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President Lungu makes changes to retirement age, three Options provided

President Lungu arrive at Cabinnet meeting
President Lungu arrive at Cabinnet meeting
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu arrives at Hong Qiao State Guest House in Shanghai, China on March 26,2015. The President is in China on a State Visit and will also address the BOAO forum slated for March 26 to 29,2015 in Hainan Province of China -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu arrives at Hong Qiao State Guest House in Shanghai, China on March 26,2015. The President is in China on a State Visit and will also address the BOAO forum slated for March 26 to 29,2015 in Hainan Province of China -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has directed the Ministry of Justice to immediately revise the law on retirement age to provide for three options an employee can exercise to retire.

In statement released in China today by special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, President Lungu has directed that the following changes be effected through an amendment to Statutory Instrument No.63 of 2014 to introduce a graduated arrangement that will afford employees the following options:

(a) Early Retirement – 55 years
(b) Normal Retirement – 60 years
(c) Late Retirement – 65 years

Accordingly, the Secretary to the Cabinet has since informed the Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary Mrs. Patricia Jere to prepare the Statutory Instrument and to liaise with the ministries of Local Government and Housing and Labour and Social Security to amend the LASF Act and NAPSA Act respectively to reflect the revised retirement ages.

“The revised Statutory Instruments should clearly indicate that those who were employed before the effective date of the new Statutory Instruments will have the option of proceeding on either early retirement, normal retirement or late retirement as a way of securing their accrued rights,” directed the Head of State.

Those employed in the public service after the issuance of the said Statutory Instruments will only qualify for normal retirement at the age of 65.

The President’s order therefore necessitates the urgent need for the passage of the Social Security Bill into law.

Last year, Dr Guy Scott signed the Statutory Instrument number 63 that rose the retirement age from 55 to 65 years. But during campaigns for 20 January elections, President Lungu then a candidate promised to review the retirement age.

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    • That is exactly what HH was proposing, why don’t Edgar just appoint HH as prime minister so he can just take care of all those technical issues. Edgar the “Mr. Me Too”.

    • The president already promised during his campaign said he would revisit retirement if he won, and he has done that ,it has nothing to do with Hakaivotela Heka.

      HH supported scott when he changed the law, only the gullible will think HH is the reason behind this. Its the illiterates as usual ,we know them on this blog site. smh

    • EL is a very intelligent guy. No wonder the people of Zambia just loved and liked him from the blues. It must have been the true God’s choice.

    • Indeed Edgar is a great son of Africa. To destroy the opposition just get what they are saying and implement and let it seem as if it is you who has brought. Edgar my friend keep it we will pray for your success in the way you are running the affairs of this nation

    • So Guy Scott was actually right to sign this bill?
      What is normal retirement?
      What is late retirement?
      Whether you take early retirement you will be paid at the same time as those who decide to retire late – there lies the catch.
      so where is the big deal in what the president is proposing?

    • How is HH working on the sidelines? By issuing half-baked solutions to complex economic and social problems Zambia faces?

      Apparently, from the look of things he (HH) did not have his daily “PRESIDENTIAL BRIEFINGS” he claims to get before EL. Otherwise he would have known about this well-articulated and well-thought-through compromise to the retirement age issue, and rushed to the media to claim credit for a stolen idea/solution.

      I wonder if his informants at cabinet office and intelligence wings are slowly getting axed/moved from their strategic positions after his careless diarrhea of the mouth not too long ago? They say LESSONS LEARNED. I am sure Cabinet and intelligence wings have learnt their lessons and are busy identifying and getting rid of moles!

    • This has nothing to do with HH naimwe. This proposal was made a fortnight ago by EL, and he spoke of it during the campaigns. Dont be a blind follower, read the news as a neutral observer for once.

    • This is how I prove how dull and gullible PF cadres are. This still does not change the fact that the pensions bodies are broke so even if someone opts for early retirement, he will only get paid his dues ten year later when he is 65 because they will keep telling him there is no money! Shall we put our empty political tin heads aside for a second and attempt to think for the first time in our lives please ba PF supporters, abena Robin. Yaba. Having a PF brain is just a curse mwe. The issue of no money ku pensions was alluded to as the reason they were adjusting the retirement age upwards. Just coz Lungu does this little shuffle does not mean that magically money will appear. Ninshi ubukopo so ba PF supporters, it is bloody embarrassing mwe.

    • And I quote: ‘Those employed in the public service after the issuance of the said Statutory Instruments will only qualify for normal retirement at the age of 65.’

      What has changed mwebantu kanshi? This is the same retirement age Proposed by Sata and enacted by Guy Scott.

      Only those who were employed before these changes to the law are entitled to the three options.
      For new entrants, the retirement age is 65. This means after all those employed before the passing of this law retire, the public service retirement age will only be 65.
      Is that the reversal Lungu was talking about during campaigns?

      Those Singing praises of this move please help me understand you.

    • ba lobin muli kabwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop and read what you write before pushing that reply button. when did HH support the 65 retirement age.

    • Thank you Your Excellency for responding to people’s pleas. It does not matter if the ideas are from the opposition. As Head of State you are free to take advice and views from ALL Zambians, from ANY Zambian, from ANY human being. Cabinet Ministers can be overuled if you notice that their decisions are purely partisan and not national in character. Not only PF cadres voted for you sir. Your party does not have a monopoly of wisdom. HH is not your enemy but just a political opponent or better still, competitor. If you had lost to HH it would have been foolhardy for HH to ignore your constructive criticism. Unite the country sir, Ignore the hotheads in your party. They are just trying to get your attention so that you can notice and reward them. UNITE Zambia sir.

  1. Very Smart President. I like the way this president detonates political bombs. I wonder what dumb HH is going to say this time. This is a smart solution than blindly reverse what was inacted.

    • Mushota…..are you alive or you are a ghost??? EL taked about this issue during the campaigns and two weeks ago according to you…..The problem is that he never explained the modalities and how it can be done. This is where HH comes in because he has clearly explained this situation many times. It is like what HH has consistently been saying: Lower the cost of doing business and the economy will automatically benefit from the policies…..There is no better ways than this…….But the beauty with EL is that he is not shy to say that I will do what the others are saying because at the end of the day the people of Zambia will benefit. Well done EL so far!!!

    • Its just hot air. Pipo praising lungu here don’t themselves, the tricks of lungu and common sense. There is nothing new lungu has said here.

    • @paul
      What has the man proved here?
      Zambian never stop to amuse me. Just learn to think independently.
      By the way, when are we going to improve on KK’s slogans- ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION AND Lungu panshi; kumulu- LESA! That will be phase 2 on ZNBC.
      One Luanshya, one Kambwili. Kumulu, Lesa; ku Roan, ata Kambwili!

  2. I don’t support Lungu but the idea looks to be good. We still need to know the differences in terms of retirement packages.

    Further the government should consult stakeholders before embarking of these harsh decisions. Zambia is a democratic nation so we need input from all corners of the country.

    Thanks Mr. President but please work other parties and stakeholders in this matter.


  3. That is why I have said the man is in office for only 2 months and Nawakwi wants him to do what MMD + Sata didn’t do in 23 years. Give him time to think over things before making rush decisions.

  4. Although I’m not a support of Edgar, this sounds sensible. We should commend people where they have done the right thing. Next time you should listen and stop global trotting. Two weeks away in China is too much and may leave speculation that it is either medical or just holiday.

    We have a very big challenge especially for the teaching and medical staff (nurses) staff in rural areas. Many young stars have opted to remain in urban areas or even fake marriages so that they remain in town.

    • Read the other thread if you want to know the program/schedule for EL while in China—it is packed! No one can complete such a packed State visit in just a day or two.

    • Finally, I have met someone who is objective in their commenting. Thanks Kavuyi. Giving credit were its due, should be emulated by many. Not jst making political statements.

    • Is in china from 26 to 29 so I doubt how that translates into 2 weeks.If you can’t use fingers to count use the calculator!

  5. I’m not PF But this what good move. With options. But then the must be very clear. This applies to which instituitions?

  6. I now totally agree with Fr. Frank Bwalya that EL is a listening, compassionate and humble leader. Am tempted to start seeing Levy Mwanawasa in EL’s way of doing things. This is the way to go Mr. President. The Post Newspaper should see that this man means well for the poor Zambians.God bless EL. Amen

    • Iwe naiwe…..Do not talk about the failed father: No wife…failure, No Legal children….failure, No party….disbanded…..failure………We need to carry out a normality test on this Frank Bwalya…….Not ok.

    • If EL has responded to what HH thought could help the Zambian people….is this a problem? No, we need to move in the right direction as a united force. It is the immigration people that must now work to remove the foreign dead wood that is robbing our people the much needed jobs.At the moment in Zambia we have enough Teachers of Science and Mathematics that are still on the streets but the poorly English spoken Turkish are busy destroying our children at Horizon and continuously getting work permits that are not justified. They come with a certificate that they know Microsoft, Word etc and give themselves Certificates that they have a L incense to teach Computers………This we shall follow to its logical conclusion that the permits are not given according to the Presidents guidelines.

  7. Does it solve the unemployment problem especially among youths certainly not. We need a tangible solution to this. Age retirement here age retirement there the real problem is not being tackled. An leader will create jobs under his leadership is the one I will respect.

  8. This is a reasonably good idea, however the president could do more by also revising the NAPSA act to enable beneficiaries make partial drawings from their servings for specific purposes such as House construction, education, illness etc.

    This will go a long way as it will help employee’s in the private sector to be empowered with housing units and be able to meet educational costs. Above all it will reduce the burden on the part of government struggling to pay retirees their hard earned dues; since their accumulated contributions is reduced by the number of partial drawings they make before they reach the required maximum age of 55.

  9. Thanks Mr. President for the decision taken. However, what constitutes Early retirement, Normal retirement and Late retirement in terms of package? One might opt to go for late retirement for one reason or another or vice versa, what will be the effect to the package? If the package will be the same in all situations let us know so that in my case I create space for new entrants.

    • @MUNUNGA, I don’t think the three categories changes the formula for calculating retirement packages all that much. I am not completely sure what goes into these calculations, but I think it includes factors such as
      1) number of years worked.
      2) total retirement contributions an individual makes over their career.
      3) some matching fund/amount from your employer or Govt
      4) add a certain % to adjust for inflation, and you have a complete package.

      I am sure there are other elements and factors to it. But roughly that’s how pension packages are calculated. So whether you decide to retire at 55, 60, or 65, the packages should reflect accordingly.

  10. This is good and now hypocrites will be exposed. You will be surprised to see the same people who have been speaking the loudest against Dr. Scott’s SI settling for Lungu’s late retirement category (65yrs). Very few workers will opt to retire early at 55 yrs. Watch and see.

  11. Excellent work ba Lungu bakateka. Please keep up the good work and continue to shame *****s like Mmembe. Kolopa.com

  12. There is nothing really to write home about here, he has just made it more confusing! According to this amendment, only those who are currently in employment are affected by the proposal; those who will be employed (if) in the future, will still the retirement age as 65. So what was the evil here: not allowing those who were employed to retire at 55, to instead retire normally at 65, or ensuring the retirement age for ALL civil servants, whenever employed, was not increased to 65? I think the latter. Hence I would agree with 60 as a compromise – for ALL.

  13. Sounds good! But it has always been my proposal & I am just wondering who could have leaked it to ECL? The has just amended h my original proposal by increasing all options by 5 years.
    My original proposal was:
    – Early retirement 50 years (optional-employee applies or forced on medical or displinary reasons where dismissal may be costly).
    – Normal retirement 55 years (mandatory if employee doesn’t apply for late retirement (LR) or is forced for medical or displinary reasons where dismissal may be costly even if employee applied for LR).
    -Late retirement 60 years (mandatory with no extensions/contracts).
    Certain categories of workers namely Judges, Doctors, University lecturers be given LR up to 70 years so long they can perform. Reasons check my next comment………..

    • Continued from @19
      Certain categories of workers namely Judges, Doctors, University lecturers be given LR up to 70 years so long they can perform.

      For these these jobs they are like wine which gets better with time. The longer wine matures the better. e.g. Medical Officer at 30years old does not possess much experience for complex operations. He needs to have made a few mistakes (even accidentally killed patients) for him to mature & by the time he matures he will be about 45 years. Wisdom and knowledge for Judges and Lecturers only matures with experience over length of time. The older, the wiser.
      We don’t need a nurse, secretary or labour intensive worker (mechanics, cleaners, etc ) at 65 years. They tend also to be stubborn to younger Bosses. Max 60 years, optimal 55 years.

  14. This sounds good. The HH shushu have been axed slowly and they did not get the news faster. But two more remaining at OP office and will be axed or transferred soon. Those are remaining shushu of HH. Once it is done ZWD will have no latest NEWS (North-East-West and South)

    • Yaba – That must really be working at top speed: HH says it yesterday and today the President has acted!!!! Guys at this level of hatred, come 2016 people will forget that there is even an opposition in Zambia.

  15. This is the first thing coming from Lungu that I can warm up to. Customised retirement age.

    Proposing a good idea, and implementing that idea are two different things. We all have ideas, and yet we still live in Shanty towns.

    But, I welcome this move – and I hope you can make it work.

  16. But we should also commend HH for bringing this out and for Egar’s reaction to it. Neither HH nor Edgar is a winner. But ultimately the general populace wins.

    So please do not insult or attack any one of these two guys. They are doing it for our good. Instead let us commend them. If you have been talking or hearing about checks and balances this is what it means. If you attack any of these two guys you are either a tribalist or just ignorant about politics. Please sob up.


  17. This is ok. The younger workers are still dealing with depressions from breakups with girlfriends and binge-drinking through the Monday when they should be at work. There needs to be a balance between the old and the new. Let us embrace this graduated retirement regimen and by the same token ensure that outgoing employees give some semblance of tacit experience pass over to the incoming younger employees.

  18. This law is fair and just. I commend the team of decision makers that worked selflessly for this law to become reality. Democracy is all about choices. Some choices are easy and others are tough. But what matters is the right of each individual to make perosnal choices. That is, to exercise enjoy freedoms and rights based on legal guarntees and protections.

  19. Thumbs up Mr President. But i personaly would have loved you reduce it to early 50, normal 55 and late 60 looking at the life span in this modern age.

  20. Who makes the decision to retire at what age, the worker?. Imagine you 55 years driver chooses the 65 years option and he has to be driving you over long distance such as Chipata to Lusaka opts to retire at 65 years. You might as well prepare your will in advance. There should be discretion. Only specialists should qualify for late retirement.

  21. ifintu ni Lungu,weather you like it or not all of you writing on this site including me President Edgar Lungu is our president. Time for Hakainde hichilema will come too but this time is for President Edgar Lungu.

  22. The calculation of benefits is based on the age factor. Lets say three people of the ages of 55 yrs, 60 yrs and 65 yrs retire at the same time, the one with the least age of 55 yrs will get a bigger lumpsum followed by the one with 60 and then lastly the one with 65 because the one with 55 yrs has a lesser age factor which is the denominator used in the calculation of benefits for public workers. When it comes to the monthly pension which you get until you die, the one with 65 will be getting slightly more than the two because he reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 yrs. So the lesser the denominator, the bigger the lumpsum but the less the monthly pension. So you can choose what you think is suitable for you ladies and gentlemen but for me I would go for 55 yrs.

    • Retirement package is based on both age and service. However, a young person will get more than the older one only if and only if their length of service is the same. It is important to note that once respective pension acts are amended, the three options will be considered as mandatory retirement and therefore, the Retirement benefits will depend on both the age and the number of years one has served. period

  23. Those employed in the public service after the issuance of the said Statutory Instruments will only qualify for normal retirement at the age of 65.

    Guys help Translate the above statement. Not good in English lang. sorry!

  24. Zambian elections are based on tribes rather than on the political party manifesto. A manifesto is a statement that describes the policies, goals and opinions of a person or group or a party. As a sexagenarian, I liked the PF’s manifesto on social protection: “Under the MMD government the administration of the social security system has left the majority of workers destitute on retirement. This is due to unrealistic and inadequate retirement packages which are often overtaken by inflation and the ever rising cost of living. This is further compounded by the fact that pensioners and retirees are not paid their benefits on time, or never paid at all.” I am still waiting for the PF to fulfil this promise or it won’t get my vote.

    • I do not agree with people who say ECL has no vision. His vision should be espoused through the PF manifesto just as I assume HH vision is based on the UPND manifesto. The Post wanted ECL to have his own vision but now that he is having his own vision it is saying: ‘’ What you see today arises out of the fact that the Patriotic Front has abandoned its manifesto, the Patriotic Front has gotten into an alliance with a faction of the MMD, which also does not have a manifesto and therefore, it is about decisions that serve individuals and not decisions that serve the public.” I agree that ECL should not abandon the PF manifesto but he is free to change it and sell it for the 2016 Elections if that is his vision.

  25. @19 Neutral, didn’t you hear that ECL is a listening and consultative President?
    That is another fundamental difference between Edgar and HH. Edgar listens to people, sifts it and decides the best way forward. On the other hand, HH is me this and me that, all knowledge is reposited in him alone, he is the “economic manager” whom everybody should listen to. I pity his UPND leaders, none of them is expected to think or have any economic ideas, or any solution to any problem at all, the boss HH has all the solutions…..Agony is being a leader who has cannot suggest any ideas lest he looks more clever than the boss…….

    • @32 Chief Economist

      So he could have ‘poached’ my ideas and wants to implement them without credit! But the worry is how was it ‘leaked’ without myself knowing because it is on my laptop and intended to release in April?
      Are we safe, could it be our bedrooms and laptops are bugged or wiretapped?
      Pliz connect me to ECL to be appointed as adviser. I have alot of ideas to offload.

    • @chief economist, if u r really one, there is nothing new Lungu has done. He has just copied HH’s ideas and wants to take credit.

  26. According to my understanding , the statement issued means that those who were employed before this new SI can choose either to go at 55 or 60 or 65. So the question is , how many senior civil servants can choose to go at 55 or 60. Very few , meaning we are still almost at the same position of what Guy scott signed. Secondly, it further states that those who will get employed after the SI will retire at 65. To me this is the same thing its just that they have played around with whatever jargon and knowing the shallowness of most bloggers, they are celebrating before they understand. Some of us middle aged civil servants also want to progress , retire and leave room for new generation. Most of those excited bout the 65 yrs have not built or are not ready for retirement.

  27. @ Mushota can we link up tommorow at Woodlands
    shopping Mall Ohagans @ 12:30hrs if you are really in Zambia,I will sponsor Lunch you may come with two policemen from Woodlands police station for your safety and comfort if you don’t trust me.Or you can come with family members.We need to chat over a beer I know you don’t drink.

    • Is this how you were brought up. I know your parents tried their best but this speaks volumes about your upbringing.

  28. You like it or not, EL will work like Mwanawasa. He has a good approach to issues. I just love EL. I never voted for him, but if he continues on this path, he is assured of my vote in 2016- One vote taken away from HH

  29. There is no need to praise lungu here. The retirement age which his pf changed shud not have been changed in the first place. 55years is the right age for retirement. Period! Not the nonsense of early, normal and late retirement. This will encourage deadwood in government especially. The youth must be employed as well.

  30. The statement has not told the truth in the last sentence. President Lungu did not promise to REVIEW the retirement age. He said he will REVERSE and this prompted huge reactions from those who thought he was contradicting government decision. Someone even advised Lungu to have stated ‘Review’ instead of ‘reverse’ if he felt strongly about the retirement age. The decision is right but we should swallow our pride and not seek to mislead. By the way, if the President will be in the habit of instructing, it will send another signal that Zambia is unstable….The President is issuing instructions without consulting line ministries. Idi Amin used to do the same and it backfired. Is it not the reason we are in huge deficit today where Sata used to pronounce districts without consulting…

  31. The so-called solution should be gone over for implication. The matter of unfunded public service pensions is due to corruption and the fact that the constitutional expenditure now has no limits – Presidentaial discretions, Presidential meetings and conferences, State visits, health, etc. Expenditures on these items have no limits and are unquestionable.
    State-capture describes the phenomenon where those in higher public offices attribute to themselves such entitlements and privileges as to bankrupt the public cofers. It is said that over 80% of the budget is spent on emoluments but let it be known that nearly 75% of that expenditure accrues to the top 10 % of the public service labour force. Shame! This policy is intended to keep the top civil servants in office for too long!

  32. The meaning of PF keeps changing everyday
    Pathetic Pfools
    Paya Fama
    Palibe Fuel being the most recent and now we can add perpetual flip floppers…….

  33. That’s it that’s over finish! I give up. Zambia might as well change its name to LAND OF THE GULLIBLE. How does this announcement make any difference in its practical application? Until such a time when Zambian voters actually have the ability to understand the implications of mediocre leadership our country will continue to digress from its development and advancement. ITS OFFICIAL ZAMBIANS ARE THE MOST GGULLIBLE PEOPLE ON EARTH. We are busy discussing an announcement that for all practical purposes brings about no change. Lol

  34. what does the name of hh doing on this isue? its his excellent mr president working, not the tribelist u ar mentioning here.

  35. Yr. Status No yrs. Cumulative Count

    0-5 Nursery 5 5
    5-12 G7 12 17
    12-20 G12 8 25
    20-27 Graduate 7 32
    27-55 working 28 60
    55-60 retirement 5 65
    60-65 late 5 70

    Its a good decision but the pensions in unfunded and funded schemes should also be analysed to ensure the effects of generations and funding are taken care of including creation of wealthy amongst the elderly to be reinvested on which the economy can roll in private

    • There are only to options for retirement; Early retirement at 55 and compulsory at 60. whatever comes after 60years should be considered as a contract for those who want to depend on govt for their living. Please don’t include late retirement in the SI, It is personal arrangement. Government should define these terms properly. I suspect govt is playing hide seek game and their target is 65 for compulsory retirement. wake up workers.

  36. This is all rubish by this Kaponya President. The qustion he needs to ask himself before making these useless options is why are pension funds failing to meet pension obligations? He needs to address the fundamental problem of theft of public funds, inefficencies and corruption in this useless goverment. If these issues are addressed,especially the theft of public money, then the pension funds would have the money to pay retirees even at 40 or 45 let alone at 55.

    Furthermore, i do not understand why he is beating about the bush when he knows the choice here is very clear, retirement age is 55.

  37. This is taking middle ground, its a clever move by the President. Its the most impressive thing his done after entering office.

  38. Its interesting how hh comes into every presidential announcent. We saw this before with mwanawasa vs sata. Lungu, go on and implement all good plicies regardless of where they are coming from. It works…

  39. This decision I fear is not the end of this controversy. The decision mainly affects govt workers. Non-government workers (private or NGO) can work beyond any retirement age on contract. However there are no contracts beyond retirement in the govt. This decision is worrying because even after 10 years the govt pension scheme, PSPF, will still be broke. Since 2000, new govt workers have been contributing to NAPSA. Therefore the pool of govt workers contributing to PSPF gets smaller every year. The ten years extension to the retirement age will not help to raise enough money to pay the retirees

  40. @Trigo
    Unfortunately ,in life there is no middle ground. Life has only two outcomes. You are either living or you are dead, or either live in Lusaka or Mayfair at any one time. This is what you call mutually exclusivity.For your own info, the current provision says you can take early retirement any time after 10 years or at the age of 55years. Your president is standing in the middle beacuse he is a deadwood. He can if he wanted put forward another propose:( a) Early Retirement – 75 years (b) Normal Retirement – 80 years and (c) Late Retirement – 100 years. The penison problem would still be there in his face.
    This is what corrutpion can do, it has given Zambia the worst leadership, Kaponya Edgar Lunga, Kabwili , Enogi the list is endless.

  41. I have just been going through pension schemes in the Sub Continent, it is only Zambia which has 55years all countries are Angola & Malawi 60 years, Botswana , SA and Namibia 65 years.

  42. It takes a well trained brain to analtse issues very well and takes a billgered brain to rush to conclution. Any well trained mind is able to see that there is a lot of checks and balances that HH is dong to keep things to the correct speed. You take it or leave it, HH is a well gloomed brain and on the highewr side when it comes to reasoning. The more reason why some already retired presidents are crying for hoses to be built for them and as for HH he can already see that this is a close that need to be changed at one time or the other. Never make a mistake about HH’s brain, it is the more reason why he has never dared to invest in Zambia because he knew that these Kaponyas were targeting his wealth. HH is an international investor. Lungu has to be civil and learn from HH.



  45. The President MR Edgar Chagwa Lungu is in the track of our late father Michael Chilufya Sata in which he has shown compassion on the poor workers who can go before educating there children in colleges.But here in Kafue it is different some GOVT health management HR officers are convincing us that this does not apply to those saving with NAPSA.The president clearly affirmed that each employee has a right to choose the retirement age he/she wants to exercise.They are speeding our retirements without asking whether we able to go either to 60 or 65yrs.what can i do for me to go up to 60yrs only to send one child to college? enock.

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