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Germany Grants Zambia €10 Million for Water Management and Economic Collaboration


In a significant gesture of support and cooperation, the German government has allocated €10 million to Zambia for the improvement of water supply management. Germany’s President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, made this announcement during a joint press conference with President Hakainde Hichilema at State House, underscoring the importance of ensuring quality water access for the people of Zambia.

President Steinmeier highlighted the primary objective behind this financial aid, stating, “This funding is intended to assist Zambia in guaranteeing that its citizens have access to clean and reliable water.”

Furthermore, President Steinmeier disclosed that he was accompanied by a business delegation, eager to explore investment opportunities in Zambia. This delegation will engage with the Zambian government and the local business community to foster potential investment partnerships that can contribute to economic growth and collaboration between the two nations.

In response to this generous offer, President Hichilema expressed his gratitude during the same press conference, following a closed-door bilateral meeting with President Steinmeier. President Hichilema conveyed Zambia’s commitment to working alongside Germany to ensure the effective management of water resources, both for domestic use and economic purposes.

“Zambia appreciates Germany’s support in improving water management,” President Hichilema affirmed. “We are determined to collaborate closely to ensure the responsible and efficient utilization of this precious resource, benefiting our people and our economy.”

President Hichilema also emphasized the significance of water harvesting for agriculture, aiming to bolster food production in the region where food scarcity is increasingly becoming a concern. By harnessing and channeling water for agricultural purposes, Zambia intends to enhance food availability and promote food security.

Additionally, President Hichilema expressed the desire to collaborate with Germany on adding value to critical minerals, particularly Lithium and Copper, which play a pivotal role in the electric vehicle battery industry. This partnership not only seeks to advance Zambia’s economic development but also create employment opportunities for its citizens while contributing to the use of clean energy.

“Working together to add value to these critical minerals is essential, as it will generate jobs for Zambians and support the adoption of clean energy practices,” President Hichilema emphasized.

The collaboration between Germany and Zambia in water management and economic development signifies a promising step towards addressing crucial issues such as water access, food security, and sustainable energy solutions.


  1. You can throw as much money as you want at an incompetent government and president, but that won’t change a thing. They are here for our gold mines. This hh sold our mines in 1996 for peanuts. Sony say I didn’t warn you. Kasanda is rotting in jail at hh direction

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