Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mrs Shikapwasha arrested for the murder of Lieutenant General Ronald Shikapwasha Retired


The Zambia Police Service announced the formal arrest and charging of Mrs. Jane Lusengo Shikapwasha, aged 73, for the offence of murder contrary to Section 200 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia involving her husband, the late Lieutenant General Ronald Shikapwasha Retired. The incident occurred at their residence plot number 477 ibex hill on January 14, 2024, between 17:00 and 18:00 hours.

Following an intensive and thorough investigation conducted by Twin Palm Police Station, substantial evidence was gathered, leading to the arrest of Jane Lusengo Shikapwasha. The arrest was carried out today January19, 2024 at Twin Palm Police Station (Formerly Ibex Hill Police Station).

It is alleged that Jane Lusengo on January 14,2024 between 17:00 and 18:00 hours at plot number 477 in Ibex Hill in Lusaka district of the Lusaka Province of the Republic of Zambia whilst acting alone, she caused the death of Lieutenant General Ronald Shikapwasha Retired using a double barrel short gun, serial number 168462 by shooting the deceased in the abdomen causing him to sustain a gunshot wound on the left side of the abdomen resulting to his death on January 15, 2024 at 21:40 hours at Maina Soko Military Hospital.

Mrs. Shikapwasha is currently in police custody pending a court appearance. The Zambia Police Service is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent legal process. We would like to reassure the public that we are dedicated to upholding the rule of law and will continue to work diligently to bring this investigation to a just resolution.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. This doesn’t add up! Perhaps she surfers from dementia or schizophrenia.Her mental state should be evaluated. A 73 year old woman just doesn’t stand up and shoot her husband of many years. Hope her mental state is considered.Condolences to the family ,this must be very difficult for them.MHSRIP

  2. @ Dr ABC
    Please don’t bring dementia or schizophrenia here….who told you that dementia or schizophrenia makes people become murderers???? Please have some respect and compassion for people suffering from dementia or schizophrenia….that woman knew what she was doing so don’t bring in mental illness…..a shotgun is not an easy gun to operate….this was premeditated murder

    • Due to the ongoing legal proceedings involving the woman, we refrain from discussing specific court matters due to subjudice rules. Nonetheless, we address the issue of neglecting women victims of domestic violence and misogynistic tendencies by successive Zambian governments. Without delving into political aspects, can we ascertain the impact on women in prominent positions since the UPND assumed power?

    • How can domestic violence be stopped? Iam 40 years old and not married because Im scared my wife will steal all my wealth which I want to leave to my four children with different women.

    • Kikikikiki I want to agree with you but socialmedia only arrived in this century. And it wasnt peaceful before then

    • Kikikikiki I want to agree with you but social media only arrived in this century. And it wasnt peaceful before then

  3. Let us not speculate on things you don’t know. Us who are close to the family and are important enough to know, are already aware or what transpired. If you don’t know then it means you are not that important or close enough to the family. So I would suggest you wait until the family makes a public statement. Until then keep your nosey big noses out of this family. Respect the retired general!

  4. Poor grandma Mrs. Shikapwasha. Whatever caused her to do what she did. There must be a reason way bigger than her…perhaps mental issues of some…I feel for her…I truly do. May God Almighty be with during this deficulty time. May Gen. Shikapwasha’s soul rest in peace. We went to the same Kalonga Secondary School back in kabwe Town…although he was there before I was born.

  5. Kuti Ronald na swalehile inge a hwela mukwenyana hae, mufumahali seli kuyo pamula sikumisa ku tunya Ronald fa bumbwete! Lona lilulu la Ronald mwalibona, seli mutalahali.

  6. Imagine now at this age going to prison. Sometimes learning to control tempers is more beneficial than going to church.

  7. @ Razor
    You’re 100% right….and if you look at the weapon used its mind boggling….if you give me a even toy gun i don’t even know how to operate it let alone a double barrel shotgun….and being a Military man himself am sure he knew that guns are supposed to be kept in locked secure place and he should have been the only one with the keys if he was the one licensed to own a firearm….
    Anyway let God be the Judge

    • Extremely very sad state of affairs for the Shikapwasha family. A double barrel shotgun isn’t a toy to play around with. It should have been safely secured in a safe place. Again shotguns bullets upon impact splutter the flesh and exit with a bigger hole than the entry point. Depending on the closeness of the alleged assailant and the angle of the entry, is what can prove deadly. My prayers and thoughts are with the family at this very trying time. May the Soul of the departed General rest in peace.Shalom!

  8. @ Doctor Khumalo
    Just remain single my dear brother…its not a loss as a of fact its more beneficial….Marriage is something else…my late Grandfather divorced 7 times…..

  9. Doesn’t make sense… I wouldn’t trust the incompetence Zambian police. Like the UK based imposter advises above, let’s not rush to conclusions. Why are they rushing to charge her with murder when they say at the bottom that they are still investigating? She is just a suspect alleged to have committed the crime.
    The English in the article is also poor.
    Also this could be manslaughter as she may not have intended to kill him and he died the next day. Also the hospital should have served him if the gun wound was in the lower abdomen, obviously depending on many factors.

  10. It is a tragedy mostly for the wife if found guilty to live in jail at her age. Reasons she mentions are that he was planning to divorce her and the Will left the largest amount of benefits to the children of his first wife. The husband was older than the wife and was a Reverend who should not have been having an affair with the wife of his adopted son. There is no excuse for him to do what he was doing. The church he was a Reverend with should pray for him.

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