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President Lungu says UN Council reforms a must

General News President Lungu says UN Council reforms a must

President Edgar Lungu at NEPAD Summit 0665
President Edgar Lungu has charged that the reform of the United Nations (UN) Security Council has now become more than ever, a must, an obligation and a duty.

Speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today, during a closed-door meeting the C-10 Summit of the 26th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union (AU), President Lungu said if Africa has to ensure achievement of its core mandate, which among others, includes achieving peace and security on the African Continent, the reform of the UN Security Council is a must.

President Lungu reiterated that the African continent continues to be denied membership to the most important body of the global body despite continued unwavering and resolute participation in world affairs.

“I would like at this juncture, to draw a very important point that was yesterday so eloquently made and spoken with full authority by our beloved President, Robert Mugabe, a true Pan-Africanist, one of our revered statesmen, with the African cause at heart who emphasized the need for reforms at the UN,” said President Lungu.

President Lungu lamented that the UN Security Council remains non representative of the global community, and yet addresses matters that are pertinent, in this instance, to Africa and Africa’s challenges.

He said that Africa remains better placed to offer viable and workable solutions to African problems that are presented before the UN Security Council, as it is the Africans themselves that best understands the dynamics of the challenges of the continent.

“Africa knows what Africa needs and what Africa wants, so it is imperative that Africa is afforded an equal opportunity to make the decisions taken in the quest to achieve peace and security to allow for sustainable development,” said the Head of State.

He added that growing global concerns such as climate change, terrorism and the global economic situation, invariably affect continents like Africa the most, because of the region’s challenges in responding effectively to these issues.

President Lungu said these concerns, therefore, will only be adequately addressed once Africa takes up two seats on the UN Security Council, seats that he said will represent one committed voice and send a single message representing the 54 African countries.

He called on African leaders not to relent but soldier on with the common cause, saying Africa needs to be united and resolute in its quest to fight for mother Africa.

President Lungu has since left for Zambia.

The Presidential jet carrying President Lungu left Bole Addis Ababa International Airport at about 14:30 hours Zambian time.


  1. Africa resolving there own problems, my foot. Mugabe has keept his own people in his pocket with an iron fist, Ebola came and no African country helped even with man power, Hunger is in euthopia has any African country sent food there, war in sudan and yet africa does nothing. All these African leaders know best is how to help each other stay in power for as long as possible.

  2. No where and it is true, No where in the UN CHARTER does it say America and a few European countries will be the police of Human Rights… by the way, it only becomes human rights when the so called abuses are perpetrated by those in the Eastern world, for example ‘telling white farms to give back what belongs to Zimbabwe, and it is not abuse of human rights when America and its allies are butchering Iraqis, Afghans and aiding Israel’s slaughter Palestines…
    We (Africa) have the largest voting block in the general assembly, surely we can ask for representation in the security council. IF it is the true united nations why can’t every continent have one representative ….? why should Europe have two members? The UN is a rogue institution, only saving the interests on western…

    • true, spoken like a true pan aricanist. i dont subscribe to these whites and their agenda to pillage and parley all the wealth of africa into their own hands. Africa has never had any friends, they have all betrayed us. we welcomed the arab with open hands and he made slaves of us, we welcomed the european and he enslaved and colonised us physically and mentally. we have never had any friends in this world. Go to a mirror and look at that image that stairs right back at you, love it and adore it for it is the only friend you have. Dont hate what you’ll see in that mirror as we have been conditioned to(e.g chumbu munsholulwa). Love it and accept yourself, that image represents your african brother and sister. Love yourself people!!!!

  3. Just reading the first sentence is enough for me to make a comment & tell Lungu to first reform his violent PF.

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