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Atlas Mara, the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Zambia partner to plant 200 fruit trees in Lusaka schools


Atlas Mara Bank and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Zambia will plant around 200 fruit trees seedlings in four schools in Lusaka as part of its “One Tree At A Time” campaign.

Launched on Friday at Kamwala South Secondary School, the campaign which is in collaboration with the IKOE Foundation will see 200 fruit trees seedlings planted in four Lusaka schools.

Atlas Mara Acting Chief Executive Officer Bobbline Cheembela said the campaign exemplifies the bank’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Mr Chembela said Students participating in the Award program will nurture these trees as part of their community service commitment.

He said the initiative aligns with our CSR strategy, focusing on Education, Health, Entrepreneurship, and the Environment.

“By planting trees, we’re not just fulfilling our environmental commitment but also educating others about the significance of conservation, laying the foundation for a sustainable future, Mr Cheembela said.

“I am deeply honoured to be here today in support of an initiative that symbolizes our
commitment to a sustainable future. Atlas Mara Bank recognizes the crucial role that education plays in uplifting communities in Zambia and we actively seek out initiatives that have a positive and sustainable impact on the educational sector,” he said.

Pupils watch the tree planting at their school by Atlas Mara

“Through our corporate social responsibility programs, particularly our education pillar, we not only provide financial literacy to communities where we operate but also strive to enhance the quality of education and expand access in rural and disadvantaged areas.”

He added, “Since our partnership was established with the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Zambia in 2019, we have impacted the lives of over 500 young individuals in Zambia ranging from ages 14 to 24 at various levels of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program empowering them to develop essential soft skills necessary for success in any professional environment.”

“In 2022, we invested K687,500 to strengthen our partnership with the Ministry of Education, aiming to empower 1,200 students and 80 educators in 40 government schools across Zambia allowing us to reach a diverse array of students in different institutions. We’ve embraced diversity by partnering with all-boys, all-girls, mixed, and schools catering to differently-abled individuals.”

Mr Cheembela said Atlas Mara is still commitment to instilling environmental
awareness, enhancing the school’s ecological framework, and provide practical learning opportunities for students.

“This initiative aligns with the government’s green initiatives and contributes to the betterment of our environment.”

He added, “looking ahead, our vision encompasses providing holistic educational experiences that empower future leaders. By integrating environmental awareness into education, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.”


  1. Only in Zambia, a bank disrupt classes to plant 200 trees in exchange of government defense for a case of their boss in a London courts.
    Only in Zambia.

    • @Nostradamus: You are an id1ot. When you do chitemene system, you destroy in a couple of minutes, trees that take 60 years to grow. You open the land to soil erosion, and other environmental degradation. When you make charcoal, you do the same damage. What this noble gesture is doing, is to attempt to ameliorate this devastation. Kenya, a country condemned by geography to 80% semi-aridity, has done much to improve itself by such tree planting campaigns as this. I find it odd that you did not have any problem in borrowing US $31 billion from his kind, looting it, and saddling the rest of us with debt, but then complaining loudly when he is giving us free money to do good with in our own country

    • Imagine! And in the process brainwashing our kids into thinking planting of trees should only be done by Westerners

  2. The current generation think zero of the future and the enviroment
    its the up and comimg ones that need to be taught about climate change
    and chitameni farming allowed by PF f00ls

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