Thursday, July 25, 2024

Message For Today:Completing Your Incompletions


Today’s Scripture

God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive.
Genesis 30:22, NIV

Completing Your Incompletions

Friend, the Scripture says that God put a dream to have a baby in Rachel’s heart. But year after year went by, and she couldn’t conceive. Rachel remained without a child while her sister, Leah, had one baby after another. Finally, after years of frustration, Rachel grew discouraged and said, in effect, “This is my lot in life. It’s never going to happen.”

One of the things I love about God is this: Just because we give up on a dream doesn’t mean He gives up on it. The Scripture says, “God remembered Rachel.” It doesn’t say that Rachel remembered God. This is how much God wants you to fulfill your destiny. He is so loving, so merciful, that even when you become too discouraged to believe, God does not forget what He promised you. He remembers. You may have already said, “Forget it. It will never happen.” The good news is you don’t have the final say. God has the final say, and He says, “What I started in your life, I will finish.” Get your passion back. He will complete your incompletions.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You that You will bring to completion the good work You began in me. Thank You that the fulfillment of my dreams is on the way despite the secret frustrations of my heart. I believe that You will complete my incompletions and help me to fulfill my destiny. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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