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This did not age well : January 8, 2018 HH visits Cholera centers, blames PF government for Cholera crisis


HH visits Cholera centers, blames PF government for Cholera crisis

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has blamed the PF government for the Cholera outbreak that has since claimed 58 lives.

Mr Hichilema who visited some Cholera centers on Sunday said had those claiming leadership of our country taken heed to our advice on the need for quality public health care, Zambia was not going to be needlessly losing lives today.

He said Cholera is a preventable disease and that everybody all saw it coming, but there was no political will to tackle the outbreak quickly.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND is certain that funds meant for public health were made available much earlier in 2017 but due to corruption, funds were misappropriated and misapplied to areas not in the interest of citizens.

“When in government, we will listen more to our people and act in their best interest while fighting corruption using our zero-tolerance to corruption policy,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “Quality public health will be one of our pillars in ensuring a healthy and productive population. Only then will we be able to walk with our heads up that we are moving Zambia forward.”

Mr Hichilema was in the company ofparty Vice President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, National Chairperson, Mrs Mutale Nalumango, party Deputy Secretary General, Patrick Mucheleka, party Chairperson for Mobilisation, Ms Sylvia Masebo and other party officials.

“We saw patients and their relatives whom we wished quick recoveries and encouraged to remain hopeful of better tomorrow. At the same time we appreciated the health personnel who are working round the clock at the frontline of combatting the disease,” Mr Hichilema said.


  1. The issue of cholera is one tied to sanitation. Satinising a city is a function of the city council. To perform this function, the city council needs revenue. In the case of Zambia, the council used to get most of their revenue from the rents of council houses. Frederick Chipuba, using “slash, burn and eat” economics took all the council houses, gave them to his relatives and tribesmen. The councils were left with no revenue streams. Not only did this deny them the ability to pay employee salaries, but it left them completely unable to provide services. If HH is one of the people who took council property and handed it to his tribesmen (granted he never gave me anything), then the cholera outbreak is his fault. Otherwise it is the fault of the one who actually bankrupted the councils

    • How ignorant can you be. Lusaka City Council makes more money from businesses than it would make renting houses in Chilenje, Matero or any other compound.

    • What businesses does Lusaka City Council own? If Lusaka City Council makes “more money from businesses” than it did when it owned real estate, why is the council unable to provide services it provided when it owned assets? The sewers in Lusaka are all blocked, and people have to use underground sewer tanks? You think that you know more about civic government than the English, South Africans, Kenyans, Australians, all of who see the wisdom of having city council houses? You are not that dumb. The only thing driving your sentiments is that your people are the ones who shared the council assets among themselves, and you are trying to defend that traversty and criminal looting of the commonwealth of Zambians

    • You are a liar. You know that the problem is the borrowing and stealing of US $33 billion by Sata and Lungu, which has left the finances of Zambia completely crippled; you know that Frederick Chiluba took the assets of the councils and shared them among his tribesmen, leaving them without the means to generate the revenue needed to provide sanitation, water, etc and even employee salaries. You know that Simon Chushi Mwewa ran Lusaka with the same quality with which he constructed the disgraceful Simonson building, causing a city that had fondly been called the “The Garden City” to over strewn with refuse, to have its water and sanitation system crumble etc etc, but you would rather deflect to some other fake issue because these people are from your tribe

  2. The sooner this man realises that the Zambian people are his greatest opposition then he should ask his mouth piece Mweetwa to shut up

    • Mweetwa like ministers before him needs some education on freedom of speech and also a lesson on the difference between government and ruling party. Like Kambwili, Dorah and that other woman who was always in Kaizar Zulu’s dreams, Zambia’s politicians have a very shallow understanding of the citizens’ rights to free speech. That is why all of them hate ZNBC when in opposition but suddenly fall in love with it when in power. Freedom of speech is basic to Democracy and should not be interfered with by the ruling party

    • Complete rubbish. UPND has never arrested Lungu, as Lungu arrested HH 14 times for no reason. UPND has never sent the police to shoot peaceful PF demonstrators. UPND is allowing PF freedom under the laws enacted by MMD/PF

  3. The truth has a funny way of doing full circle, and humbling f00Is. Nurses are now dying of cholera under this failures rule. Hh is an incompetent clown. I question all his credentials

  4. My appeal to HE President Gregg Mills is to change his tactics. Sir, what will keep your puppet in power long enough for you to recover whatever you invested in him, is service delivery and not annihilation of opponents. We only need K100,000 worth of quick lime to sort out the cholera problem and people will be happy. It’s far much less than what’s being spent to destabilize the PF. Please allow our president to deliver on his campaign promises, even if it’s just 10% of what he promised

  5. Praise singers or cadres or ba yufi have always been the undoing of our governments. They ensure the Head of State doesn’t see the real picture. They ensure our complaints reach the Head of State. They create a fake cocoon of infallibility around the Head of State.

  6. The man you chose, as president, had never been a councilor let a lone an MP. This is the outcome of voting for naivety instead of cunning.The man is too talkative for nothing. Words minus action is an exercise in futility.Sometimes, he needs to keep quiet and let his actions speak for him. Experience is gained through ascendancy in ranks.

    • Professor Lumumba says that if a leader spends an hour on what he’s achieved, just know he’s done nothing. And this one spent four hours to boast of his scores.

  7. ………..

    HH is right in blaming PF………

    However the root of the problem is not inadequate health care……….

    The root of the problem is the so called unprecedented development of domestic dwellings in the past 15 years……..

    Completely inadequately sealed septic systems……..

    Toilet systems were built with no inspection, results are now clear …….

    Human Feces are now part of the water table……..

    • Iwe cholera was here even before the structures you are referring to. It’s a question of hygiene. Upnd always looking for someone to blame.

    • By the way do know you that this current cholera started way back in November but HH instructed Masebo to work quietly without alarming the situation?
      Nothing hides under the sun my good fellow.

    • @Spaka: Simon Chushi Mwewa gutted the sanitation of Lusaka. Frederick Chiluba and Michael Sata shared the assets of the councils among their people, living the councils without the houses they depended on for the revenue to deliver services to country. The drainage trenches are clogged or non-existent. The water supply is inadequate, and many people depend on boreholes dug in their yards, next to toilets. Once a person gets cholera, it spreads like wildfire because of poor sanitation. Basically, we are degenerating to the level of Makoko and slums in Mumbai because a group of corrupt people cannot stop stealing, and they have stolen all the money that could have been used to sanitise the country

    • If Cholera was a case of hygiene, how would it the fault of UPND? Is it the job of UPND to wash people’s behinds? Of course cholera is about contaminated water and the lack of sanitation. This is why this situation indicts Simon Chushi Mwewa for gutting the sanitary system of Lusaka; Frederick Chiluba and Michael Sata are also to blame for taking the assets of the councils, distributing them among their tribesmen, and leaving the council unable to provide sanitary services

  8. If the president can spend 4 hours praising himself what do you expect apart from the pf blame game we are tired of this nonsense let them do actions than lip service SAFF fertiliser is another total failure if you are not ready don’t announce

  9. Cholera is caused by drinking contaminated water due to poor Sanitation and hygiene. Its one of the easiest public health problems to prevent and control.
    Tell people to drink chlorinated or boiled water, use properly built toilets and wash their hands before handling food. Remove food vendors from the streets without involving politicians. Let councils and public health departments get on top of things.

  10. Spaka please stop embarrassing yourself. The first outbreak of cholera in Zambia was in 1991/92 in Kitwe soon after MMD formed government. 1992 is well over 15 years ago. There’s been a lot of unplanned urban settlements and that has been the major contributing factor.
    There’re also areas mostly in fishing camps around major lakes where cholera is endemic, this is clearly due to poor sanitation because fishermen don’t build toilets.

  11. Us human being are partly to blame throwing litter and rubbish everywhere blocking drainage. Successive have tried to clean up the streets of Lusaka and have lamentably failed. Party Politics contributed when construction were done without planning permission

  12. The Lusaka ticking time b0mb is giving it’s first warning. Sort out your waste management and water sanitisation system. Flood water should be diverted to reservoirs. All these things create jobs instead of spending an entire term looking for harvesters who don’t yield any returns.Engineers should start engineering otherwise close the institutions because they are not fit for purpose.

  13. But people are saying HH was not free to walk around during PF govt. What was he doing there….? Upnd people can lie


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