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Tanzania Fire Coach After Controversial Claims Against Morocco


The Tanzanian Football Federation have sacked head coach Adel Amrouche after CAF handed him an eight-match ban.
The ban comes after Amrouche made controversial remarks about Morocco and its football federation, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (RMFF).

Head of their match against Morocco, Amrouche launched a scathing attack on Morocco, claiming they influence African football, including officials like referees, per the Citizen.

The comments were not well received by Moroccan fans. According to Morocco World News, CAF has also handed Amrouche a $10,000 fine. Amrouche made those comments in an interview with an Algerian TV earlier this week.

In a statement, the Tanzania Football Federation said CAF banned the Algerian for eight matches after the Moroccan federation filed a complaint against the coach.

Tanzania lost their opening match 3-0 to Morocco and will be led by Hemed Morocco and Juma Mgunda in their remaining group matches.

Zambia takes on Tanzania in the 2023 AFCON Group ‘F’ match to be played on Sunday.

The match will be played at Laurent Pokou Stadium in San Pedro with kick-off set for 19:00 hours Zambian time.


  1. They were too quick to fire him. We have seen dubious results in this tournament, like the dubious penalty awarded against Mozambique in the 90th minute, robbing it of a sure victory against Egypt. They should have left him substantiate his allegations.

  2. Zambia could easily lose to such a weak team because Zambia is suffering from poor political governance from hh . With cholera and poor economy how can our boys perform

    • He was right, Africa does what Morocco demands.
      Now Tanzania was forced by Morocco to have a coach named Morocco.

    • Mathafaka Frederick Chipuba is the one who neglected the national team, and let them fly around in an obsolete WW2 plane, leading to their deaths. Chipuba gave away the mines to foreigners, who cut support for the mines teams, which is the reason why Zambian football has regressed. HH has supported the team, sending the women’s team for an extended training camp in South Korea, Colombia and Europe; all the GRZ expense. And when you relative stole the money given to the girls by FIFA, HH organised to give them compensation from his own money, and that of his friend. So shut up, ***** who goes around with his buttocks full of Lebanese man-made condensed milk

  3. @Kaizar Zulu, again you just woke up with you small brain spinning backwards. You’re just a businessman suffering because you have failed maybe to balance your small accounts due to lack of dubious st*t in no existence. Get a life, my family is not suffering because it all started from one pencil and one book. Use your knowledge you learnt from school and help yourself.

  4. The Algerian coach was right. He knows his neighbours. Morocco are experts at buying referees. Some of you dont know about the infamous Diramba who Morocco bought to win their World Cup qualification match against Zambia. Go and watch the game.
    Diramba refused to give Zambia clear penalties. To say nothing of free kicks around the 18. This because it was well known all over the world that Kalusha was deadly with free kicks anywhere near the 18. So the Moroccans paid Diramba not to award any free kicks around the area.

    • When Lungu was president their king came here and bribed him to recognize Western Sahara as a Moroccan territory. For Arabs and jews money buys a

    • He chose well. The venal Lungu would have sold Esther to any man for a $100 before he became president, and a little bit more, after he became president. The mathaf has no morals.

  5. Under Motsepe CAF has become more corrupt. South Africa stole Zambia’s victory at the last WAFCON because of corruption. Results of games are now decided by match officials. They’ve no integrity to defend. It’s very shameful

    • AS broken clock is right 2x a day. I do not think that it is more corrupt. I think it has continued the corruption of Issa Hayatou. Does anyone remember the lesson Tom Mtine learned when he tried to become president of CAF? He found that in order to win, you had drown CAF officials with money

  6. Match fixing is big business even CAF is eating from there no wonder there are quick to ban him he wants to spoil their business but Tanzania is also just stupid there are not supposed to have fired him what if he’s got evidence to the allegations.
    Just disappointed with Kaizar Zulu because in everything he sees politics I think even when he looks at his wife he sees politics.

    • I see the truth. Even when I look at my beautiful wife I see the beautiful truth. Unlike hh who is full of ugliness and failures

  7. President Michael Sata has urged Zambians in the diaspora to come back home and explore the job opportunities available in the country and to contribute to the development of the country. Winners in Afcon are children of immigrants.

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