Zambians in North America endorse HH for 20 January 2015 Presidential election

Countrymen and women. Our great country has come to a crossroad, and now we have a rare opportunity to change the political landscape of Zambia. For half a century now, our country has been immersed in poverty, joblessness, corruption and political vindictiveness. Over and...

The power of a good suit on a President

President Edgar Lungu talks to Sweden Minister of Education Gustav Fridolin when he paid a courtesy call on him at State House
Please don’t wear the attire below If I were his personal assistant, I would be brave and polite enough to provide him with advice including on the wardrobe. Presidents don’t wear black trousers and checked jacket of another color on their bodies. They don’t...

Setting Goals for our leaders

The President and his cabinet ministers are undoubtedly the most powerful men and women in our country. These people are responsible for implementing policy, driving the economy and controlling Zambia’s meager resources. The President at the helm is the overall Chief Executive Officer of the land. In Zambia, especially, he is so powerful so much so that he is literally revered and somewhat admired by friends and foes alike. How should this powerful man together with his team govern the country?

Airtel Registers Godfrey Miyanda’s SIM card without his authorisation

Airtel Subscriber Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda has had his SIM card registered by Airtel Zambia without his authorization. This is according to the statement made available to the media Brig General Miyanda in which he listed two SMS he got from Airtel informing him that...

Third Term Bid – Can Our Judiciary save the Nation?

Constitutional Court Judges
BY TITUS CHILESHE What on earth has gotten into our learned colleague's head? The man seem to have this insatiable appetite for power all of a sudden. What has happened to our humble simple president? Zambians should not think this is a joke because...

Financial Intelligence Centre – Has it got law mandate to disseminate reports to public?

FIC Report
By Isaac Mwanza Introduction Once again, there is some misconception by a certain section of our society that the Report published by the Eastern and Southern African Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) to the effect that law enforcement agencies in Zambia rely on facts passed to them...

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Drug Cartel

The truth behind the arrest of Lawyer Keith Mweemba is a deliberate move by the DEC to mislead the PF government that it is UPND’s president Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer, so as to hide the truth.Keith Mweemba worked at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) as...

Elias Chipimo: Parallel Universe Series No. 3 – Tolerating Corruption

THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE SERIES ISSUE NUMBER 3: TOLERATING CORRUPTION Introduction The third instalment in our Parallel Universe Series focuses on corruption. We remind everyone that our intention is not primarily to demonstrate that the PF have failed to live up to their campaign and governance promises but...

Government should negotiate for a Tax Progressive IMF Bailout Package

ZCSD Executive Director Lewis Mwape
By Lewis Mwape Zambia Tax Platform Chairman The Zambia Tax Platform notes that Zambia’s fiscal deficit has expanded from 5.5% of GDP to 8.1% of GDP in 2015 which has caused negative economic effects as seen from the double digit inflation and high interest rates....

Victims of post election PF violence cry for help as Police turn a blind eye

Dear Bloggers, A Mob of PF Carders had attacked our houses during the September elections of 2011 simply because some of our family members belong to MMD.Even though we have recognized some of the vandals and reported this to the police, no one has been...

Barotse petition allegedly sends jitters in the PF Government

Dear Editor, Please find attached an article about a meeting that took place at State house to scheme against the process of finding a peaceful solution to the Barotseland impasse. I will appreciate if you can publish this article to expose this dirty scheme. regards, ...

Should Zambians in Diaspora Go Back Home? Part 2

About four years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Should Zambians in Diaspora Come Back Home?” This article was published on In the aforementioned article, I highlighted the challenges that Zambians go through as they resettle in their homeland. I particularly shared my...

What has happened to the PF Messiah?

Barely two years ago, the architect of the PF Movement was ceremoniously welcomed with such a huge sense of anticipation by a cross-culture- diversity of Zambians.People lined up for hours to cast their bet on the supposedly messiah who would redeem them from the...

Stating the case why we must look after the elderly and vulnerable-PART II

By Sakala Jacob Registered Nurse Working in the UK CONTINUED FROM PART I Stating the case why we must look after the elderly and vulnerable-PART I I was having a chat with one of my Zambian GP friends in the United Kingdom about Physiological changes that happen to...

PF-Consistently Inconsistent on Barotseland

By Shaudi Mungandi wa Muwina Mungandi The Statement made by Mutompehi Wynter Kabimba who is PF Secretary General as well as Minister of Justice in the in the PF Government is amusing and quite laughable to say the least. I am sure he makes this...