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First Lady challenges men to discuss infertility openly

General News First Lady challenges men to discuss infertility openly

First Lady, Esther Lungu

First Lady, Esther Lungu has challenged men to discuss infertility openly because it is a shared responsibility.

Mrs. Lungu says it is sad that women are solely blamed for infertility although fifty percent of infertility is due to men.

The First Lady said this during a high level First Ladies Panel during the 6th Edition Merck Africa Asia Luminary in Accra Ghana.

She added that there is need to empower infertile women, not only through creating a cultural shift but also raising awareness about infertility prevention.

The First Lady further said Zambia will ensure that the goodwill of Merck Foundation in the area of intellectual capital for cancer prevention and infertility programs is supported.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lungu has disclosed that Zambian women with infertility challenges have constituted a committee to drive dialogue on infertility.

The First Lady said she had a round table meeting with the women and they are now working on a roadmap for creating awareness and education on infertility.

The First Lady has also been honored with a recognition award by Merck Foundation Chief Executive Officer Rasha Kelej and Merck Foundation Chairperson of the Executive Board Frank Stangenberg for her works in Zambia.

Earlier During the official Opening of the Conference, Ghana President, Nana Akufo-Addo encouraged the African First ladies to fight stigma against infertile women.

And Ghana’s First Lady Rabbecca Akufo-Addo thanked Merck Foundation for considering Ghana as host of the sixth Africa Asia Luminary Conference.


  1. I am sorry the children of Ba Ester, don’t read this….
    This is shameful, all those millions of kwachas for Ba Ester’s trip and allowances just to discuss seex?
    Please Ba Ester explain to us openly about all those different kind of children in your family. Some are light skinned some dark, some tall ones and some extremely short.
    “sikiliti ni ku bedroom… nga mavala door!!”
    “Ba Ester ubufyashi mwalikwata, nomba abalume benu Ba Edgar baleisa nabakolwa”.

    • No news hear….so did Esther Lungu travel with her bedroom assistant to Ghana…this woman is just wasting tax payers money….useless first lady

    • We also implore the first lady to discuss the dinosaur fire trucks she went to get from the USA with a 25 man delegation.

    • How much is 25kg meal? How’s load shedding finished? Corruption everywere. Lungu never gave power to the speaker.. Everything is illegal lungu.

    • And you expect Zambia to develop when you have na maliketi masquerading as a first lady….who spends US $4.5 million dollars to bring junked fire truck and ambulance valued at less than US $7500…..only in Zambia and if Zambia was a country of laws this is an impeacheable offense…this is broad daylight robbery between Edgar Lungu and his wife Esther

  2. Zambian’s should be encouraged to discuss the folly of acquiring Ancient Fire Tenders /scrap cart’s worth U$D 2,500 for U$D 1.2 Million, whilst schools have no desks, & hospitals lack medicines, & Doctors, & Nurses are NOT paid for months on end!
    Ex Chawama Namaliketi adyamo!!

  3. This is the worst first lady ever!!. But what do you expect from the one married to worst president ever. Zambians are starving but you encourage them to talk about sex.

  4. In spite of our political affiliations and ideaologies, Politicians should learn to work together for a common purpose if we are to develop this country. However that does not mean that those in opposition can not offer checks and balances to government. We must also realise that there can only be one leader at a time just as it is imperative to note that the party in power can not develop this country without the oppostion. By so doing our country will develop.

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