PS- Chola Chabala - National Designated Authority - National Consultative Stakeholders meeting on Nat. Climate Change Fund
PS- Chola Chabala – National Designated Authority – National Consultative Stakeholders meeting on Nat. Climate Change Fund

The government says it has received several requests from the public and private sector on how to access Green Climate Funds (GCF) finances to implement climate Resilient development projects.

Ministry of National Development Planning Permanent Secretary Chola Chabala acknowledged that stakeholders are facing challenges in accessing resources for climate change projects.

Mr Chabala said his ministry intends to promote private sector participation in climate change interventions and build capacity among the stakeholders, to understand the processes and procedures of accessing funds from GCF.

The Permanent Secretary said this in a speech read on his behalf by the ministry’s Development Planning Director Mulele Mulele, during a National Designated Authority (NDA) stakeholders meeting on accessing GCF funds.

The GCF is the largest international fund providing aid to developing countries for climate change programming and mainstreaming.

Mr Chabala noted that government treats climate change as a serious development challenge and will continue to initiate strategic measures to minimise damage to economic and social systems by climate change effects.

He pointed out that climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, require huge finances, assuring that his ministry will embark on enhancing dissemination of information on modalities of accessing the GCF.

Mr Chola said government will further endeavour to scale up climate change projects and ensure that Zambia continues to benefit from the over US$100 billion funds being contributed by developed countries towards the climate change interventions.

The Permanent Secretary explained that those wishing to access GCF funds need to develop and align project proposals to the Seventh National Development Plan.

Mr Chola said project proposals must address the five pillars of the 7NDP as they espouse to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

Last year in April 2018, Zambia secured over US$80 million grant financing from the GCF as funding for two energy and agriculture projects with over US$280 million.

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  1. Listen to the PF cader ministers shouting

    ” shaingila ageni ”

    Watch the PF ministers and officials now aboundon construction companies and be experts at climate change mitigation with their new companies


    • Those empty headed guys in picture have already informed their private bricklayers that money is coming soon from Climate fimofimo….. and made orders of cement from Dakote.




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