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10 human rights lawyers back Chief Justice over gay rights in Zambia


About 10 human rights lawyers have backed Chief Justice Mumba Malila’s call to respect the right of Homosexuals in Zambia.

The lawyers say homosexuals are entitled to all rights provided in the Constitution which include freedoms of expression, assembly, and association, privacy, equality and dignity.

The lawyers are of the view that fundamental freedoms should be enjoyed by all people, grounded on the principle of equality and non-discrimination, and elevated above the capricious whims of the majority.

They said gay people do not enjoy the rights as a gift from the majority but rather by virtue of being human.

“We, the undersigned human rights lawyers, write to express our solidarity with Chief Justice Mumba Malila who has come under extensive attack following his remarks about the need to respect the human rights of gay people in Zambia. On 22nd September 2023, Justice Malila delivered a public lecture at the University of Zambia as part of the events to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Supreme Court. During the lecture, he was asked a specific question about his view on the rights of gay people considering the national debate on the same. It was in this context that he shared his view that it is absolutely wrong to discriminate against gay persons and that they should not be afforded less rights as they do not lose their humanity by virtue of their sexuality.

Following this statement, News Diggers published a front-page story “Respect Gay Rights-Chief Justice” and an editorial “Chief Justice Malila’s defence of gay rights is confusing”, in which they criticize the Chief Justice. This has been followed by several statements on social media calling for the Chief Justice to vacate his office for expressing such a view,” they stated.

The lawyers further said the Chief Justice simply stated the current position of constitutional rights in Zambia, echoing the basis on which rights are celebrated and enjoyed everywhere in the world.

Among the lawyers who have backed the Chief Justice include Dr O’Brien Kaaba, Linda Kasonde,Professor Muna Ndulo, Josiah Kalala, Professor Evance Kalula, Dr Chanda Chungu and Gracious Miti.

Others are James Kayula, Chipo Mushota Nkhata, Dr Misozi Lwatula, Bright Kaluba, Daniel Libati, Susan Clayton, Landilani Banda, Alfred Mumba, Kangwa Chishimba, Kafula Kasonde and Chilambe Mpanga.


  1. So in short you’re saying Gay Marriages should be legal in Zambia because this is what they’re fighting for…equal rights means they should be allowed to marry each other….WE’RE DOOMED AS A COUNTRY IF WE START ENTERTAINING SUCH NONSENSE

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Murderers serving time in jail have human rights but no one has legalised murder. Please include moral philosophy books in your reading. I expect every lawyer who did not just pass their exams but also internalised the knowledge they gained so that they can now think independently on these issues to back Chief Justice Mumba Malila.

    • @Tikki In keeping with your “UPND at any cost” argument, gay people do have human rights in Zambia-just like the murderers you are quoting. They are just not allowed to practice their sexual preference because Zambia, a Christian country, is scared they might end the instruction “Go and multiply”

    • Kulibonesha, so it was indended for me! But this has nothing to do with the UPND. Mumba Malila was appointed judge of the Supreme Court under the PF. I hv put my argument across. Now go at it. Human rights are for all human beings. Homosexuals are human beings. It follows human rights apply to homosexuals. I do not mean homosexual rights, I mean human rights. Do you get it? That’s what guided the chief justice’s thinking. It’s basic logic but somehow is beyond some of my fellow citizens. I expect more lawyers to sign actually. If I was a lawyer, I would have signed.

    • @Gunner the CJ is a UPND lackey we all know that and I m given the impression you support all UPND policies. Taking the route of logic; The story says “About 10 human rights lawyers have backed Chief Justice Mumba Malila’s call to respect the right of Homosexuals in Zambia” It doesnt refer to homosexuals’ human rights. The next sentence can be understood to be explaining or to merely qualify why they are taking this stance: “homosexuals are entitled to all rights provided in the Constitution”
      One is bound to conclude the lawyers are defending homosexual rights because they do have other rights in Zambia

  2. They’re preparing for the coming of the gay diplomat. It’s the price we’ll pay for having a puppet as leader, he’ll always do what he’s told even if it’s through others. Icine inkashi cishipula bufi bufi . He’ll pretend as if he doesn’t know what’s happening. He’s a staunch Adventist

  3. even murderers and all those committing incest should be allowed to continue and enjoy equal rights .. may be that is the law you studied but that is not zambian

  4. When I warned you gullible Zambians about this, you called me names. Benthrust funded hh election. These are the results. Yet they are accusing mmembe of being gay. Upnd is a party for gays. In 2026 you will be deciding whether to allow gays to continue to rule you or bring back sanity under pf

    • Go to the maximum security prison and beat a convicted murderer to death and they will arrest you for murder, try you and jail you. Even a murder convict has human rights.

  5. I said it. There’s no way Joe Biden can support an African who doesn’t embrace this abomination.
    A Kapirimposhi abnormal couple were jailed but the USA ambassador Footeswitch accused Edgar Lungu of being behind the imprisonment. Luckily Donald Trump was not concerned even when Foote was PId.
    Enter the Dragon things change.
    HH is failing to come out in the open because of the backlash that may ensue but in principle he has succumb to Bidens pressure and demands.

  6. @ Ayatollah
    Exactly the Supreme leader Ayatollah Bandit Hakainde Hichilema preparing the ground for his gay bazungu masters to rule Zambia….HH is pro Gay


  8. kkkkkk yaba learned people mmmm kkkkkk then can also rasterfalians be allowed to exercise their rights by smoking malijuan publicly?mmm were are we going? what has befallen on this country that people’s minds are binded to the extent that now they allow sin in our country.Zambia is for God and stop playing with God or alse you so called lawyers you are putting a curse on yourself and families.

  9. Good day country men and women of our mother land Zambia.I want to find out if the the penal code cape 246 and section 155 & 157 as being revised ( homosexual )

  10. HH is managing to fullfil everything he was against when he was lying to gullible Zambians. We now have animal rights not and this is disrespectful even to dogs who knows what a female dog is. These people lied to Zambians and those that are defending these evil people, how much is the price of mealie meal in your area. How much are you paying for fuel or fertilizer? HH is hell bent on pleasing white people than the people that voted for him.

  11. The problem with being a bootlicker is that you stop thinking. These chaps have issued a long statement and appended their signatures in support of a person that made an off the cuff commentary. He’s made another comment that seems to reverse the earlier one. So what are they going to do? Retract their statement as well? Father forgive them for they know not what they do

  12. the criminal law in Zambia specifically forbids carnal knowledge against the order of nature between anyone… man/woman , man/man , woman/woman.
    The same law says nothing or is silent about forbidding the rights of gay people.
    Lets not dream up or create laws which are not there.

  13. So, under HH’s Zambia, it will soon be a human right for a man to be “pumping” another man or woman from behind. Why not also allow ganja smokers to have the right to inhale and puff off their “fwaka ya chi Ngoni”? After all, are we not allowing permissiveness in our country through our Chief Justice? The man and his fellow lawyers should know that the law against homosexuality is still valid and he should therefore not be advocating for the breaking of it. If his aim is to embolden homosexuals so they start clamouring for their “rights” he should also do so for ganja smokers. What is sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander!

  14. The CJ stated the law as it is. Even those who commit treason by refusing to hand over power until told it is treason, as was done in 2015, can go jogging.
    The bill of rights provides for rights which apply to all humans. The only way to argue that gay people do not enjoy those rights is to say gay people are not human beings. If you want to be first to start those arguments I can assure you that one day someone will say the length of your thumbs, colour of your skin or taste for spicy food means you are not human.

  15. @Mr Comment,
    Being human does not mean doing everything under the sun that is humanly possible. Does being human mean walking about naked which is humanly possible with nudists? Does it mean having a sexual affair with another person’s wife which is humanly possible with adulterers? Does it mean having carnal knowledge with a minor that is 16 or under 16 which is humanly possible for defilers? Does it mean having carnal knowldege of goats, pigs and chickens which is humanly possible for practitioners of bestiliaty? Does it mean doing these and other things ad nauseum?

  16. To My fellow Zambian, God created woman and Man to marry each other and not man to man. This Country will be judged one day if you go wrong direction. Remember our values as Zambian traditional matters and not another country should tell us how to live Period

  17. @Tikki
    You can check on YouTube the interview when Lungu refused AID because of gay rights….thank God we not living in stone age…we have all the evidence and recordings….

  18. The true colors are starting to show , why do you you think the West love our President and give him standing ovation when he speaks ,their agenda is what they want, this is time for the President to come out firm and be like M7 and Ruto among others

  19. Gay people need counseling so that they change their ways, that kind of life is not right and does not agree with biology. However to harass and attack them is unchristian. What they need is to be re-educated and therapy to change their ways as is the case with drug addicts.

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