A Story of joblessness and Resistance!

Juliet from Zambia's Copperbelt making face masks to make ends meet
Juliet from Zambia's Copperbelt making face masks to make ends meet

By Socialist Party Women’s League

Joblessness causes a lot of economic and social stress on individuals, families and in turn, put children, in particular girls, at greater risk of exploitation, dropping out of school, and gender-based violence. Despite the challenges, the stories that have emerged in our country and elsewhere on the African continent are those that are similar, of resistance, and great courage.

A story of a single parent with two children, Juliet from Zambia’s Copperbelt is one that many families, particularly, those headed by working and poor women can relate to.

Today, more than ever, most working women and poor families face a number of distresses to provide food, care, and to pay school fees. Juliet, like many Zambian women, has a track record of working extremely hard and thinking outside the box to make ends meet.

A graduate with a qualification in primary school teaching obtained in 2015, Juliet has struggled to date to get a formal job. Going to school and having a formal qualification is yet to make her dream of having a job as a teacher come true. She has had to turn to her sewing machine, and to buying and selling goods in order to sustain her family, put food on the table, provide clothing, pay hospital bills, and school fees.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Juliet turned to cloth mask-making to make ends meet to raise money for her girl child’s unpaid school fees, and in order to put food on the table. She joins many Zambians working tirelessly to meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

Juliet narrates: “cloth mask-making has really helped me raise funds to pay for my daughter’s school fees once schools open and it has really helped me put food on the table”.

Like many, Juliet’s story depicts a long-standing job crisis faced by many Zambian graduates, their struggles, and the spirit of resistance.

When in government, job creation and free education will constitute major priority areas of the Socialist Party (SP).

The worker and the poor Zambians are at the heart of SP’s revolution, its struggle, and the emancipation agenda.

Juliet from Zambia's Copperbelt making face masks to make ends meet
Juliet from Zambia’s Copperbelt making face masks to make ends meet
The face Masks
The face Masks
The face Masks
The face Masks


  1. So why use a poor young lady for your socialist party propaganda? Why not just support her and then keep quiet about it?

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  2. There now follows a political party announcement………!

    Strictly speaking, the electrol commission should suspend and fine this SP party.

    It started out a nice story until you became aware of manipulation. Anyway, why RED. Is this a splinter party of UPND! HH’s mind is never idol, full of dastardly naughtiness. Hedging his bets in case UPND lose …….again.

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