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It is upto President Lungu or Felix Mutati to decide on the Mutati Petitions-Davies Mwila

General News It is upto President Lungu or Felix Mutati to decide on...

PF S.G Davies Mwila addressing party cadres from Eastern Provincecalling for the removal of Felix Mutati at the party secretariat.
PF S.G Davies Mwila addressing party cadres from Eastern Provincecalling for the removal of Felix Mutati at the party secretariat.
Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the party has received petitions against Minister of Finance Felix Mutati from three provinces.

Mr. Mwila says the PF members are petitioning that Mr. Mutati who is also MMD president should choose whether to continue as Minister of finance or remain as MMD president.

He says the positions are from Eastern, Central and Northwestern Provinces.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mwila said in Ndola in an interview that his office submitted the petitions to President Edgar Lungu who is the appointing authority on Friday adding that it is up to Mr. Mutati or the appointing authority to decide on the matter.

MMD and the PF entered into an alliance during the August 2016 General elections.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila has appealed to both UPND and PF cadres to refrain from all acts of violence in the ongoing campaigns for council chairpersons in Lavushi Manda, Kanchibiya, Itezhi-Tezhi and Lunte district.

He said Zambia has always been a peaceful country stressing that the PF wants to see the continuation of peace which the country has enjoyed for the past 53 years.

Mr. Mwila, however, condemned the acts of violence where the UPND and PF cadres clashed in Chilanga district saying the move was unfortunate.

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  1. Hon. Mwila PF SG, It is your responsibility to promote party stability and growth. PF is not a Grand party to trash its pact partners with impunity. Hon. Mutati is Finance minister driving stability and confidence in the economy. You don’t have the tyranny of numbers on the national wide constituency at a time when alliances and realignments matter. The national electoral constituency is highly fragmented and every vote counts. Decision 2021 is coming with some serious exigencies. This free unsolicited counsel is for the common good. You need to inculcate smart politics and decision mapping than ever before. Please sober up now and respect your alliance partners.

    • I thought this should have been mwila’s issue as it is a matter concerning mmd and pf not it’s president’s. Does he mean that ecl or mutati decided on their on with their party’s blessings to go into a pact? Pf’so NCC and MMD’s NEC should d

    • This is demeaning and a vote of no confidence to the appointing authority which was aware, at the time of appointing Mr. Mutati, that he was the president of the other Faction of MMD.

      Let the leadership in PF discipline these disrespectful cadres, starting with the Provincial Chairpersons up to the Secretary General would should have stopped this at initial stage.

    • Not worth commenting much Davis Mwila, check out the rhetoric, he has reduced his harsh comments from last week after we blasted him off and now passing over the responsibility to ECL.

      He should NOT have been even addressing those cadres as their petition had no place. The way he has played it, he has supported the cadre, for whatever reasons, if ECL decides contrary to his cadres, then Mwila will have a reason to resign.The petition was spreading to other provinces because of Mwila who had supported the Eastern Province petition. He is sowing seeds of division. There is NO REASON for Mutati to join PF, he is a leader of MMD faction. Period. PF don’t be Greedy !!

  2. Its evidently clear that these protests have his blessing..hence the reason he is kicking the ball in Lazy Lungu’s court.
    Felix although he is MMD is the only smartest one in a group of utter empty tins!!

  3. Mutati has served his usefulness with the IMF bailout imminent., Now they have problem, if mmd control the money how do the cadres get their share.A strong president would have resoved this by now. By no action he is giving tacit approval to his supporter base. ECL is controlled by otbers and wheeled our as a figurehead without any real power over his party. He is cadre controlled.

  4. Can someone correct me but would not the green paper be formulated and realeased by the Finance Minister rather than the secretary…..maybe i am reading too much into it.

  5. Is it possible for a busy president to accept that meaningless petition from paid cadres and read it? Why not spare that time to read important documents that may need signing with open eyes such as bilateral agreements.

  6. UPND has infiltrated the PF-MMD alliance. No right thinking member of the alliance would call for the resignation of Felix Mutati without any reason. This is typical UPND thinking. Mr President, just ignore these so called petitions until someone gives valid reasons why Mutati should go.

    • You must be taking very strong weed, my friend. What brand is it, UPND Weed?
      I advise you to stop smoking it, sooner or later, you will be a worthless imbecile, so be careful.

  7. We want to co-exist with those willing to but without strings attached. Mutati is hardworking and results oriented. Do not go away, you have unfinished work as minister of Finance.

  8. Dearest SG Mwila,
    I learn with sadness the development of Felix Mutati Vs PF grassroot stewarts.

    My humble advice, its squarely your responsibility to deal with this issue as principle officer and CEO of PF; please refer to the PF Constitution again and see how best you can drive the Secretariat opinion across the Central Committee.
    Sir, your counterpart Nakachinda has clearly stated the MMD and/or its NEC position without throwing the ball to Felix. You better do the same as a matter of extreme urgency before these very petitioners start trouping to other political groupings in frustration!
    Mobilization isn’t only about membership recruitment but also capacity building by ensuring that that our members are carried by the strategic vision of H.E President Edgar Chagwa Lungu via the…

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