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MMD will seek cooperation among parties ahead of the polls-Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba6
MMD president Nevers Mumba says all political parties are revising their strategies ahead of this year’s general elections following the adoption of the “50 percent plus 1 vote” winning threshold.

Dr Mumba says there is no political party which is able to get 50 percent plus 1 vote in an election at the moment.

He told ZNBC News in Lusaka that MMD is not in any alliance at the moment but will seek cooperation among parties ahead of the polls.

But the Forum for Democracy and Development -FDD- says it will go in the August election as an independent party.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said political parties forming alliances have no confidence of winning the election.

Meanwhile PF Secretary General Davies Chama has disclosed that some opposition political parties have written to the PF for possible alliances ahead of the 2016 elections.

Mr Chama who declined to name the political parties said the PF is scrutinizing the letters.

He said the PF will work with progressive opposition parties that want to see Zambia develop.

And Mr. Chama says President Lungu is willing to work with everyone regardless of political affiliation.

Mr. Chama was speaking in a phone interview with ZNBC News from Kabompo.

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  1. Nevers Mumba can write in his individual capacity to PF ,he will go alone most of the MPs are in UPND strongholds.So we shall see which Mps he will mortgage .Lets watch the Game.


    • If indeed FDD will go it alone then the only other opposition party that could make a slight dent in terms of adding numbers to another party would be MMD. The Question is which one would be easier for MMD to join, UPND or PF? UPND already seems to be crowded with top leadership positions. Would Dr Nevers works with the likes of GBM and HH? I foresee MMD working with PF, besides part of MMD is already with PF and therefore this would seem a more natural choice for MMD to go where the rest of their brothers and sisters already are. Nevers would easily work with his mbuya.


    • Hey,

      MMD is DEAD! Nevers Mumba conceded defeat in the last elections’ & FDD of Edith Nawakwi did far beyond the scope of MMD.

      MMD is now PF’s brown envelope, together in 4 months, with their counterparts PF bandits will be buried democratically deep. So says,
      The Skeleton Key
      Poor MMD, kikikiki!


    • So when they go to PF its mortgage and if they go to UPND its not……….politics,politics,politics


  2. Comment:The rainbow party shall go into an election alone unless there is a political party which believes that socialism under the rainbow party government shall redeem zambia & end poverty.Viva wynter kabimba…


  3. Ba Yama ba Nevers has no following. MMD is dead. Only one MP Hon Mwansa Mbulakulima is loyal to Nevers. All MMD MPs from Eastern province are already PF. The others who are the majority from Western and Northwestern Provinces are all UPND. So what value will Nevers add to PF. If I were PF or UPND I will be talking to Nawakwi and Eric Chanda. They have numbers going by the 2015 January elections. believe you me PF underated GBM. The man has grown UPND in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula. Forget about the results of bye elections. UPND will get at least a minimum of 50,000 from each of the stated provinces. Ask PF officials from these provinces. If honest they will tell you damage has been done. It is no wonder Hon Kambwili had no option but to sow a seed of tribalism to preserve the votes in…


  4. Yah the torn of Kambwili on sunday clearly shows that things are not ok for pf.It showed that lungu and his minions are really bitter that upnd seem to have n upper hand in these elections.


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