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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Chishimba Kambwili allegedly begging MMD members to join NDC

General News Chishimba Kambwili allegedly begging MMD members to join NDC

Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
The opposition NDC presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili for 2021 has been begging former MMD members in Masaiti District to go back to their party and leave the area MP in the PF alone, MMD Copperbelt Youth Vice Chairperson Tobias Banda has revealed.

Banda Chairperson narrated that Kambwili apologised to the Masaiti MMD district Executive Committee for being part of the group that told them to work and join PF.

He said NDC has been trying to convince the MMD members in the district to join them but that they had hit a brick wall as members see NDC as a branch of PF which has just changed colours.

He said three weeks ago NDC political consultant went to the district were he apologised to the MMD members and asked them to leave the PF and return to their party because the ruling party had only brought them suffering.

Kambwili said farmers in the district were better off in the MMD because they received their inputs in time.

“Kambwili was telling our people that they made our people suffer, he regrets persuading us(MMD) to forming an alliance with PF. You shouldnt have accepted to form an alliance so that we(PF) should have lost because Edgar Lungu has terribly failed.

“He also told them that the challenges you are facing as famers especially late delivery of farmer support inputs and late payment for your produce had never happened during the MMD. MMD had its own issues but handled agriculture better than what the PF is doing no,” he said.

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  1. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    One of the reason you campaign to convince others to join your party?

    Am I missing something here ?



  2. Kambwili is a nonentity, but this will only be visible in the eyes of the people of Zambia after an election. As at now there is no litmus paper to prove that he is just a yapping machine..

  3. This is why kambwili can’t make a good Christian at all nor becoming a better politician. He a kind of man who is full of confusion,people who are INTELLIGENT don’t risk their live lives like Kambwili.The only thing, He think of, is ECL.He is full of verbal diarrhea to the people who don’t agrees with him.HIS language is made of incorrect comments and statements.,He is thinking about destroying the PF because of hatred he has for ECL.Revenge is the best thing he is wishing for ECL/ PF .PEOPLE of ZAMBIA will just take HIM like that.’AS A BIG FOOL’ because foolish people have NO WISDOM like CK.

    • At I being a good Christian???? What is wrong with some of you???? Get a life , we need good leaders not at I good Christians, my foot. Uletontontonkanya

  4. National chairperson mr mukupa, my appeal sir is that you reconcile HE Edgar Lungu, Hon Kampyongo and Kambwili. For you kambwili humble yourself if you want God through Zambians to lift you up. Balungu mundayamukulu mubolela amafupa.

  5. You PF people are unable to see beyond your noses because you concern yourselves just with what is happening today and never think of tomorrow.

    There is nothing wrong in whatever Kambwili is doing, later on, there is some truth in what he is saying.
    He is slowly but surely eating into PF cake, continue bar.king that he is a nonentity, by the time you wake up…..

    This is not an endorsement of NDC, though, but a wake-up call.

    • Whoever fails to understand that in Zambia, political muscles are obtained on tribal lines is a fool. Truth be told, Sata grabbed power from RB because of being a Bemba. Bembas are the Lunda Luba and too numerous to lose an election in Zambia. Remember even the Congolese in this country are Bembas. If you think CK is alone, think again. History will repeat itself since Bembas want their presidential seat back and ECL will cry like RB did. I am not Bemba but its just my observation.

  6. From the start, i have feared one thing for Zambia, being ruled by PF or another party i will not mention.

  7. Maybe in Zambia experience is determined by how much you have jumped (recycled) from one party to the other

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