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Contrary to claims by YALI , Luapula has not approved Constitution amendments

Headlines Contrary to claims by YALI , Luapula has not approved Constitution amendments

Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers
Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers

The Luapula NGO Forum is disappointed with the statement issued by the Young African Leaders Initiative that Luapula residents have nodded the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zambia.

Luapula NGO Chairperson Kearns Nsama says Samfya and Chifunabuli are not Provincial Centers of Luapula for CRECO to claim that the people of Luapula have nodded the proposed amendments.

Ms. Kearns said CRECO is not an umbrella Organisation that represents the views of all Organizations hence their views are misplaced.

She said her Organisation recently held a public forum where people rejected the resolutions and wondered which people Mr. Ntewewe is representing.

She has challenged Mr. Ntewewe to stop misleading the nation and confusing people over the NDF resolutions.

Mr Ntewewe today issued a statement that Luapula residents have nodded the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zambia.

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  1. PF are styupidy, why use party money to fund Mtewewe? And why not take his meetings to Southern Province and Western province? Why to Tutwa, Sunday Chanda’s brother, and now Kasandwe.
    YALI will be closed in Zambia soon.

    • We already knew that.
      Ntewewe is nothing but an instrument of Lungu to try and force through an evil agenda.
      Ntewewe and other PF, remember that there are so many former politicians who behaved and stole like you, but they died like dogs with no one by their side. If you are not careful that will be your fate.
      The wise man has said “bread(wealth) gained by deceipt is sweet to a man’s mouth. But in the end, his mouth will be filled with gravel”.
      Yes, your stolen corrupt wealth seems sweet now, but I promise you that you wont enjoy it! You will have a mouthful of gravel. All the best in chewing gravel.

    • We all pray YALI should be closed by fire by thunder! These characters getting deadly and now campaigning for PF 2021. HH needs to open his eyes. Using little known Kearns to claim Luapula is theirs won’t work. Tuba yali will just ignore them

  2. The same NGO who has authorised them to issue that statement….of course they never consulted every one from Luapula province…Henceforth the cycle will continue and in the end nothing will never happen…

    • Kearns musungu olo shani? Who did he even consult? People from office? Moneni picture yaba yali, why fight them?

    • @Mwape and Malekano. She is female by gender and married to a man with that sir name. She’s a leader of NGOs in Luapula and that makes her one of the people who should’ve been consulted. What these YALI guys are doing is that they make sure they target mostly the rural non educated and entice them promising them all sorts of things and leave out people who are educated like Kearns. Luapula is a rural province so YALI has no shortage of ignorant and gullible people whom they can easily gather and offer a few drinks to unanimously support their bad bill.

  3. i knew it like i believed that all is fake. please these people a break they are concerned with other things than the proposed amendments that will not help them.

  4. The Amendment Bill No.10 doesn’t need a Nod from any Province. The Bill has been Petitioned in Concourt and it needs a Nod from Concourt b4 it is tabled for Debate and vote in Parliament. B4 this can happen Concourt needs to confirm that the Bill in its current form conforms or not to the Zambian Constitution. If Concourt can’t do this then who does? In other Countries Parliaments have Parliamentary Legal Committees to vet and ensure that such New Bills are not in Conflict with National Constitutions. Speaker Matibini, instead of appointing a Select Committee should have facilitated the establishment of a PLC and appointment of Prominent MP Lawyers to that Committee. PLC’s mandate should be to vet all New Bills and ensure that they comply with the Zambian Constitution. Any Bill given…

  5. These desperate moves remind me of Chiluba’s third term bogus support initiative. And did he achieve that – NO. Is he still enjoying presidency – NO. Is he still alive – NO. Did he go to heaven – NO. Are all his children and concubines enjoying life – NO. Is there anyone who wants to be like him – NO. Did he benefit from his offshore accounts – NO.

  6. Abena Ntewewe ninshimbi…they have terrorised the entire northern circuit…UPND is in trouble…This Ntewewe and Isaac Mwanza were trained by the Americans…..Deadly team if you ask me

  7. Am NGO U all ve outlived usefulness. So u think Luapula Province is your stronghold now that others must ask yo permission to come meet the people. Bantu benu or ba kwa Lesa. Just do yo meeting and allow others to do theirs. YALI must not speak for you and you must not speak for them. Did they even claim they speak for u? None among u speak for the people. You all speak for your funders!

  8. Last time I checked Kearns is not a surname in Luapula or Zambia. So who are u speaking for? Allow us to speak for ourselves imwe ba mwisa!

  9. UPND may as well forget the 2021 elections.

    Story izibikika. The mistake HH has made is to be enemies with such influential organizations.

    YALI is a very powerful opinion leader in Zambia

  10. Have warned our party before these two musketeers are deadly and focused! They need to be dislodged soon. But the Party using wrong people: ZUAE and now this little known forum.

  11. It’s not the Role of Provinces to approve Constitutional Amendment Bills. This should be the Role of a Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC). PLC should Vet Bill No.10 to see if it is consistent with the Zambian Constitution. It’s the Constitutionality of Bill No.10 that has been Petitioned in Concourt. We expect Concourt to Rule on the Constitutionality of Amendment Bill No.10 and the Lungu Impeachment Bill. Concourt should issue some guidelines on how New Bills should be handled by Parliament to ensure that New Bills comply with Zambian Constitution. This matter should not be left to Speaker Matibini to use his discretion on which Bill is Constitutional and which one is not. PLC should have the sole Responsibility of Approving New Bills and ensuring that they are compatible with the…

  12. Don’t talk from no were,did you attend this same forum for you to say Luapula is not insupport of the proposed bill.Dont cheat, Luapula is in support. Twanaka imwe bakacepa.

  13. Those of you supporting wat ntewewe and mwanza promotion of bill 10 will 1 day live to regreat coz wat u are doing is using yo emotions and not think of wat lies ahead concerning the same bill and how catastrophic the bill is to the future generation. Its so sad that people like ntewewe and mwanza can be in fore front of suppoting such a bill just for their self gain instead of focusing on its effects to the future generation including even their own children anyway we all know who Ntewewe and Isacc Mwanza are and how they have destroyed their NGOs its very shameful. but all in all God never sleeps their is nothing that can be hiden from him, u can deceive people now just to satisfy yo own tummy while people are terribly suffering but the time of reckoning is coming soon. we had people…

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