Sunday, March 3, 2024

Buchi Township Couple Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide


A somber atmosphere envelops Buchi Township in Kitwe as the community grapples with the shocking discovery of a young couple found dead in their home in what authorities suspect to be a case of murder and suicide.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Peacewell Mweemba reported that 27-year-old Abigail Malama is believed to have been murdered by her 29-year-old husband, Bright Kizito, following a marital dispute. The tragic incident unfolded within the confines of their home, leaving the community in disbelief.

Upon discovering his wife’s lifeless body, Kizito reportedly took his own life by ingesting a lethal pesticide. Police investigations are underway to piece together the events leading up to this heartbreaking episode.

A ZNBC News Crew, arriving at the scene, found the bodies of the couple lying on the floor as police officers conducted their examination. The distressing sight has left the community in mourning, grappling with the aftermath of this tragic event.

Family members, friends, and neighbors are reeling from the news, with one family member, Stanley Chipulu, describing the incident as devastating.

Lillian Kabanda, the couple’s landlady, revealed that the pair had been experiencing marital problems for some time. The tragic deaths of Abigail Malama and Bright Kizito serve as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing mental health and relationship challenges, fostering a community where individuals feel supported and can seek help during difficult times.


  1. Reporting yamu Zambia. You tell us its a suspected murder suicide.
    Then you say: “Upon discovering his wife’s lifeless body, Kizito reportedly took his own life by ingesting a lethal pesticide”
    Does the report tie in with a murder suicide?


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