, issued a press statement in response to accusations made by Mr. Harry Kalaba, the leader of the opposition Citizens First Party. The government categorically dismissed the accusations as baseless and emphasized its focus on national development and citizens’ well-being.

Mr. Kalaba had alleged that the government was involved in the production of a video that circulated on various media platforms. This video showed him being confronted by a Zimbabwean journalist regarding his alleged association with a notorious gold mafia.

In response, the government strongly refuted any involvement in the production of the video and expressed its disapproval of Mr. Kalaba’s statements in the media. The government took exception to Mr. Kalaba’s claims that it was engaging foreign nationals to humiliate citizens and damage his political image.

The press statement urged Mr. Kalaba to provide an explanation regarding how he came into contact and engaged in a conversation with the Zimbabwean journalist. While acknowledging every citizen’s right to interact with others freely, the government emphasized that Mr. Kalaba’s attempt to involve the government in a purely personal matter was inappropriate.

Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, reminded Mr. Kalaba of the importance of responsible political discourse and encouraged him to refrain from spreading unfounded accusations. The government reaffirmed its dedication to addressing matters of development and the welfare of the Zambian people, asserting its commitment to prioritizing national interests over petty issues raised by individuals.


  1. ………

    HK over estimates himself………

    He does not know he is almost a none factor for GRZ to waiste time on him……..

    • Harry El Chapo Kalaba has been caught pants down.Unmasked as a miscreant, accusations about his sexual misconduct could be true

  2. Although the Upnd is rotten, but I think Kalaba should just pack up and go back to take over as a Chief in his village. He is a confused individual. Alisobana.

  3. 2 weeks later is when she issues a statement. This woman is a liability. Hh needs to act fast and remove her. Sometimes it’s not about being a woman. She is just incompetent and very dull.

  4. If you listen to prophets over logic, you will always get it wrong. One prophet told him he could be President in a few years, another told him he could be extremely wealthy, he is neither.

  5. When you watch that video, towards the end the gentleman began to acknowledge those that made it possible for him to corner Kalaba. He even mentioned the name. I advise Kasanda to watch the video and listen attentively then compare with the statement that she’s issued

  6. This government just refutes everything and fails to take any responsibility whatsoever. Ask them who is responsible for the high cost of living Zambians are experiencing to day and wait for the answer.

  7. This response from Chief govt spokesperson is hollow, the fake journalist confessed that HH facilitated his entry into the country and given unfettered access to C5. The problem with New Doom govt is they think all of are duffed and cannot see beyond our noses. No wonder you are a one term govt, the scandals are just too many.

  8. You guys didn’t watch the video….the guy thanked the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema for facilitating the production of the video….HH is a big Bandit and he is disrespecting the office of the President buy dealing with thugs

    • Unforunately,this is the nature of investigative journalism.They do not follow conventional means of news gathering,bwana.If you dont want us to see your nakedness,just do the right thing in life.Kalaba has been called a mafioso and a criminal.He should just sue Al jazeera for libel and slander and get his millions legitemately.Otherwise.the stench will stick on him

  9. Kakubo the foreign affairs Minister who was caught receiving a brown envelope from Chinese ambassador was fired by Barclays Bank for theft…

  10. Whatever happened in Gabon should be a wake up call for the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema….HH is just like Ali Bongo…a Bandit masquerading as a Politician

    • Whatever incompetence a political party brings to Zambia the option of Gabon is OUT! We have been removing incompetent governments peacefully and we are happy with that. And in that regard we are Africa’s champions of democracy. No other African country has removed ruling governments so many times PEACEFULLY. Just look around us and all ruling parties have remained in power; Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, etc. We are really special. We reserve bullets for Chipolopolo’s adversaries. For political adversaries its nothing else but ballots!

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