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Poor Hygiene At Pick N Pay Levy Mall


Dear Editor

I had a bad experience at Pick N Pay Levy Mall.

I bought some bun rolls and noticed two strands of hair baked inside and sticking out of the buns,even before I opened the package. Then I took it back with the receipt and asked to see the manager but they brushed me off and said the manager was occupied and couldn’t see me.

They instead asked me to fill in a customer complaint form and leave it with them.

Additionally,they stated that I should exchange the buns for other ones,and treated the matter very lightly.

They denied me to see the manager and dismissed me.

Disappointed Customer


  1. Some customers are always looking for trouble especially those who always have a tendency of saying ” can i see your manager”…these are the worst customers…never satisfied and always complaining and majority of them have their own personal issues…either going through divorce or maybe out of employment…and they rush to make everything a big deal…imagine someone venting about 2 ban rolls…definitely a bored human being

    • This is the customer Zambian businesses need to wake them up! The country needs a society that appreciates quality. Cholera is attacking us and you want people to turn a blind eye to filth because it is being done by foreign investors??
      You think two buns is the complaint? If they can foul up two buns why cant they do the same to so-called expensive products. What an ignorant poster this anonymous is!

  2. You should have escalated it to their headquarters in Kabulonga. Bringing it to the media doesn’t solve your problem

    • No! Media’s job is to expose such malpractices. Businesses like to hide anormalies in their products. Why we have media is to shame them

    • @Muthola, you are right but media alone is not enough. In Zambia you chaps have a habit of just complaining to the media with no further action. Lazy chaps!!!

  3. Poor hygiene is Zambia’s DNA, don’t deflect the issue on a multi national company with cross boarder experience. In Zambia we are so dependent on others who do things right. Put a Zambian in charge and the results that usually follow are run down places, poor hygiene and wastefulness. We are naturally geared to consume and waste. In most cases very oblivious to filth. We normalise dirt because we think that anything clean is for ba zungu. We need serious mindset shift.

    • This is something we should not be proud of. It is embarrassing when you are traveling abroad and you introduce yourself as coming from Zambia.
      We need a consumer watchdog in Zambia to protect consumer rights. Let us urge the parliamentarians to come up with the Consumer Protection Act of Zambia.

  4. Last time Chitalu Chilufya inspected some fast food outlets in Lusaka at the peak of the cholera outbreak many were found with faecal matter in several places. Hungry Lion had few shops closed because swabs picked from surfaces in the kitchen showed traced of faecal matter. If tests are carried out at Thorn Park’s Matebeto they might even find STDs. That’s the Zambia we know. I admire your courage but next time there’s cholera in Lusaka just walk to Number 1 Independence Avenue and demand to see the manager

  5. I’m surprised by comments here that are trivializing this serious problem. The injured party has stated that he asked for the manager but in their usual Zambian mentality of encasing the manager in concrete, the customer was denied access. I’ve always said that the difference between the first world countries and those of the third world is customer service. Its not rocket science. It’s so disappointing that some people here are supporting mediocrity. A manager worth his salt is supposed to be grateful that a customer brought the problem to his attention so that he can improve. Instead of him/her sitting in their office ukunya amasushi, these are matters they should be attending to.


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