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KCM remains a subject of the court process, insists Mines Minister

Headlines KCM remains a subject of the court process, insists Mines Minister

Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon Richard Musukwa
Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon Richard Musukwa

Government has reiterated that the debacle about Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is a subject of the court process.

Mines and Minerals Development Minister Richard Musukwa says as a government of laws it is inclined to allow the due process of the law to take its course.

He however says Government is willing to listen to any progressive talks that structures a user friendly exit mode for Vedanta.

The Mines and Minerals Development Minister was speaking on the sidelines of the State Visit to India by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Musukwa says it is now in public domain that it has extensively lost the social licence to operate in communities such as Chililabombwe and Chingola adding that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

He says the decision to liquidate KCM was premised on securing the company from total collapse and protecting the jobs of the people because Vedanta had in principle walked away owing to the negligence as evidenced by its inability to exploit and develop its primary sources of its ore materials and payment of contractors and suppliers and other obligations.

The Cabinet Minister says Government is determined once the court processes are concluded to urgently secure a credible investor in an open and transparent manner.

Mr. Musukwa says a new investor should have the capacity to inject fresh capital to operationalise the KDMP project and both underground and upper orebody resources which are believed to have huge life line which will in turn provide job security.

He says the investors should lead to the transformation of the host communities in terms of infrastructure such as roads, health and education.

This is contained in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India Bangwe Naviley.

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  1. we have changed tone I thought government said already in talks with investors and will conclude soon. we need you our leaders to be more stable and only tell us stuff that has been thought through not today this tomorrow that that’s why pilots start thinking there is something wrong going on. inspire confidence in ur pipo

  2. It has now come to Govt realisation that no intelligent Investor will buy KCM Assets without Consent from Vedanta and paying it Compensation. We hope that in one of the Secret MoU the Indian and Zambian Govts have agreed on KCM Management Buy Out. Vedanta after being paid a handsome Compensation for its 80% Shares in KCM . That’s the only way to resolve this Shareholders Dispute.

  3. Rubber stamping an executive viewpoint by judicature is not respect of rule of law. The concept of justice is anchored on strong belief in presumption of innocence from alleged offence, wrong doing or transgression. Otherwise, why bother going to court? The Executive can not possibly be arresting officer, prosecuting officer and judge all in one. This is tantamount to mockery of the rule of law. If PF loses elections in 2021, then the next Government will give back to KCM what PF took away illegally. That is not the way to handle public affairs. Take time to evict KCM. Take time to prosecute. Take time to judge. Take time respect rule of law.

  4. Which Court is the Minister referring to? The Arbitration Court in JHB or the Kangaroo Court in Zambia? These Court Processes will take a long time. The best thing for Zambia is Buy Vedanta out of KCM by paying it and attractive Compensation. The Indian and Zambia Govts I am sure have reached Agreement on this KCM Sale. It’s Good that the Zambian Govt has belatedly realised that they can’t sell KCM Assets without Vedanta Consent and paying to it adequate Compensation.

  5. Kikikiki, looks like its now half time in football. KCM is now playing from east o west, lets wait and see the final scores

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