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Minister of Home Affairs has powers to deport anyone –Chanda

General News Minister of Home Affairs has powers to deport anyone –Chanda

Controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu
Controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says the Minister of Home Affairs has executive powers to deport any person deemed to offend the values and morals of the country.

Mr. Chanda said the minister can deport any person without consulting anyone or the victim in question.

The Presidential Aid revealed that the Minister only issues a deportation warrant based on the information availed to him by the security wings.

Mr. Chanda was speaking when He featured on ZNBC popular weekly programme Sunday interview yesterday.

He cited the deportation of South African controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu and the Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane as instances where the Minister of Home Affairs acted within the confines of the law.

Mr. Chanda said the Home Affairs minister has a duty and obligation to protect the values and morals that govern the conduct of the citizens.

He emphasized during the interview that foreign nationals are only deported when it is necessary or threaten the peace of the country

Mr. Chanda clarified that the Minister does not issue deportation warrants based on impulse but that He is guided by tangible information.

The Presidential Aid insisted that all deportation made by government are done in the interest of the nation.

Mr. Chanda said entry into the country is at the discretion of the Zambian state.


  1. Not wearing knickers or claiming not to wear them are not really reasons to deport any person. How many Indians are wearing saris without knickers. We must also deport all Moslems for using small buckets of water to wash their anal areas after passing faeces. It not hygienic and corrupts morals.

    • It happens only in Zambia where a Presidential Spokesman is so powerful, almost acting as a Vice President than acting as a spokesperson. Getting such attention to be featured on Prime Time such as Sunday Interview. Speaking as if he was the Government Spokesperson.

      This man is everything, besides Lungu.

      Where is the report by those 5 Israelis Engineers brought in during the Cholera epidemic? What did they recommend that Zambians were incapable of doing, and what was the cost?

  2. Little wonder we Africans were colonised the way we were and both mentally and physically because of our idiocyncracies. Instead of coming up with our own laws and regulations, we are now even contemplating and agreeing to same sex marriages like gay ism etc., etc because we tend to believe everything mudzungu pipo say we should do including changing our names of roads from “Chilufya Bwalya” Road to St. Peters Way….

  3. The actions of this PF Government are laughable. First thing is the silly woman at the so called Ministry of Religion shouldn’t have , if she has any respect for other women and champions women’s rights, allowed the sort of questioning that Zodwa under went. What sort of self respecting man or woman would ask a woman who is personally unknown to them “are you wearing a nickers” secondly that was clearly abusive and OTT, invading a fellow humane beings personal space. This government has lost its way and is incompetent in statecraft.

  4. To PF, morals = Drunkenness, Corruption, & the Panga martial arts.

  5. The environment she lives in allows her to do what she does ,we have daughters that are growing up and I think a wrong is a wrong and should be corrected.

  6. If that lady has things to teach people, it’s not Zambians. Sending her back to her country was a good move. Mukumbu.

  7. Christian country yes . how about those white women in bumshorts moving on our Streets are they adding Any morals to our Christian country? remember what Jesus said when a promiscuous woman was presented to him.do we have to depot them .our country has no sexworkers . true Eeeh?wenye.

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