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Willie Nsanda dies

Headlines Willie Nsanda dies

President Lungu with First Lady, Mrs. Esther Lungu and Special Assistant to the President for Press & PR, Mr. Amos Chanda at Mr. Willie Nsanda's bedside
President Lungu with First Lady, Mrs. Esther Lungu and Special Assistant to the President for Press & PR, Mr. Amos Chanda at Mr. Willie Nsanda’s bedside

Road Development Agency Chairman Willie Nsanda has died.

Mr Nsanda who is also former Chimwemwe Member of Parliament died this morning in South Africa where had gone for specialist treatment.

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Mr. Muyeba Chikonde has confirmed.
Government evacuated Mr. Nsanda for specialist treatment after he suffered from advanced prostate cancer.

And PF Media Director Brian Hapunda paid tribute to Mr Nsanda describing him a true soldier of the party.

Below PF Statement released to the media


Lusaka, 24th March 2015 – Fellow Zambians and members of the Patriotic Front (PF), our beloved Willie Nsanda, Member of the PF Central Committee and RDA Chairperson has departed. He passed on peacefully in the company of his family and close friends at Milpark Hospital in South Africa.

Our nation and PF have lost one of their dedicated sons. Mr. Nsanda courageously endured the pain he carried to ensure that late President Michael Chilufya Sata was succeeded by a leader who would carry forward his vision to transform Zambia into a better place.

Nothing can diminish our sense of profound and enduring loss we feel as the PF family.

Our Party and Republican President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has expressed deep shock over the passing on of Mr. Nsanda. Our prayers are with the Nsanda family. This is indeed the moment of our deepest sorrow. Yet it must also be the moment of our greatest determination.

Issued By Mr. Davies Chama
PF Secretary General


  1. enemy of progress, God is great these all people that are putting zambian under a curse of poverty will be dying one by one Next is >>>>>> for helping steal the people victory.

    • I have refused to be sold Pentecostalism because the churches are business centers while their owners-general overseer, bishop, pastor or whatever appellation they fancy-are emperors bestriding their empires like colossus .Part of the deification of their persona include conspicuous consumption and the brandishing of symbols of earthly power to intimidate their gullible congregation into elevating veneration to cult followership .While the congregation is getting poorer and jobless with the great economic recession, they are encouraged to make earthly contributions to the already bloated pockets of these scammers who in turn promise them eternal life in the world to come, instant cure for all diseases and magical turnaround in economic fortunes.

    • I curse your mother and Father who wasted their time making you during their sexual intercourse. Man you are an ***** like HH the devil worshiper

    • We must learn to respect the dead even when we didnt agree with everything they did.

      One thing we must all remember is that…No one will get out of life alive… uwaisa kuya aya..

      Nsanda is no more today…MHSRIP….God comfort the family.

    • May his soul rest.

      Its not good at this time for Hon Nsanda to, only God knows it all. Nevertheless, it could have been nice if he was alive to the fact that, citizens needed answers to the gains & failures of RDA under his leadership. The corruption.

      Now, alot of money, of course tax payers was spent on his recovery in SA, very expensive abroad. It doesn’t end here, now the body has to be brought back & on whose expenses? If not the already majority poor Zambians.
      I say it again, these PF cadres will always run abroad for medication b’coz they’ve neglected UTH, their own heart busy running around. Death meets you anywhere & anytime! You can’t run away just fix your own hospitals. All that money can build hospitals’.
      The Skeleton Key

    • I have a feeling that Zambia is held in the best of esteems by GOD JEHOVAH! The
      people causing pain to the Zambian people somehow find themselves being sorted
      out by God our Jehovah!
      1. Frederick Titus Mpundu Chiluba – DONE
      2. Michael Chilufya Sata – DONE
      3. Willie Nsanda – DONE
      4. Rupiah Bwezani Banda – PENDING
      5. Edgar Chagwa Lungu – PENDING
      6. Harry Kalaba – PENDING
      7. Chishimba Kambwili – PENDING
      The above list represents the complete undesirables for our country in my view.
      You may be free to add to this elite list of scumbags who have created pain in our
      29 mins · Public

    • Good riddance! He and Sata took away Road Development Agency and operated it at State House, where auditors are out of bounds and regular $5,000 cash was being deposited at Finance Bank account for the benefit of Sata’s son. Thank goodness we can now get back the RDA and run it like any other public entity.

    • @Free, agree with you million %. Religions are the cause of problems in the world. Religion is used to intimidate, brainwash and make people “Parasites”. Religion is a thriving business enterprise. It divides and takes away logic and reasoning from the heads of the masses. Religion shall be pushed to backside of one’s house. No more churches allowed to be built, no more name of a fictitious superpower be allowed to be called in offices, schools and public places. Religion shall become a personal and private affair between the one who believes and the one who resides in some hidden place, never comes to the rescue of the believers or non-believers alike. He is the most cowardly hideous imaginative person I have ever heard.

    • Amen! Zambia is truly a christian nation. No need to fight our enemies, the good Lord is doing it for us. Sata went, now its Nsanda, next is RB, Chikwanda, Kambwili and EL. Praise the Lord!

    • I wonder how much of our money was spent on him. Milpark knew they could do nothing but the bills continued piling. He should have been ku UTH coz his disease was terminal so there was absolutely no reason to continue spending the colossal amounts of our money!!

    • Every life is preciouse in the eyes of God.Nsanda has done what he did while in politics and in public its up to him and God.However what he stole from tax payers money has to be given back to the people otherwise he will not rest in peace.Remember I said Zambians need to find out what happened in 2001 and what has been causing all these deaths of prominent people.If Zambia is indeed a Christian nation why are people allowing such evil people to rule this country with Impunity.Because of the covenant these politicians they make with the devil to enter in state house they have caused there deaths and those of there loved.What a shame.

    • M.H.S.R.I.P tho all thieves should die.. enough with theft. Zambia is a blessed country only silly leaders like the late have brought our country backward.

      This is not hate but fact because we don’t wise bad to a dead person. unfortunately we have to for some on the Zambian leadership.

      Fat Kambwili watch out, God is watching you closely for inciting violence in our peace loving nation.

    • My heart felt condolences to his entire family.

      Too bad this man has died and will take to the grave information about where Sata and himself were hiding the money from the Euro bond loans at RDA.

      Any way all the money will be traced and given back to the Zambians.

    • @ ?wanzelu

      You will be buried before the ones you wish death iwe kolwe. The next thing to happen to you is death and shall surely die and nobody will ever remember you once existed!

    • @ ?wanzelu

      You will be buried before the ones you wish death iwe kolwe. The next thing to happen to you is death and shall surely die and nobody will ever remember you once existed!

    • Since when did dying become a scandal?.. anyway we understand certain souls in here are immortal…

    • why is prostrate cancer higher in black men than it is in white men? Ask yourselves these questions and you will see, a pattern emerge on what is really happening in this world.
      Everything you know about the world is wrong. Nothing is what it seems to be. Wake up and smell your coffee. Open that third eye and see clearly now twapapata.


    • According to M’membe ” We told you that they are all sick, they refused, until they started collapsing, still they refused and instead came up with stories that its malaria and fatigue, since when did pipo start collapsing form malaria”.. Now they have started dying and going to China and still they deny…lol i dont know if that is all quoted and if so how correct that is…….

      RIP gallant Nsanda,

      So what happens to Esther Phiri??

    • May God judge you accordingly. If you have control over your life, then you will not die like anyone else. As long as you are human, know that death death knocks at your door. I do not know your status, but death knocks at the door. When your time to die arrives, we cannot affort to write what you have concerning late Nsanda, because it inhumane.

      Death knows no politics. I wonder how you handle politics that you even celebrate when someone dies. You, see HH and you guys celebrated when Sata died. You are only celebrating your own or you relatives death. Do not get surprised if problems in your life or family never cease. Zambians know the heart UPND, that your are saddists. May you too never have peace, may your party and leaders never rule Zambia. May God protect Zambia from you kind.

    • Ina s much as he was a corrupt man,no one deserves to have his death celebrated.

      Hebrews 9:27;Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,

      Ecclesiastes 5:15 Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb …
      … We can’t take our riches with us … As he came forth of his mother’s womb, naked shall
      he go again as … As he came into the world, naked shall he return to go as he …

      I don;t blame the late Nsanda but it is the systems in Zambia which allow people to be corrupt to the core.
      Kambwili and your 20 houses on a stolen land ,decide today to follow CHRIST!


    • R.I.P Willie Nsanda.
      I didn’t know the cancer had gone to an advanced stage. Tjo! Death is no respecter of persons.
      I will reserve my mouthful of comments on RDA for now..

    • Zambia is a Christian nation thus we believe and the Bible does not mince its words when it says “The wages of sin is death.” It is sin to deny hundreds of Zambians good health care in preference of supporting few individual to die in luxury! It is scandalous that works at UTH have to stall because government has no money yet afford to pay Milpark! How I wish that those government officials who live in denial and lack confidence in our health institutions opting to seek health care elsewhere than Zambia would also be buried there and bodies not brought home so that Zambia can save the small remaining change! No one wishes any one death or rejoices in it but since the appointment with death is ultimate for rich or poor isn’t it high time that those privileged to serve others try equity

    • @ time for HH……….. Include your ka pathetic father whose gigging lots of sick tonga women. also don’t forget hh who secretly flew his wife to India for terminally illness.

    • Judgement has already been passed for everyone who has been stealing from poor Zambians. No need to put down the list.

    • Jay Jay

      Indeed very loud & clear!

      However, he’s escaped the law of man but NOT limited to God. Well, he will answer to Gods call, the best Judge. Atleast here on earth they got away with their PF sickness of Donchi Kubeba illusions! They perpetually lied to the people, now the Donchi Kubeba illusions don’t work with God. We are assured by the perfect judgment of God.

      The questions might be, “why were you & PF corrupt, never listened to the poor & suffering, Kaloba daily as your cadres inflicted injuries on my Zambian people”?

      No Donchi Kubeba in Gods Kingdom, therefore, all PF should know very well that, Donchi Kubeba Sickness is NULL & VOID to God. Better repent NOW. You can but not always cheat people & with God, NEVER.
      The Skeleton Key

    • @3.1 Skeleton – Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” God will judge you just as you are judging others.

    • Kasaka

      Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” God will judge you just as you are judging others and me.
      Fact is that, people will always judge, non is perfect. Surely even you have judged me. Don’t hide in morality, even HH or Edgar Lungu are being judged by others. And for sure, God will judge us all, that’s a fact & best to know it.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Jay Jay, death is waiting at your door. You cannot escape. Listen. Can you hear it calling you? Listen. Where are you going to run to now? To HH house. HH will not save you? Your family will miss you? If you have not repented hell is waiting.

      Your politcal immaturity stinks. Your such a novice that you even be a suicide bomber for HH. You have a life to live beyond talking rubbish and killing people. What you are saying is admitting that you are a murderer and that your UPND is a party of useless heartless people. No wonder Zambians rejected your satanist whom you worship. He will defeated again because our Jesus is powerful than your devil. There are many Nsandas that God will raise. You can never win.. Death knock at your door, even your relatives will receive the same punishment.

  2. Another politician dies in a foreign country. MHSRIP. Lets improve our hospitals bane. Are taxpayers footing transportation bill???

    • All leaders Zambians have entrusted with the county’s destiny have abrogated responsibility and keep sucking the tax payer for their own good. So let them also be buried where they die!

  3. Other diseases including AIDS is bad when not accepted. Not saying he had it but could be too. This is the most prolific lying government. Hope Lungu will finish this term.

    Am tired of licking my wounds after our loss am back.
    And for you HH don’t issue show maturity please not giving students money to doo the wrong thing.
    Any decent honest leader can usurp power from liars legally in this environment.

    May HSRIP though he always just insulted.

    Next LIE PLEASE WE ARE WAITING PF. Vindication of for the lord.

    Cat Power Back

    • Errors corrected. HH Don’t issue silly comments. 2 please stop giving students money to do the wrong thing. 3

    • Your evil will not work. Remember the devil thought that he won when Jesus was crucified. Those like you who wishe others dead are wishing their own life short. You have no control of your life. You can die today. Everyone is going to die. It does not mean that UPND and your useless satanist HH will not die. But we will not celebrate like you backward people who were raised among cattle. We were raised among people and we know when to talk politics and when to be humane. May God deliver your evil thoughts. I hope no one in your family dies soon. Please do mourn but celebrate death in your family and party. You have only concern about your HH being president and have no respect for life. What a shame and you want to rule Zambia. Zambia is not a kraal.


  5. It’s time these evacuations to RSA medical facilities are stopped, they are a drain on the already weak Zambian economy and what is even more worrying is the fact that the colossal amounts of money spent on those privileged few are kept secret.
    This man should have been in the UTH but now he returns to Zambia in a casket, more expenses.

    • Thousands of Dollars of Zambian taxpayers money was wasted just to send this thief to SA to die!

      Imagine how many honest Zambians lives could have been saved with this money!!

      This nonsense MUST STOP.

  6. It’s easy to pass silly comments when someone you are not related to dies but try that when your relative dies. Death is the strangest thing that can ever befall someone. Some people comment as if they are Immortals when its just a matter of time. RIP bwana Nsanda. You fought your own battles and Jehovah is the only true Judge.

    • Thanks for all the mature comments of condolences. Some people think they’ll live forever on this planet….they pass very reckless comments forgetting that tomorrow they themselves will be no more.

      Mr Nsanda may your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace…the people mocking your demise will surely join you sooner or later.

      Sincere condolences to the bereaved family and all his dear friends

    • There is no soul resting in peace. Death is the separation of the spirit and the body, so, a soul is a combination of the two. Read Genesis 2:7 and Eccl 12v7 to understand that you don’t go somewhere when you die.

  7. RIP. If there was equipment at UTH, the two hour flight could have reserved his soul. But, ka hh ka kaligwa, kaza imilila na 2016.

  8. MORAL OF THE STORY: Do not steal loads of money from the Zambian taxpayer, you will not live to spend a penny of it.

  9. We are all destined to die. The biggest question is; after you have died, how will people remember you?

    Some have created a very dangerous and negative name for themselves such that their death becomes a relief to others.

    Others have worked so hard and deligently, being truthful and faithful in their execution of duty. Their death is considered a serious loss to the nation and those surrounding them.

    I guess every one has a personal assessment of the late Nsanda, and the assessment is a true reflection of who he was to you….

    Public leaders should take this assessment seriously because next time it will be them.

  10. Willie Nsanda has died a Hero, a man who made sure that he supported the adoption and election of H.E President Lungu. Together with others Willie was a Soldier of development and democracy and he never supported cartel way of choosing leaders.


  11. Well, after a careful analysis, I realized some things, this man was not usually heard insulting or castigating opposition members. This man accepted being dropped from a ministerial position right after being appointed. This man supported Edgar Lungu from start to finish in his battle for presidency. The man surely had his flaws, we all do. I will remember him as a man who I would want to be on my side! May his soul rest in peace.

    • So what if this man accepted being dropped from a ministerial position. He knew that he will leap more from RDA than being a minister.
      Criminal from kitwe chimwemwe. KMB call boy. ichinyamunyamu.

    • @Mangishomaawaya- Am sorry but am not in the business of letting my emotions get the better of my judgment. You call him a criminal, Mwanawasa appointed him a minister. He may come from Chimwemwe, so what? He worked very hard and made something of himself, owning fleets of buses.
      Every man had his flaws, but I have to say, he earned a majority of what he got. Unlike you who is waiting for government to make your life better. Take a rest pest!

    • st fimo fimo is the defender of the universe, akalilo kobe boyi kapoleka ifyabusavage fyalifuma mufashion izakunyokola njala

  12. Syndicate
    It is easy not build hospitals and spend tax payers money in foreign hospitals while the poor the tax payers suffer. No one likes death but the worst party is to steal from the poor and spend that luxuriously in expensive foreign hospitals while poor queue for medicine or even buy from designated shops . Do you think the poor will sympathise with you in death? How many poor citizens have been accorded this type of treatment in foreign hospitals?


  14. So chi Davies Chama was lying last week that Willie was okay.

    Look at Fred M’membe ‘s editorial today.

    “Even when they are admitted to the hospital for treatment at a very high cost to the tax payer, they claim they are doing well, they are fine. If they are fine what the hell are they doing in hospital spending so much of tax payers money?”

    Learn to tell the truth fi PF…..!

    What difference has it got now? He could have as well gone to UTH.

    stupid PF….We hate u

    • CHANDA CHILENGU- if you are really a human and not a computer you must realise that at times people tend to recover from their illness only die a few days later. Did you want PF to yes Nsanda is dying. This not only unAfrican but in human. The way you people behave is like you have no relatives who die or you will never die. I never liked Nsanda but I cannot sink so low as to mock death. WHERE DID MAZOKA DIE. ONLY FTJ DIED ON HOME GROUND

    • Ndaje, the thing that annoys is that MY MONEY is being spent on these people when they should have used MY MONEY to improve our health facilities here. I will not pretend to feel sorry for people who have already been stealing MY MONEY through RDA which had no board for almost two years and then on top of that use MY MONEY to go and die in SA. Thats ludicrous.

    • @Ndaje Kahks,

      Mazoka died in South Africa at his family’s expense. No tax payer money was used. If any tax payer money was used may be in transporting his remains, then Government may have just been playing do good as symphathy for stealing his presidency.

      Pliz differentiate misuse of public funds and misuse of personal resources if any.

    • And this is the same Mmembe who protected you from seeing that Sata had less than one week to live? Seriously? Look you cannot make a judgment on a man’s life when he is fighting for it. Nsanda was not holding a public office and deserved his privacy. Mazoka never held public office before, Nsanda was an MP and a minister (deputy minister of transport under Mwanawasa). Avoid speaking with your anus!

  15. “All Paths of Glory, Lead but to the Grave”. Sad ba Nsanda, RIP, you have left us to suffer with your ill advised choice of successor to Sata, the equally unwell Chagwa Lungu.

  16. Funny thing in Zambia, people who accuse others of corruption are actually corrupt themselves. It is just a question of getting a better and more lucrative chance. If you give money to a buyer to support your bid you are also corrupt. Even those who are HIV positive are quick to point fingers at minister that he has AIDS just because he looks sickly. As long as we are not honest with ourselves, Zambia will continue wallowing in poverty.

  17. Rest in peace Willie , one of couragious souls have ever known, you Played a very crucial role last year at the PF Convention in Kabwe , Egdar would be not be president today had it not been for your help you were so brave about it, you were one of those few royal pf members to Sata with a great sense of Humour . RIP Ba Nsanda

    • Why praise him now? Was he not the same chap who beat Mr. Sata in May-Jul 2001 at Radio Ichengelo in Kitwe? You should just thank Sata that despite that humiliation he still found a place to forgive and forget? Nsanda’s loyalty is owed much to him having been put in charge of a ‘Mountain of Kwacha’ . What do you expect when a monkey is in charge of a maize field, it will assist itself ‘overkind’? So he had to be loyal in order to be maintained and avoid prosecution, had to support Mr Lungu ‘overkind’ to avoid dismissal and jail.

      But for you PF Kaponyas you just shouted merely for chibuku and Kantobo yet others it was ‘Mountains of Kwacha’ at RDA.

  18. My condolences. I m very sure Upnd Zambia watchdog are very happy.ZWD is saying we told you.Its only Satanists who rejoice when people die but God do not delight in the death of the wicked.One day we shall all die.We are strangers on earth and should prepare our hearts.Blessed are the dead in Christ for they shall rise again.

    • iwe fcuk off. How many UPND members have you interviewed to come to that conclusion? And get your head out of your a$$ and grow a brain. These christ and jesus and allah issues are the reasons you have ISIS and Boko haram and PF in the world. None of these organisations add value to Zambia.

  19. But he was jogging last week according to his fellow cadres! Jogging is bad for your health then!

    • Hakaivotela Heka will be the next to be escorted to his kraals in a casket and the Tongas will know realize that it is important to respect others.





  21. MHSRIP
    A lesson for zambians ,all sorts of mad slinging when one questions authority.
    questions on nsanda
    1.what value did he bring to the RDA
    2.How much is it a night in milpark hospital
    3.was he a thug
    4.How are the monies he stole gonna be paid back
    1.no value was not the cleverest of individual thrived on extortion
    2.R12000 a night multiplied by God knows how many months he was admitted by the same south african hospital.
    3.He was of the streets every kitwe native would tell you, ask his workers how despondent they were/are.
    4.Gone one man board kambone mutima wakwe and his former boss ba sata.

    a great loss to his family he pulled through under very difficult circumstances the father only got him a reg and he soured to the dizzy heights of power MHSRIP “KMB…

  22. Am very much perplexed what some Zambians have become! Is it human to celebrate when your fellow human being passes on? God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing. Let us be passionate about others. Only a witch or wizard celebrates the death of its catch. Let us be sober the way we make comments on the deceased.

    • @Kasikolo .Fodensako of serea loene was pulled while tied to a moving vehicle at his death because he was a bad man.People hated him even in his death.In Zambia we have leaders who are selfish ,thieves and muderers who even in death are hated because they were heartless to fellow human beings. Lets all look in our hearts and ask our selves how we treat our maids,Gadern boys ,relatives and people in general.

    • @kasikolo….
      …….no need to be perplexed…..how humans feel about the demise of another human being is subjective….there is no golden rule…Americans and mostly the west celebrated when Osama was killed, the world came to a stand still when Mandela died nearly everyone was in grief…wait and see how Palestine would celebrate at the demise of Netanyahu….mind you..even your Jesus, people celebrated when he was crucified….that girlfriend you savagely damped will go for a party upon hearing of you demise…at times even people you may be very close to may pretend to ‘mourn’ you while having a feeling of relief at your demise….
      ,,,you are so much into religion/bible….come out of that shell and see the universe alittle broadly
      …condolences to Sanda’s family..MHSRIP

    • @Scrutinizerer

      That’s the truth right there. There are two sides to everything – those are the facts of life. Whether people are saddened by the death of Nsanda or they are happy about it, this is all normal human behavior.

  23. It ought to be morally repugnant that the elite few of society can ship themselves off,at the tax payer’s expense, to die in foreign hospitals when the rest of our people are left to die due to the neglect of our health and medical services.It should be scandalous but our people just have no sense of entitlement and accept this as a norm.The only way things can change in a country is for the people to change themselves first and set clear standards of expectation from those they choose to run affairs on their behalf. Alas, the vast majority of Zambians just do not see the role and duty of their representatives as people they elect to do things on their behalf.For this reason, the nation shall remain mired in deprivation.

  24. No one is celebrating the death of another. But we are saying that We should live with honour so that when we die we can be honoured. Look at how Mandela was honoured. Why? Because he lived with honour for his people and they honoured him at death.

    Think about our politicians way of living in this country. They do not care to improve our medical facilities in Zambia.

    How much have we spent and still going to spend on one person from the time he was admitted to his burial?

    Compared these hidden costs to how much we spend on poor citizen from the same coffers. Each time they are sick it is evacuating at the expense of the poor.When we raise such genuine question you say we are celebrating death.

    Let us not pretend. Say the truth at death or in living. Ultimately we will…

    • Am sorry, Mandela was not a saint. He was used by the West as a symbol for unity. Mandela married the wife of the late Samora Machel (though shalt not covet), Mandela supported Mkonto Wesizwe, a movement that killed many whites. Mandela ignored the fact that his wife killed two boys during the struggle. Mandela presided over a country that during his tenure legalized homosexuality. No man is perfect and judgment is for the Lord alone. Even Hitler can be found in heaven!

  25. All said and done, R.I.P dad. The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living, The greatest day to fear is not the day of dying but the day of eternity.

  26. Sincere condolences to the Nsanda family.All of us will surely die one day including those mocking his death but let them realise that each second or minute that passes gets us closer to the finishing line of our life on earth regardless of your age, religious or political affiliation it is just a matter of time and some of us may not even have an opportunity to repent our sins before we die hence the need to always to do unto others as would like them do to you. RIP Mr Willie Nsanda Gods grace is with you.

  27. @Free & @nombo.Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
    I pray that you do not take a “foolish risk” with eternity on account of what those who claim to be Christians & are doing evil.Each one will be answerable for their sins.Have you ever given a thought about death?It is only the foolish who think there is no eternity,Hell & Heaven.God bless you.

  28. cat power who told u hh gave out money remember not all are as lucky as u are who is spoon feed by pf and u go to remove waste matter from ur stomach six times a day others go to sheet after 6 days because they have no food .dogman

    • Evidence? Be literate, you are a nation of laws and if a man is not tried and found guilty in a court of law, he is innocent!


    1. EDGAR.

    E= Empty and Useless President who will soon be

    D= Dying of several sicknesses and his

    G= Grave will also be Embassy Park and

    A= Again Zambia will be morning as they say may the soul of Chagwa Agwa

    R= Rest in peace.

    2. CHAGWA

    C= Chibuku addicted President is said to be

    H= HIV Positive

    A= And has Throat Cancer which will make him go in the

    G= Grave at Embassy Park and the

    W= World and

    A= Africa will conclude that Zambians had voted for a moving

    2. LUNGU

    L= Lusaka and Copperbelt Residents are now regretting having voted for a

    U= Useless and Sick President who is a 100%

    N= None Performer but is busy

    G= Gallivanting like a mad dog

    U= Under the influence of rabies.

    • Eish, the PF are really f*cking with your life huh? You are so affected. Look, they won the election and make you suck dick. Right now, you pay taxes to Edgar Lungu. Everyday must feel like an anal penetration huh?

    • St Añú§!

      Please, even if its your bitterness choking on you, atleast don’t insult others. Your language is kaponyanic & its never too late to grow up.

      When will you grow up & stop insulting?

      The Skeleton Key

    • Ati Skeleton- Probably will stop when am done with your mother! I tell her “Shut up b*tch swallow” then I say “shut up b*tch guggle”.

    • Lusaka Time

      Please, can you ensure that this blogger who is hiding as “anus” should be blocked. Such language is unethical & indeed childish.

      Its such people like these who’re making the Zambian people look BAD world over. Just imagine the British or American High Commissioner, international community at large reading such insults?
      I DEMAND that such nonsense is NOT tolerated, otherwise your integrity as a media online outlet is in jeopardy b’coz of such hooliganism being permitted by the Lusaka Times editor.
      These people who insult, despite your obligations to confidentiality, should be exposed.
      In short, Editor, do you work as this “anus” blogger above is putting the forum into disrepute. Shocking!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Anus
      A useless human being you are, cursed! You have no morals whatsoever but seriously you need to be taken to Chainama & have your head checked.

      You see that you’re still a Kaponya, you have no respect for elders, let alone women. I imagine what sort of upbringing you had, very shallow, pathetic & uncouth.

      Its all good, insult all you want but I promise you that, until you repent otherwise the universe will deal with your unpalatable behavior.

      You have failed to grow up, I take it that you’re a LUNATIC seeking asylum for morals. Remain as your name “áñú§”. You’re a cursed child period.

      Lusakatimes.com Editor should block insanity of lunatics in St Åñü§. Shocking!
      The Skeleton Key


    • Skeleton Key- You think you can get away with your silly half baked commentary? You are busy looking for a referee? We put you in your place, you want to be a cadre?

    • I would not worry about your mum Skeleton Key. From the way Anus has been talking about sucking and dicks I can conclude with certainty that he is a kama butt banger i.e. he takes it up his ka little sh!t-stained butthole. That is why there’s that whistling sound when you take a walk St. Anus, it’s your gaping a$$hole when wind blows through it. Every female around you is safe coz your little pee pee only jumps to attention when a bearded fella shows up, don’t it? hahahaha!

  30. it’s better to die than to sin. when a man dies, there is no soul resting he just waits for the return of Jesus.
    I will not comment on Mr Nsanda’s death rest I sin.

  31. If all the monies so far spent on sending these thieves abroad for hospitalisation was spent on UTH, we would have a world class facility for all. Shallow minded Africans.

    • What evidence do you have that Nsanda is a thief? And you think Milpark Hospital is a world-class facility? Oh please! Shallow minded African.

  32. Goodbye Mr. Willie Nsanda.

    But don’t wory the Kachasu Man will join you before the end of next

    year 2016.

    It is good that corrupt leaders are facing the wrath of the soil one

    by one.

    You think we are happy with the way Lungu is running the country?

    Our Kwacha has fallen while the Embasy Park Man is busy

    fighting Mutembo Nchito, Mmembe and Kabimba.

    We Zambians are not happy.

    Even if lungu dies tonight no able minded Zambians would mind.

    Lungu is the most useless President to have ruled Zambia.

  33. Put all your treasures in Heaven where there are no thieves. God also said that those who amass wealth, should realise that it is usually for the benefit of the Third generation or even those who never swetted for it. Indeed we shall all die, but one may be mindful as to how he/she is going to die and the type of death. I am not judging anyone but all I am saying is that God our only sevior is in control. Be sure to be truthful in your dealings, lest your life span be at risk. You shout on top of your voice to deceive and appear like you are genuine, yet not. The spitit of the LORD is the one who searches man’s heart to dertermine the genuineness in your conteplations. SANDA, MHSRIEP. OTHERS WILL FOLLOW SOONER THAN LATER. WATCH THE SPACE.

  34. A hero has fallen. MYSRIP.
    Amenso yabantu eyatangila ku mulu, ne ntanda kwa Lesa shilebalika. Aeya elele ne ntanda kwa Lesa shilebalika.

  35. @18.2 NEUTRAL – Be as it may, that money could have been saved if we had equipped our hospitals. Zambia lost forex and Mazoka’s family lost money (though well intended). No disrespect meant to that great man – True Leader of UPND

  36. you are busy judging Nsanda, but have you also checked yourselves? are you sure you have no spots on yourselves?? you are perfect people and blameless? so you mean if Christ was to come today he would not point a finger at you? maybe Willie , was even far much better than most of you bloggers here who are busy condemning him .I Now see why God has not given you a chance to rule Zambia, he has no pleasure in evil people , only the Devil celebrates the death of his enemy, such evil only happens in UPND AND WATCHDOG no wonder GOD is not on your side but LUCIFER. With Lucifer all things are impossible EVEN just a dream of being in state house has take a century to materilise for you guyz. four times lossing on the row.!!!!! lol thats what Lucifer can do

    • Bet you got an erection when you pictured him being fcuked up the butt ayi Anus, you being a fag and all. You’re running wild and free here because there are no homophobes and so you can live out your fantasy of being done up the butt by a PF cadre while you juggle the nuts of another cadre in your mouth and of course, for the creme la creme, daddy is waiting patiently in your room for your evening romp, gently playing with his ding dong, drooling at the thought of your ka butt, the way you wiggle it when he shoves it up you. So you see, with that kind of life, no surprise that you talk sh!t. Damn, I got you horny didn’t I?

  37. May the soul of Mr. Willie Nsanda rest in eternal peace and his family find strength in God. May those that will not die find joy in Nsanda’s death forgetting that death will also visit them one day. For me, a mere mortal, I can only ask God to forgive Mr. Nsanda for whatever wrongs he may have committed. Rest in Peace.

  38. Chi black mamba has died what joy for me need a bottle of wine to celebrate this f..k passing… God punishes evil pipo for stealing pipo’s votes hope u meet Saddam Hussein & Mohammed Gaddafi @ the gates of hell they give u a beating….

    • Do not be delluded; Sadam and Gadaffi died at the hands of Americans not God. Nsanda has never been found guilty of fraud in a court of law. Be literate.
      Joe, don’t be gay! Eat a d*ck and die!

    • And what has happened to Iraq and Libya. Those are no countries anymore. So what is there for to celebrate.


    • @Wamponcho, so you are happy that your sick man is leading Zambia into a ditch all because you are such a tribalist who cant tell quality? Stop exposing your ignorance!

  40. We seem to have become a nation of hate and disrespect for the dead…monga Nigeria!

    We all live to die one day…”let he who has not sinned cast the first stone” relatively easy to throw stones from a glass house!!


  41. The PF spokespersons Hapunda and Chama were reported to have issued statements saying Mr. Nsanda was recovering and Chama in particular was impressed with the recovery.


    Those of us in South Africa heard from other people who visited him in Milpark hospital that he was extremely sick and there was a family debate on whether to discontinue resuscitation efforts.
    Why do the political mouth pieces feel the compulsion to lie? They should not issue any statements (or just say that is a private family matter or respecting the privacy of the patient). They then wonder when they are not believed when they announce the Head of State if fine.

    • Kate, it is you next to die. Or anyone from your family. Can it happen with speed. You asked for it. It will come. You have no control over your life or someones life, but you can end your own by wishing other to die. You will test death first. Die!!!

  42. Zambians never celebrated the death of any Other person. But now they are angry. Angry that PF and the previous Mad Movement of Dogs neglected Zambian hospitals to rush political thieves and crooks to South Africa and India just to end up in death bags. If the money on these evacuations was spent on UTH we would have had the umber one best hospital in Africa. For as long as these evacuations continue at tax payers money you can’t stop Zambians wishing bad to the politicians. All these thieves are already in hell’s waiting room. So theres no peace for the wicked thieves even we all say RIP

  43. But Jehovah God is there for all. Yes there is no holy man in Nigeria as anti TB Joshua has said but those who do righteousness in Nigeria are righteaous.
    Son of man how do you describe works done by TBJ of Nigeria? Even if you don’t accept him acknowledge his works. He is in line with the Acts of the Apostles.
    The chitawala and sda are called cults in America.
    Nsanda is gone. God knows why.
    But fear should befall all sinners including the panga family for their bloodshed and violence across the country.
    Surely God will avenge and ensure your downfall.
    Panga family be informed!

  44. Is it true that his treatment was at government (our money) expense? If it is, then it is abuse because a Chairman is not an employee and does not deserve full conditions of service apart from allowances for board meetings.

  45. Rest in peace, dear brother in law. We will miss you so much.You were a great personality.Bigger then life.

  46. If willy Nsanda had repented of his sins, then may his soul rest in peace, otherwise as the bible says, their is no peace for the wicked even in death. As it is said, it is appointed for man to die once and there after judgement.
    There is one lesson from this, whether the rich with all their ill gotten wealth get evacuated to the best hospitals in the world, they all like poor people have the same fate. What legacy are they leaving behind? Both the poor and rich die but there is much rejoicing if an evil man dies. One minister in South African died and there was mourning in the entire country, all people young and old only had good things to say about the man despite there political affiliations. Our politicians are sowing are sowing bad seeds that is why people rejoice when they die.

  47. @zebigge. God can not forgive Nsanda now because he is dead and his time of forgiveness is over; either he has been forgiven already or he has not been forgiven. God forgives us when we are still alive and ask for the forgiveness.

  48. When the Mobutu died, the people rejoiced, when Sadam died the people rejoiced, when Gadafi died the people rejoiced, when Sata died the people breathed a sigh of relief, they said that death had liberated them. When Mwanawasa died there was grief all over Zambia, a good leader had been lost. When Mandela died even though in old age, the whole world mourned him, an icon had fallen. Would the people say the same for Kambwili or Edgar Lungu? Why are they despised all the time? If Edgar Lungu and the other politicians were good leaders, the people would have loved them naturally. We really have a bad breed of politicians in the country. Greedy, wicked, evil, selfish and lovers of themselves only.

  49. So we will have no chance to prosecute and recover the stolen funds from RDA! We have lost too much money and I hope we can still recover it somehow please.

  50. Death is a mistry. Death is the only thing that will for certain happen to everyone on this planet including those passing very unkind comments and wishing others dead.Much as you may not like the president and his ministers but he deserves respect as the bible tells us to respect our leaders.
    RIP Mr Nsanda

  51. Just last week, Davies Chama said Willie Nsanda is recovery well and was in high spirits when he visited him on his bed said.

    Today he is dead

    • Its not unusual for someone to recover from a serious illness only to relapse and die a few days later. Even if some one is very sick it is not polite to announce that they will die soon.

    • Someone terminal does not recover but “recovers” in inverted commas. Mr. Chama didn’t have to say that Mr. Nsanda will die soon but rather his condition was stable at the time. Meaning he is not dying neither is he recovering..

    • so all those who wish death to fellow humans, you will surely die and perish and all your generations will be cursed…repent and respect life…

  52. pipo pipo pipo yu may call the man many names but you dont know his relationship with God in the last few minutes of his life became. Dont judge. send condolences to his loved ones , he was a cousin, a frend a brother, a husband, a parent to many others. respect him. by the way refer to the bible, there were two men, one on the left and the other on the right of Jesus. what happened to the man on the right, what dd Jesus say to him? Read Luke 23:42, 43. imwe dont say anything evil you dont know what Willie said to God seconds or minutes before he passed away. Never judge. mhsriep

    • He indeed had a long time before his death to make peace with God. But as you say we don’t know what happened in the last minute. So we shall wait patiently incase he left a message for the country.

  53. A life has been lost. The man had family and friends who in this time need to be allowed to mourn their departed loved one with dignity.

    Death will eventually come to one and all.



  55. Fellow Zambians,
    Where is our ubuntu?
    Though your erorred, like all of us, only God can judge you Willie.
    Rest in peace until we meet in heaven.
    May God comfort your family.

  56. Our Father in heaven
    We thank You for the life of Willie Nsanda
    We lift his soul before You; for as of now we can do nothing but pray for him and his family
    We pray for his family, for in their loss is much sorrow
    Father we ask that You comfort Willie Nsanda’s family at this time
    They will be weak of heart, spirit and will need You to hold them in your arms and walk them to a healing space
    We thank You Father for Your gift of this life, Willie Nsanda
    He returns to You now beyond a curtain we cannot pass till each and everyone of our time, at Your will
    Forgive us our judgements on Willie for surely we shall all be judged by You

    We are taught in the Holy Bible that the passing of our loved ones
    Is a reflection on our own mortality
    We Celebrate Willie Nsanda’s life, we ask it…

    • We are taught in the Holy Bible that the passing of our loved ones
      Is a reflection on our own mortality
      We Celebrate Willie Nsanda’s life, we ask it all in the name of Christ our Saviour. Amen

  57. Rest In Peace Mr. Nsande.

    I only got to know about your existence during the 2015 campaign trail….the fracas with Kambwili who had accused you of being a thief or something along those lines….

    You referred to him as a small boy with whom you could not quarrel. And what did Kambwili do? He apologised to you, and that was it, matter closed. There are not many that can shut up Kambwili.

    For those *****s celebrating, what have we really come to?

    Just wait patiently for your turn, it might not be long. You might even kick the bucket of heart attack while celebrating another person’s demise – so please refrain from savagery. Whether he stole money or not, its not for you to judge him.


  59. Mwebantu, it is written ‘ FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.” This man cause pain to his wife and family and Zambians at large. Look did he even enjoy the money he stole at RDA? “YOU CAN NEVER BUILD HAPPINESS ON SOMEONE EASY’S SORROW.”

    • Sorry mate, under Zambian (civilised) law a man is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately for you, the man is no more. Or are you gonna try him even in his grave, like the Past news do on their innocent victims including the dead?

    • Our conscience judges us everyday. Even though the judicial system may find an individual innocent the person is as guilty as sin before the eyes of God.
      So if you steal and bribe the judiciary and you are then declared innocent ? Are you innocent? Not at all!
      Not with the high level of corruption in life.
      God is the ultimate judge that even the judges will be accountable for their acquitals and imprisonments.

  60. I hope his family finds pleasure in shaving his overgrown stinky pubic hair. Who next till we get rid of these cockroaches, the natural way?

    • Kolopa, you are just a bitter loser. Even imwe, muzasila, there is no one who has control of his death. Do you know when and how you will die. Your death could be a very disgusting one. But we will not celebrate because we are not as backward as you are? we know how separate politics from humane nature. Your days are getting shorter and shorter too. You are dying too. Beware, do not die with your bitterness, it not required in heaven, but you could be destined for hell. Repent for kingdom is near. Call upon the name of the Lord, then you and you household will saved. HH will not save you. Jesus will.

      God will give us many more people to takeover and still defeat your ka HH and you chi UPND, cattle herders!!! Welcome to the civility you Neanderthal creatures.

  61. It was not possible for leaders to be sent to SA during the UNIP era because South Africa was under white rule. The sending of leaders for treatment started after 1994 when South Africa became independent mostly under MMD rule. Most of the leaders have not come back alive and I would be interested to know from readers if any leader has come back alive. Would it, therefore, not make economic sense for Milpark or some reputable South African clinic to have a branch here with the necessary incentives where leaders and those with money can be treated early before their sickness become terminal?

  62. for the PF its a greet lose ,they should thank this man for standing firm from the word go…he knew what President sata wanted of the current President..all PF members felt comfortable with him around.The opposition during election period also clearly knew they had to first deal with him before getting to EL and it was not easy…i remember him when they were denied entry into state house by the then acting president scote,he was very furious while he & EL chatted the way forward..a strong man for sure…
    may his soul rest in peace..

  63. Willie Nsanda the man started making money for himself way back in the 70s he had a fleet oof buses, in the 80s when I and HH were at Unzando Willie had buses operating up to Botswana. The fact that he never boosted about his money shows you the the calibre of intellingence he had. All you who are saying he stole form RDA in the last 3 years are losers up to his death he has the best fleet of IRISER ir buses in the country and they still operate the Bostwana route. In 2008 the great Masebo went and broke down his iron fence at his residence just after the airport round about he has not reteriated, the best mark of a man. Ask yourselves howw old the man was and you will realise he has run a full life

    • Makandanyama, thanks for you mature contribution. Unfortunately that many of those posting negative remarks about PF and the Late Willie seem to have no idea about the background of Zambian politicians of political culture. This lack of knowledge, compounded by being brainwashed in thinking that HH is the only rich man in Zambia, they thinking that all Zambians in PF are thieves. The Zambian political parties circulate the same people. If we take a close look at UPND, we will find faults in almost every leader, if we wish to. HH is just a yesterday politician without experience and he has failed to help these guys understand Zambian politics. All they know is hatred and insults.

      Nsanda made his money through hard work. Nsanda was a successful businessman when HH was only a school boy.

  64. @makandanyama, those are lies. This nsanda of yours that u r glorifying for stealing, never had genuine business. He was always a crook.

    • Jamudi or whatever, your illiteracy on Zambian politicians and businessmen businessmen is amazing and disgusting. It is like you live on Mars. Maybe you were born yesterday like your HH. It is true, Nsanda started making his money long time ago. Long before your HH finished his high school. Do not just speak from without. Stick to the facts and not to unreasonable hatred just because you lost and that Nsanda defeated you in politics. The problem is that your HH has no political clout and experience. All has taught you is how to hate and insult. That is is not politics, that is being uncivilised. What a legacy of a party!!! UPND will in the next few years be forgotten and be in the trash bin of Zambian politics. A party full of immature stunted political kids.

  65. @Free, heaven and Jesus are real. You are free to deny Him now but you will stand and look stupid one day when you stand before Him.

Comments are closed.

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