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President Hichilema Engages German Chancellor in Bilateral Talks at G20 Summit


President Hakainde Hichilema, attending the 5th G20 Compact with Africa (CwA) Summit in Berlin, held bilateral talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to explore avenues for strengthened cooperation between Zambia and Germany. The discussions, held on the margins of the summit, delved into potential German participation in infrastructure projects and the encouragement of German businesses to invest in value addition within Zambia’s agriculture sector.

Chancellor Scholz expressed Germany’s readiness to engage in infrastructure initiatives, aligning with Zambia’s efforts to bolster its economic development. President Hichilema, in turn, urged German investors to explore opportunities in enhancing the value chain of Zambia’s agricultural sector.

The leaders also emphasized the historical bilateral relations shared by the two nations and expressed their commitment to further deepening cooperation across various domains. The discussions aimed at creating mutual partnerships for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

President Hichilema’s visit to Germany aligns with his economic diplomacy agenda, seeking trade and investment opportunities for Zambia. The G20 Compact with Africa Conference is a crucial platform for attracting private investment by improving conditions for sustainable business growth and infrastructure development in African countries.

The conference, initiated under Germany’s G20 presidency in 2017, focuses on partnership approaches to implement reforms and enhance macroeconomic, business, and financing environments. Zambia’s participation in the G20 Compact with Africa initiative marks its first involvement, underscoring the country’s recent economic transformation agenda.

State House Chief Communications Specialist Clayson Hamasaka highlighted the significance of Zambia’s participation, emphasizing the country’s natural resources, youthful population, and stable political climate as attractive factors for private investment. The conference provides an opportunity for Zambia to showcase its potential to the international community, attracting investments in various sectors, including infrastructure.

President Hichilema’s economic policy reform agenda is to steer Zambia toward increased participation in global economic forums, fostering partnerships, and unlocking opportunities for sustainable development.


  1. Ask the Germans to train some of our engineers on how to build good roads and houses. These chaps have some of the best engineers on the planet. We should also squeeze in partnerships with building battery factories in Zambia for their vehicles.

    • Wagunwa….. HH is becoming a high figure to acknowledged of locally and internationally.

      Ba ECL has killed PF and is crawling back into his cave to hide. He is NOW CALLING TO HAVE A MEETING WITH HH.

    • Please the USD is moving to K24, what is happening kanshi? What s causing this to happen, global excuses do now count 6minths ago Kwacha was the 1:1 with South African Rand, today a Rand is K1.26 or K18.40 to the USD. And here we are just watching this unfold before our eyes??? This is a threat to the economy of the nation and can make Zambia another Zimbabwe if unchecked. It’s a national emergency and we must address it as such.

    • And the German President was in Zambia recently. Why did he not discuss al this s#*t with him? he had to fly all the way to Germany to
      “delve into potential German participation in infrastructure projects and the encouragement of German businesses to invest in value addition within Zambia’s agriculture sector.” ????

  2. We have a very arrogant and stupid president. There is a food, fuel and currency crisis in the country and chooses to go and get get selfies in German. And his foolish unemployed cadres are praising him.

    • so he should be at your house distributing food? So a country cant continue to run when the president is not physically in?

  3. In 2 years he has travelled more than any previous president did over their full tenures. Was he not the one attacking ecl for travelling when he was in opposition. Chiwamila gaIu.

    Today I continue mourning my brother kunda chani. I am very heart broken. This is a warning to upnd thugs. Leave me alone today unless you want to be cursed

  4. Zambia does not need to obtain investment in its agriculture sector. I think Zambia simply needs to empower its own people. Taxes in Zambia are way too high that citizens are left with no disposable income to be entrepreneurial.

  5. If you do not want to move and mingle around with influential people, be rest assured you will not learn anything, remember in European history we find a story of Weimer Republic which had a waste economy than ours. How did they manage to sort out?

  6. HH should be ashamed of himself..just look the way he is holding the Muzungu’s hand just to make sure that the Camera man takes a very good shot…and US$3 million dollars tax payers money wasted just like that

  7. A Political Party in power that Defaults on international laws should not be allowed to stand for Presidential elections because he failed to fulfil a duty, obligation or an undertaking and if it were in the army it would be a military offence and must NEVER be paid benefits.
    this is my contribution to amendments to our constitution so 2026 should be lovely!

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