Sunday, March 3, 2024

Government Postpones School Opening Due to Cholera Surge


In response to a surge in cholera cases, the Zambian government has announced the deferment of the 2024 Term One school opening from the initially scheduled date of January 8th to January 29th. Education Minister Hon. Douglas Syakalima made the official announcement today in Lusaka, emphasizing the need to prevent and mitigate the spread of the disease.

Minister Syakalima clarified that this postponement applies to all public, private, aided, and community learning institutions, including Early Childhood Education (ECE) centers, primary, and secondary schools. Learners at all levels are expected to resume classes on January 29, 2024, after a three-week extension from the initial opening date.

To compensate for the lost time, the Minister explained that the First Term holidays will be reduced to one week instead of the standard four weeks. Consequently, schools will now close for Term One on April 26, 2024, and reopen for Term Two on May 6, 2024.

In light of the shortened holiday period, Minister Syakalima urged parents and guardians to prepare their children for the upcoming term well in advance of the official closure of Term One.

The Ministry of Education, under Hon. Douglas Syakalima’s leadership, emphasized a cautious approach to reopening schools, calling for collaborative efforts from all stakeholders to ensure the safety and readiness of educational institutions.


  1. Change the font immediately or I will leave this website again. And you know how much your business go down drain without me and @ Ndobo (in jail).

    • @LT, you earned my respect back. You listen. Thanks for reducing font.
      Now let’s teach that HH to believe what we say, and not what his staff tells. Their job is just to clean his nose.
      HH, Iisten man, deploy military to tackle cholera today.

  2. We are back in KKs time. Poverty is one contributor to cholera when people can not afford clean water and food. When did we last have cholera to force schools not to open? The minister of health should have been the first to talk about cholera.

  3. In such disaster situations we need practical and hands on ministers like Edify Hamukale who kept southern province towns clean and free from waterborne diseases like cholera for five years. No death from cholera. Here in Kalomo we had litter bins throughout the town but at the moment more than half have been stolen by unknown people. Preparedness and preventive measures are no longer in place in kalomo. At the main open market people urinate and defecate behind shops and in drainages. The District commissioner in kalomo should take action as chairperson for disaster committee. This is a small town which should be easy to clean

  4. A failed government run by clowns with the head clown hh at the helm. This is the worst cholera outbreak in history of zambia yet they kicked traders from streets hahaha.

    • KIKIKI talking of clowns is not you c)*ckroach making a f00l of himself and destroying ur party further
      He is even making the delusionist Fred look good
      chose ur words carefully in future

  5. This is a huge decision that will inconvenience parents and students. What rationale did they base the 3 wks postponement on? I mean why not just 1 wk; or a day or why not 8 wks? Who gave him the model to predict that Cholera will be gone in 3 wks time? Please don’t just close things because you are ‘copying’ from COVID-19 days to make knee jerk decisions… you need to seek permission cabinet; parliament; the public and consult with the health professionals.

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