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Chief Mumena Calls for Pre-Marital GBV Education as 16 Days of Activism Commence


Chief Mumena of the Kaonde people in Kalumbila district, North-western province, has advocated for comprehensive pre-marital teachings on gender-based violence (GBV) as part of efforts to combat this social issue. The chief made these remarks during the launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against GBV under the theme “Unite! Invest to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls.”

Chief Mumena emphasized the need for both males and females to undergo robust pre-marital education against GBV, believing it would contribute significantly to healthier marriages. He further urged a collective commitment to abstain from violence during the 16 days of activism.

During the event held at his palace, Chief Mumena disclosed the existence of a GBV One-Stop Centre near his palace and called for the establishment of such centers in every village to combat the scourge effectively.

“We have a GBV center here; we want a village-led GBV One-Stop center in every village to stop the GBV scourge,” he asserted.

In addition to educational initiatives, Chief Mumena recommended the integration of arts into GBV sensitization programs to enhance the communication of anti-GBV messages.

Jessy Liswaniso, a representative from the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC), highlighted the disproportionate impact of GBV on women and girls, reinforcing the urgent need for collective action and increased resources for GBV prevention.

While commending the government’s initiative to review the Anti-Gender Based Violence Act No.1 of 2011, Liswaniso stressed the severity of GBV as a national crisis, affecting various aspects of society, including healthcare, education, social protection, justice, and productivity.

Limpo Sishekanu, the Provincial Gender Officer, shared alarming statistics indicating a 31.6% increase in GBV cases nationwide during the second quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year. She emphasized that GBV poses a public health threat, limiting the potential of individuals and the nation at large.

Provincial Permanent Secretary Colonel Grandson Katambi (Rtd) acknowledged the crucial role of traditional leaders in the fight against GBV, urging them to intensify efforts in sensitizing communities, reporting GBV cases, and enhancing anti-GBV committees.

Colonel Katambi reassured the commitment of the government to collaborate with various stakeholders, including cooperating partners, NGOs, the private sector, and community-based organizations, to strengthen the fight against GBV.

The launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against GBV serves as a rallying point for Zambia to address the complex challenges posed by GBV and prioritize prevention measures before response strategies.


  1. We’re slowly losing our identity as a people. Our way of life defines who we are. Marriage counseling was done behind closed doors, just like marital disputes never left the secret confines of the sacred bedroom. I grew up not knowing if my parents ever differed, and even as a young adult, when my father told me that he also used to have differences with my mother, I still couldn’t believe him. Today proposals for marriages are being made in malls and the result is that even toddlers know the details of their parents’ differences. Let’s heed HRH Mumena’s as it might bring stability in homes

    • Very true Ayatollah. What immediately struck me as I read this story was how helpless the Chief is in enforcing his own cultural norms in this modern world. He has to slavishly appeal for values to be included into the marriage institution. Previously the chief was going to summon his advisors, they would discuss and decide to include gender violence as one of the courses ku mukanda or wherever youngsters are inaugurated into society. Nowadays he has to look out for how his appeal conforms to modernity, sorry, Westernisation.

  2. Commenting on an article in ZO on NGOCC sees gender bias in criticism of Speaker Nelly Mutti, Musonda wants to be scaring a speaker of the national assembly from doing her duties to maintain parliamentary order. Musonda makes himself a judge and executioner of any new administration that will emerge after this administration. Forget it! The speaker is on firm legal grounds based on her role as speaker of the national assembly. Why dont people like Musonda shut their mouth and wait for court rulings?? Irritants indeed!!

  3. I support his royal highness chief mumena. Too much Tv and social media. Alcohol abuse. Dysfunctional lifestyles such as DStv Royal Qlique are being advertised and our young adults are assimilating such into their real lives.

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