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Choosing the next President

By Gray Soko Much has been said about issue based campaigns, meaning the various parties and candidates should tell the electorate what they will do about the economy, unemployment, etc. This is good but here is another angle voters should...

Comrade Rupiah Banda Does Not Deserve to Be Re-Elected

President Rupiah Banda’s 7-point plan launched recently as his platform in his bid to seek another term of office is a joke at best. In this regard, Mr. Banda and the MMD intend to deliver development for all Zambians through a 7-point plan aimed at: (a) Increasing agricultural production and food security for all Zambians; (b) Building better schools for our children; (a) Creating a better health service for our people; (b) More jobs for all our people; (c) Building quality infrastructure throughout the

Carnage on Zambian Roads : What could be the Solutions?

Many years ago, I had the misfortune of being involved in a road traffic incident on the notorious 'manenekela' just around Luangwa bridge on the not so 'great' East road! It took us 5 hours to get to an institution with a semblance of a hospital, really on a wing and a prayer with God's good grace expressed through the kindness of passers by who offered lifts from one section of the trip to another, as long as we paid them something for fuel, although they were making the trip in that direction anyway!

President Banda’s Dissolution Speech

Speech by His Excellency, Mr.Rupiah Bwezani Banda,President of the Republic of Zambia during the occasion of Dissolution of the National Assembly on July 28th 2011 at State House,Lusaka Zambia   My fellow Zambians Good Morning Today, 28th July, 2011, I have signed the...

What on Earth is Going On?

By Dr.Charles Ngoma This year the Zambian people are going to vote in the 10th Presidential and Parliamentary general election, since independence from Britain in 1964, when one excludes the bye-election brought on by the death of Dr Levy Patrick...

Made in Nyasaland: The Enduring Influence of Malawian Diaspora over Zambia

Of Zambia’s neighbours, no country has had more economic, religious, educational, political, and cultural influence over Zambian than Malawi. First Republican President Kaunda was born from parents who came from modern day Malawi. The current president of our Republic, Rupiah Banda, also has parentage descent from what was then Nyasaland. Beginning from presidency to copper mine labourers, the Malawian diaspora have left an indelible mark. And they continue to do so.

Land and minerals: Worth Defending

By Gerald Nkisu Katayi Word on the streets of copperbelt in the 70s had it that Northwestern province was “backward” and the people from the area were “sleepy.” Today the province is opening up to investments and many Zambians are...

MMD undergoing purification as dark angels leave

Political party defections just days before elections may not be based on ideological belief, difference or shift. The ruling MMD has witnessed two resignations of its members in the last three weeks but political commentators see these defections from the ruling party as nothing but opportunism. MIKE Mulongoti, the former Works and Supply Minister, Lameck Mangani, former Works and Supply Deputy Minister, bigoted former Zambian ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala and their erstwhile MMD Chongwe member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo have left the MMD and are now sloganeering the Patriotic Front (PF) maxim – a boat, evidently sinking.

King Fred The II, So Long Mr President.

By Anthony Kasonde The recent passing of Zambia’s second Republican President Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba a.k.a. FJT marked an end of an era. It marked a period of about 40 years of public life that one of the most...

Elections in Zambia: So Near Yet So Far

Zambia’s Republican President, Rupiah Banda, a few days ago proudly informed the US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, that the only topic Zambians are discussing at the moment is the 2011 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. However, Mr Banda just came short of announcing the elections date and only informed Mrs Clinton that elections will be held within a few months’ time. Zambians would have been proud that the State President was indeed very much in touch with them that he even knew what they regularly discussed in their daily lives. Alas, Mr Banda would be disappointed to note that the only topic on the Zambian street is how they would get money in their pocket
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